Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Stepping Outta That Comfort Zone

One thing that has always made me slightly afraid is the idea of change, and new experiences in life. Don't get me wrong, there is always an element of excitement in these situations too, but for the most part, I initially shy away from anything, and everything that doesn't fit into my comfort zone.

Since becoming a teenager (which was almost 4 years ago now!), I've definitely come out of my shell, and I do genuinely think that I'm beginning to discover myself, and who I am as an individual. Growing up is difficult, and it is a challenge for most of us, but it's also the time where I believe you choose your own fate, and ultimately, create your own path .

A couple of years ago, I was in an incredibly dark place. I was being quite badly bullied at school, I wasn't all that happy at home for various reasons, and I was just generally struggling to cope with my mental health. I had no hopes, or dreams for the future, and sometimes, I couldn't even see myself waking up the next day.

Things have improved dramatically since those days. I am now so much more positive, and confident, and I'm actually willing to step out of my comfort zone whenever I get the opportunity to do so.

Stepping out of your comfort zone isn't easy. It's something that you aren't going to want to do, because the whole idea is that you have gotten so used to it that you can't bear to think any differently, but trust me when I say it will do you the world of good just to make a change.

Be confident in your own abilities. I'm a believer of God, and I don't know how many of you are interested in religion, and Christianity, but I think it's really important to feel like something, or someone is guiding you, and motivating you to do well in a sense, and in turn, helping you to want to be successful. Even if you don't have that in your life, you should want to do well for you.

Push yourself. Do things you would normally shy away from, because the choices we make that scare us the most at first are the ones that are really going to help us grow, and develop as individuals.

I'm hoping to go to University next year (hence the photo for this post!), and that would mean that I have to step out of my comfort zone immensely. I'll be living with people I don't know in an area that I'm not entirely familiar with on a course that challenges me, and will most likely encourage me to fend for myself. I've become quite an independent person already as the years have gone on compared to how I used to be, but this is going to be something completely different, I know!

The whole purpose of this post is to tell you that it's okay to step away from your safety bubble. It's okay to do things out of the ordinary, and try to say yes to an opportunity, just because you can't lose out on anything if you give it a go.

Live your life for you, and only you. You will thank yourself for it in the future - I promise. 

Lots of love always,


Wednesday, 24 January 2018

A Comforting Candle Company ft. Candle Spa*

Something that I've never really spoken about on my blog before is my love for anything, and everything to do with relaxation. I do talk about self-care quite regularly, and I know there's a link between the two to some extent, but today, I thought I'd take the time to mention a candle company that I discovered a couple of months ago, as it's always good to introduce a new type of content!

Back in November, I got in touch with Candle Spa, who create, and sell natural soy wax candles that help to provide people with that everyday spa feeling. I was very kindly sent this Lavender & Black Pepper Candle to review for all of you, as well as the Lady Ashleigh Reed Diffuser. 

I was absolutely blown away by both of these gifts. Everything feels luxurious about this brand, from the boxes the products come in, and the individual packaging to the scents themselves. Even though I've never been to a spa, or anything of the sort, I can genuinely imagine immersing myself into that experience whenever I smell these two products. They're absolutely divine, and I think that they would work perfectly in a home, a salon, a spa, or even guest houses/hotels. 

Not everybody can afford to have a spa day, or pamper themselves regularly, if ever, but these people may work incredibly hard on a daily basis, and want nothing more than to add some serenity to their routine for a change. Considering the candle on its own is £12, I don't think many of us would be able to resist that offer. You can burn one whilst reading a book, having a bath, cuddling up on the sofa, or literally anything else that takes your fancy. Even if you don't want to start burning it right away, it still looks beautiful, and chic whilst on display, and I guarantee any visitors will ask about the brand, and where they can make a purchase from!

In regards to the packaging, I got sent a note with very interesting information on it, so I thought that rather than giving a poor explanation myself, I'll just insert what that says here:

"The core values of the Candle Spa brand are to provide a self-indulgent product in a recognisable quality pack that reflects the image of a hand-poured luxury product made here in the UK. Aimed at four star hotels and Spa's on the commercial side, it's measure of success is to see how well the packs sit within that environment; and on every count it achieves that objective. The original concept was created in-house using natural images of pebbles/hot stones and a floral accompaniment to provide fragrance differentiation amongst the product range. The majority of the packs display an orchid, as this is often used as decoration within Spa's and Beauty Salons and evokes a sense of quality, and relaxation. Orchids also represent longevity, which we feel our products offer the consumer, with the diffusers lasting up to 3 months (50% longer than some well-known competitor products). The teal foiling and gloss lamination provides a real on-shelf focus of luxury, and quality, better-reflecting a cosmetic brand rather than a home decor one."

