Sunday, 4 February 2018

My Favourite Lipstick... EVER?!

Being your average 16 year old girl, who doesn't work as of yet (that will all change soon), I can't exactly afford for my entire makeup collection to be made up of MAC, and only MAC. I'm usually a believer in the fact that stores on the high street can sell a variety of products that are essentially dupes for the higher end versions anyway, so why waste money that I don't even have in the first place?

If I could count how many lip products, let alone lipsticks that I'd tried since getting in to makeup, I think it'd easily be way into the 100's, or more! There has been a mixture of high street, and high end (but more high street, I must say), and I have given them all a fair test over time. 

However, when it comes to my favourite, MAC's Velvet Teddy takes the tiara over all of the rest. 
Just like all of the MAC lipsticks, Velvet Teddy comes in the classic, sleek black packaging. I know it may look really simple, and even slightly bland to some people, but I just think it looks more expensive, and more sophisticated to be totally honest! MAC is an effortless brand in general, and people already know that, so there's no need for super fancy packaging to add to that vibe. I always feel very extra if I'm taking out my MAC lippie to apply, and I secretly love that haha!

If you're looking for the most perfect nude that you will ever see in your life, (super dramatic, but super true) then I guarantee that Velvet Teddy is for you. Never before did I think that I'd find a nudey shade as lovely as this one, and as well suited for my incredibly pale complexion! It doesn't wash me out, because it isn't too light, and it doesn't have any unflattering undertones either. It just gives you a little something, a little gloss of colour, to get you through the day feeling like an absolute babe. It's definitely my go-to, and I couldn't even see myself reaching for an alternative now! Regardless of whatever your skin tone is, I think this colour will still be equally as flattering. 


Believe it, or not (this actually came as a shock to me personally), Velvet Teddy is actually a matte finish! I'm not that much of a fan of mattes, as that's just my own opinion, and so I usually put a clear lip balm on underneath (I'm not really a regular gloss girl either, but I am partial to some shine every now, and then!), because it just gives more of a healthy glow, which is especially helpful if you get quite cracked lips like I do! It still looks gorgeous if it is matte though, don't get me wrong. 

Having said all of those positive things, the only negative I can really think of the puts me off is the price. Obviously, it doesn't put me off to the point where I won't repurchase the product (because, believe me, I will when the time comes!), but my MAC lipsticks are typically what I receive as gifts, just because it feels more special, and more luxurious. That's the one day I allow myself to feel like a proper princess anyway! I have had this current one (and my first!) since my 16th, which was in March, and I still have a decent amount left, considering I wear it everyday, so it is worth that extra investment if you're into your lipsticks like me!!

Have you girlies ever owned Velvet Teddy? If so, what do you think of it?

Lots of love always,


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Most people, particularly if you're a blogger, or social media influencer have heard about the new addition on the market, which is the Naked Heat Palette. From the second it came out, people were going crazy for it, and it sold out in so many places within a matter of days. Luckily, my older sister surprised me when she came back from Barcelona, as otherwise I probably wouldn't have been able to get my hands on it until Christmas, or later!
Even though I'm obsessed with all things beauty, I have tendencies to act like a magpie when it comes to pretty eyeshadows. I have a couple of high-street palettes that I always turn to, and then I have a MAC eyeshadow, which I always use in the crease, or along my bottom lash line. I rarely splurge, or treat myself anymore, because quite frankly, I find it more special if I receive a surprise gift instead, which the person knows I'd love (and blog about, of course!).
I genuinely could have cried when I received the Naked Heat Palette. As with all Urban Decay products, the packaging looks incredible. It's obviously high-end, but it just feels, and appears luxurious. From the colours used, to the texture of the lettering, everything is perfect. Everything about it just screams HEAT, which shows that the name is very fitting.
As with most eyeshadow palettes, it comes with 12 shades, which are a mixture of mattes, and shimmers. I have included a swatch of each one in a photo above, and as you can see, it goes in somewhat of a gradient from lightest to darkest.
The first 3 shades Ounce, Chaser, and Sauced are the most neutral, and ones that you would most probably use as a base. They are still very pigmented though, despite the fact that they are considerably lighter in comparison to the others! Low Blow is a slightly darker one, which can be used on the lid, or in the crease, and I'd say its leaning towards a camel sort of shade.
Next up are my favourite 8. Not that I don't love them all, but the slightly more basic ones are quite boring, right? They are there to serve a purpose, but they aren't exactly pretty. Lumbre is by far one of the prettiest ones, and I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it! It's such a gorgeous, shimmery copper shade, and one that would compliment any skin tone. It's got a pearly sheen to it, which I actually really like! Combined with Torch, Dirty Talk and Ember, it looks insane along the lower lash line, and I'll definitely be using them shades there for the upcoming Autumn!
He Devil can be used on the outer lid to give more definition, and more of a sultry/smokey appearance if that's what you're going for. That one's a matte, so it could also be used all over the lid, or even in the inner corner if you felt brave enough.
I've already briefly mentioned that I use Dirty Talk until the lower lash line, because it works so well with the others. It's redder than Lumbre, but it's just as metallic, hence why they compliment each other so perfectly. I think they would look especially nice on green, or hazel eyes.
Up next is Scorched, which I don't think I've actually used yet. This would probably have to be the one that stands out to me the most. It's a warmer copper, compared to the others I've mentioned, and it's got a frosty finish, which I am actually really drawn to. I think it makes the eyeshadow look nicer, both in the pan, and as a swatch.
The last 3 mattes within this palette are Cayenne, En Fuego, and Ashes. I used Cayenne in the middle of the lid, and above the crease, because it's one of those shades that can pretty much go anywhere and still add a little something something to the look. It's versatile, and transitional, I'd say. En Fuego is the darker, redder version of it. I'd recommend putting that on the outer lid alongside He Devil, but in future looks, I'd probably try putting it in the middle of the lid, or above too! I guess you just have to experiment with these things. Finally for the mattes is Ashes. I feel as though that stands out slightly more so than the rest, because it's more of a matte purpley-brown, and it works in the crease if you're going for a sultry/smokey eye.
The 12th shade, and the last one out of the lot is a shimmer called Ember. That name just reminds me of Bonfire Night, and smoke. I love it. It's a classic frosty brown shade, perfect for the lower lash line to make things really dramatic. There's a reason why I associate it with smoke, and even name is suggestive of that.
With this palette, you even get the double-ended brush, which is super soft, and it makes blending the eyeshadows a dream, I'm telling you. I use the flatter side for packing colours on to the lid, and sometimes for running them underneath the lower lash line, and then I use the fluffier, paintbrush like side to blend, and create more definition.
Overall, I just love this palette, and think it's absolutely perfect for this time of year. If any of you want to see me recreate some looks with it, I'd be more than happy to do so!
Have you ever tried any of the Naked Palettes? Do you want/own this one?
Lots of love always,