As well as the candles being made of natural soy wax, they also have non-metal wicks, to which they add luxury blends of fragrance oils to help create an added feeling of utter relaxation. The company's Spa range comes in 3 different sizes, which are 20cl, 30cl, and 50cl (the 3 wick one!). It's thought that they last approximately 30, 45, and 80 hours, proving that you get incredible value for money, and they aren't even extortionately  pricey in the first place! 

Some of the scents that you can choose from include: Patchouli & Ginger, Pomegranate & White Fig, Spicy Pear, Woodsage & Sea Salt, Lotus Flower, and then (obviously) Lavender & Black Pepper, to name just a few of them. 

Whatever it is that you're on the hunt for, I'm sure you will be able to find something to satisfy all of your senses if you go and check out Candle Spa's website. You definitely won't regret it!

Are you a candle lover? What sort of scents are your favourites?

Lots of love always,

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Candle Spa. I was lucky enough to get sent these products to review for free. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own as always.


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

All About Female Hygiene ft. Organ(y)c*

Something that all females go through during their life, but hardly ever talk about on social media is periods. That time of the month can feel like the devil is rearing it's horns, and honestly, it can be a terrible time, especially as your hormones are going crazy.
Today's post is a collaboration with Organ(y)c, an intimate care brand, selling sanitary towels, tampons, panty liners, and maternity and baby products, as well as beauty.
The female sanitary products are made from 100% organic cotton (hence the name of the brand), and they don't contain any synthetics, chlorine, or wood pulp/cellulose. Cotton is known to be nature's most absorbent material and it's also sustainable and breathable, so it really is a female's best bet.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

A Girls Guide To: Heartbreak

Don't get me wrong, I'm no Paddy McGuinness when it comes to love and I'm certainly not a heartbreak healer either.

Having said that, I've been around for 16 years, so I've had my fair share of boy dramas, including a pretty complicated relationship, which unfortunately resulted in a breakup. I've also helped people with their own troubles and throughout the years, I've learnt a thing or two that I feel I should share with you all in today's post, as you may find it somewhat helpful.

Heartbreak is never easy for anybody to get through. You could be the toughest cookie known to man, but there will still be certain romantic situations that rip your heart in two. That's just life. Love can often be so complicated and when there's all different emotions building up between two people, it's usually inevitable that there's going to be some sort of explosion in the end.

No matter how long you have been with your significant other for, it never really hurts any less. You could have been together for 2 weeks or 2 years, but where there are feelings, there will always be some level of heartbreak involved and that's something which is just out of anyone's control.

Things always have to get worse before they get better. Once you have hit rock bottom, that's as bad as it will get. Things will only move onwards and upwards after that point, believe me. You might not see it at first, but gradually the clouds will begin to clear. It's all about taking baby steps and finding that strength from within yourself. You don't need a partner or a love interest to validate your worth. You don't need another human to provide you with happiness and give you a reason to wake up each morning. You are your own person and just because you may be single and one past lover didn't end up as your prince or princess, it doesn't mean you won't find that in someone else down the line.

I think the saying 'don't forget to fall in love with yourself first' speaks volumes here. You need to find solace within your soul, comfort within your own body. You need to nourish and nurture yourself both emotionally and physically. I know it's easier said than done, but with the right frame of mind, you can get there and each day, you will make more and more progress until eventually, you're somewhat okay. Don't try to move on by jumping into bed with a stranger straight away. That will only add to the complications and leave you feeling even more confused and conflicted than you were in the first place. Give yourself time away from the person. Don't stalk them on social media. Don't go to the place you know they'll be just because you want to make them jealous. Love shouldn't be a game, break-ups shouldn't be a game or a matter of revenge.

Allow yourself to feel however your heart is telling you to feel. If you're emotional and particularly sensitive, just have a cry and do it as much as you need to. Let it all out. Everything happens for a reason and in this life, we only become stronger by the hardships we have to get over. Allow yourself time to heal and recognise how important your family and your friends are. Remind yourself that you were whole before he/she came along and you will remain whole even after they have made their exit. No one is you and that is your power.

If you think about it, you are always going to be the one person that sticks around. You will always have yourself, your own body and your own mind. There isn't ever a guarantee that friends, family or significant others will stick around even half as long as you will be stuck with yourself. So, find contentment in your own company. Enjoy figuring yourself out. Work on yourself and your own identity. Of course, take time to rethink and reflect, but then learn from that past relationship and if it's clear that you're better off as friends in the future or as nothing more than past lovers who aren't in touch, accept that and try to find love in someone else when the time is right. It's okay to be selfish for a while and put yourself first. Just remember that if it's meant to be, it will be.

I'm going to end this post with a little poem that I wrote a while ago, inspired by similar feelings of hopelessness and heartbreak. I hope it helps some of you..

When you are broken in two
Don't try to find yourself at the bottom of a bottle
When the tears won't stop falling down your face
Don't try to find solace in sleeping with a stranger
When your heart begins to collapse as a result of the heartbreak
Don't try to create another temporary version of the person that you are by dabbling in recreational drugs
Do not question his/her motives
Do not fall apart over his/her actions
You are more than enough, my love
If he/she couldn't handle that
Then he/she simply wasn't enough for you

- JM

Lots of love always,


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Keeping Calm ft. Tisserand Aromatherapy*

This post has been an incredibly long time coming. I was initially in talks with the brand's PR lady (shoutout to you Emma!) about doing it as an exam based, stress buster sort of thing, but everything's been soo hectic lately!!
As I mentioned in my last post, I've only just finished my GCSE's and I didn't feel like it was right for me to blog whilst I was in the midst of them. If any of you have had exams, whether GCSE's, A-Levels or anything else of the sort, I hope they went well, but I wish you all the best of luck for the results.
Generally speaking, I'm an incredibly anxious over-thinker. I get myself stressed out over even the littlest of things, so I'm sure you can image how flustered I was during exam season! Although that's now over for most people until September, I thought it was worth writing this post anyway to hopefully help some of you to bring more calm into your life. Having said that, who's to say you can't refer back to this post if you have exams in the future?!
This is going to be more of a first impressions rather than a review, which will probably follow in due course. Now, let's just get on with it before I ramble anymore..
'Focus' & 'Happy' Aromatherapy Roller Balls: £5.95 each. The focus blend is there for helping with work or study. The therapeutic oils in it are a combination of rosemary, grapefruit and coriander. It smells so invigorating and it really does help to put your mind at ease so you can quite literally focus on what you're doing. The happy roller ball is there to lift your mood whenever you might need that extra boost. It's refreshing and uplifting, as it's made from bergamot, lemon tea tree and nutmeg with a base of jojoba oil. Sounds heavenly, right?! These can both be applied to pressure points (wrists, temples and neck) whenever and wherever and they are super affordable! What's not to love?
De-Stress Mist: £8.95. This has got to be up there with being one of the loveliest products I've ever received. I just think the whole concept of it is fab! You can spray it around your room or on your body and become comforted in a 'cloud of calm', as they say on the website. If you wanted to, you could use it in conjunction with the de-stress roller ball to try and completely eliminate any of those pesky problems which you may have! It's made of orange, rose, geranium and nutmeg pure essential oils and I'd definitely say it's something which you can use daily, if not a couple of times a week, for sure! Everybody needs a de-stress mist in their life, let's be honest..
Sweet Dreams Bath Oil: £10.95. Out of everyone I've ever known, I've always been the biggest night owl that there is. If I don't have school, I never get to sleep before 3 or 4am, and it's kinda become a habit. I got really intrigued when I came across this bath oil in the package, as during the Autumn/Winter months or on the colder days, I know it'll definitely come in beneficial.  Can you bloody believe it won the beauty shortlist awards 2017 too for the best bath oil?! What a winner! It's made from a blend of lavender, jasmine and sandalwood and enriched with coconut, sweet almond and jojoba, which act as natural moisturisers. It could also be used with the Sweet Dreams Body Oil to really help you catch some zzz's.
Rosemary Essential Oil 9ml: £6.22. This essential oil is perfect for use in a massage. If you're someone that often feels lethargic or gets achy, tired muscles, then this product should be perfect for you to ease those pains. It smells really woody and really musky, which I think is exactly what you need in something used for this purpose. I've never actually used an essential oil before, so this excites me a lot! The website says that it blends well with eucalyptus, grapefruit, lavender and peppermint - how cool is that?!
Those are all of the goodies that I received from Tisserand Aromatherapy! Thank you so much to the lovely Emma for sending them over and for being so thoughtful with the products that you chose. I can't wait to try them all out properly over the coming weeks and months. I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the brand has to offer too!!
Thank you for reading and I'll see you again in my next post.
Lots of love always,
Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Tisserand Aromatherapy. I was lucky enough to get sent these products to review for free. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own as always.


Thursday, 1 June 2017

Think Before You Speak

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you will probably have watched 13 Reasons Why on Netflix by now. I'm yet to finish Season 1, but the producers have already confirmed that they will be bringing out Season 2 at some point, so I better hurry up!
Although this post isn't solely based on the drama itself, I feel as though it's important to take some time to discuss the message behind it. Bullying, self-harm, sexual assault and suicide seem to be such taboo topics and I want to stop that and smash the stigma surrounding them all.
They are 4 major issues that I, and so many other people have struggled with, whether that be years ago, recently or even if it's an ongoing thing. The truth is, everybody has at least one issue that they struggle with in silence. Even if you think that somebody you know personally has a perfect life, I can guarantee that they deal with their own demons too.
In today's society, we don't always think before we speak. We are all so quick to judge and sometimes we can act carelessly, even when we don't mean to. Sometimes, I've said things that I perceive to be jokes, or simply a bit of 'banter', but then the person that was on the receiving end could have gone home in tears. People are incredibly judgemental and insensitive nowadays and they do things in the spur of the moment. This isn't okay. Your words and actions can hurt. You could push someone off the edge. You could be the reason that someone breaks down, questioning their self-worth every night before they go to sleep. Could you live with yourself knowing that you were the reason that somebody spiralled out of control, their mental health deteriorating as each day goes by?
I've been bullied before. Maybe you have? Your brother, sister, cousin, best friend? It's honestly one of the worst situations to be in and the way that it makes an individual feel is indescribable. Nobody deserves that - not even your worst enemy.
There are over 7 billion of us in this world. 7 billion is such an incredibly huge number. More people are being born every day. I certainly don't want any children getting born into a world full of hatred and fear. We all only get one life. We need to make the most of it.
I'm using my social media following in the way that I believe everyone should. People probably don't look up to me, as I'm just an average 16 year old girl, but I have an attitude that I hope everybody reading this post can adopt and pass on. I'm here to talk about what matters. I'm here to talk about taboo topics. I'm here to try and use my platform to make a difference and stand up for what I believe in. I'm here to use my voice and roar for what is right. People shouldn't be suffering in silence. It's 2017 and there are still horrific tragedies going on in the world. There are acts of terrorism happening, which should not be happening. I will never condone hatred or harm to others, whether that be humans or animals in any way at all. Innocent people are either taking their lives, or losing their lives every second. That realisation truly does break my heart and my thoughts, love and prayers go to anyone who has ever been affected negatively by anything, whether that's terrorism, racism, bullying, crime, violence, sexual abuse - anything.
Making a difference starts at home, with you. You can be the change you wish to see in the world. You can choose to be kind. You can choose to be caring. You can choose to try and be more positive and make others feel the same.
I'm going to be doing more of these posts over the coming weeks, because I really do feel like they could impact someone's life and encourage them to change things around for the better. Let me know what you think and whether it's helped you!
Let's finish off with a poem that I wrote a little while ago..
Not everybody will like you
Not everybody will understand you
Not everybody will treat you as if you are somebody
All of that is irrelevant
You need to be aware of your self worth
You need to radiate positivity
You need to smile through the sadness
Anything is possible
You can do absolutely anything that your heart desires
Lots of love always,



Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Don't Settle For A F**kboy

All in all, it's been a pretty painful 3 years in regards to my love life. I've been in love with a f**kboy for 3 years. Considering I'm only 16 years old, that's quite a long time to be in love - especially as it's all blown up in flames now anyway.

I'm not going to be nasty, or bitter towards my ex, because that isn't the purpose of this post. The purpose is to hopefully empower or encourage other young woman in the same way that I have so desparately needed empowering and encouraging throughout these past few years. I don't want people to have to go through this pain, so I'm going to try and help prevent it.

When we were together properly (ignoring the 2 previous disasters), we lasted 9 months. That may not sound like a particularly long time, but to me, it meant everything.

Now, don't get me wrong, we weren't 100% committed to each other (certainly not on his part anyway) and at such a young age, I didn't really expect much more than that if I'm honest. I think that because it was my first relationship, I did initially expect it to be all sunshine and rainbow, much like it appears to be in a fairytale and I wasn't aware that in reality, this wasn't going to be the case.

I'm not writing this post to go into the ins and outs of our romantic history. I don't really feel like that's relevant and besides, I've already touched on it in the past. To cut the incredibly long, complicated story short, I have been romantically involved with my ex for the past 3 years, so since I was 13. Going through hormonal changes and beginning to develop into a teenager is hard enough, but then getting intimate with something throughout those intense years is even harder and it adds layers to the situation that probably wouldn't have been there otherwise if we were both fully-fledged adults.
I genuinely did love my ex and I'm going to be honest in saying that I probably will always have feelings for him, deep down. I did anything and everything for him. I would have literally swam across the sea just to be by his side and have him tell me that he loved me one last time.

Unfortunately, some fairytale's just aren't meant to be. Sometimes, the person that you thought was going to end up as your prince actually isn't the one that you were destined to get your happy ever after with. That's how it is in my case.

Throughout your life, you will come across many f**kboys. It pains me to say that, but it's the cold, hard truth. There will be boys that lead you on, use you and play with your emotions just so they can get what they want, because they are lusting after that moment of pleasure and they are hoping that you will satisfy their desires.

In all honesty, I have had this happen to me many times and I've seen it happen to the people that I care about most. It's horrible and it makes me disgusted that people feel as though it's okay to string others along, just so that they can benefit from it. Us girls fall quickly and easily and that is not our fault. We can't help how we naturally feel and we shouldn't be the ones that get the blame.

All I can say is that you deserve better than this. You deserve more than to be glanced at, explored and then completely destroyed just to end up being flung back on the shelf again. I know you want to feel special. I know you want to feel like your body is a blessing that boys admire. I know you crave someone that will trace the crevices of your being with their delicate fingertips.

And I promise you that person will come along - one day.

Please don't settle for a f**kboy. Please don't cry yourself to sleep each night, tossing and turning, because you can't possibly fathom the fact that he's given you yet another measly excuse. Please don't give away your beautiful body and your sensational soul to someone who's just going to tear you apart and rip you into shreds. If someone is giving you signs that they don't care, believe them. Respect yourself enough to know when it's time to let go. Don't chase after him, my love. If he wants to walk away and miss out on spending a lifetime with a princess like yourself, then he quite simply isn't worth it. Let him carry on being a narcissistic waste of space. You can and you will get better than that, someday.

It may take you weeks, months or even years. I know it will be one of the most difficult things that you will have to go through, but coming out as a stronger, sassier woman on the other side will make the whole struggle worth it. You are capable of more than you believe and you don't need an immature boy to jeopardise your future. As hard as it is, you need to gradually distance yourself and focus on what's important. If you want to talk to them and be friends in the future, then I'm certainly not the person to stop you. I just don't want you to get walked over and treated like crap, because you are so much more than that.  

Much like the flower in the photo I chose specifically above, you will blossom and you will bloom into a beautiful, brave woman. You will go on to achieve many great things and you will gain the genuine sparkle back in your eyes.

One day, you won't wince at the sound of his name. One day, you won't let out a scream at the sound of his voicemail. One day, you won't yearn for his presence under your bed sheets.

One day, you will set him free and you will be as happy as you possibly can be.

Lots of love always,


Friday, 10 February 2017

Picking Your GCSE Options

Studying for your GCSE's can seem like a really scary stage in your life. Believe me, I know how it feels. As someone who's getting ready to sit her first exams in just over 3 months, I feel as though those people in Year 9, who are about to choose their options could benefit enormously from this post.
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