Sunday, 24 September 2017

Autumnal Lipstick Loves

Most females are obsessed with one type of beauty product in particular. Some are all about the perfect eyebrows, others are all about the highlight that pops, whereas I'm mainly focused on having a pretty pink pout. I've always been 'that' girl, who owns far too many lip balms, and lipsticks. I just can't seem to resist the temptation!

As it's now Autumn, I tend to steer away from the bright pink, glossy look, and I gravitate more towards browny nudes, and berry shades. I do have a purple too, but whether, or not I'm brave enough to crack that one out this year is a completely different matter.

I thought today would be the perfect time to talk about my 4 go-to lipsticks for this time of the year, seeing as Friday marked the end of Summer! I'd be interested to hear what you think, and what your favourites are, because of course I'm always on the hunt for an excuse to spend more money on makeup!

Who remembers back to the time when Revlon's lip butters were all the rage? I think it was in 2012 when every single YouTuber, blogger and their mum had been hyping up this collection like there was no tomorrow. I tried out a couple of the shades then, but I just wasn't a fan, and couldn't understand why they were getting so much recognition. However, since picking up this shade about a year, or so ago, I can honestly say it's one of the nicest lipsticks I've ever tried! I suppose the point is that it's not a lipstick, as such, but a lip butter instead. That could explain why it's so moisturising, and softening, because it contains mango, shea, and coconut butter (would you believe). The name 'Berry Smoothie' is also very fitting, as it really is the perfect berry shade for the Autumn/Winter months. If I don't know what to wear on my lips, but I don't want anything matte, then I'll always reach for this without a doubt!
As I've already mentioned, I don't usually go for pinky nudes during this time of the year, as I'm more focused on darker, browny ones. This shade from L'oreal is exactly what I'm talking about. It isn't too bright, or girlie, but it isn't super dull, or dark either. It's the perfect 'my lips but better shade' for the cooler months. It makes your lips feel hydrated, and supple, as there's the slightest layer of glossiness, which is just what I like! Although this is slightly irrelevant, I also like the smell, because it isn't too overpowering, so it won't put you off. If you're looking for the perfect browny nude, then this ones for you!

If there's such a thing as an all-round perfect lipstick, then I'm 99.5% sure this would be the one. I never used to be a fan of matte formulas, because I do tend to get fairly dry lips, but honestly, I cannot say enough good words about this one from Seventeen. Not only is it incredibly pigmented, but it's absolutely ideal now that we are in September. I've been waiting all year to start wearing it again, and I'm so happy that I finally can! The packaging is really sleek, and luxurious looking, and for only £4.49, I think you're onto a winner with this one. However, if you're into more reds, or purples, there will definitely be something like that in the Mega Matte range that floats your boat.
"Ooooh, a lip lacquer", I hear you say. I thought I'd throw in something just as lovely, but a little bit different for the end of this post. I'm not sure if I've ever seen another lip lacquer on the market, aside from this one. It's a hard one to describe, because it's not your average lipstick, but it certainly isn't a lip gloss either. I suppose it's midway between them both? It's incredibly pigmented, glossy, and long-lasting, and it can be easily applied with the doe-foot applicator, which allows you to be neat, and precise. I think the packaging is almost something from out of space, as it's pretty unique, and all of the names are relating to space, but I love it none-the-less, and think that's what makes it stand out. I really would like to try out more colours in this range too, particularly 'Stellar', and 'Apocaliptic'.
Remember to let me know what your favourite Autumnal lipstick shades are, and I'll be sure to check them out. Have I convinced you to buy any of the ones that I've mentioned today?
Lots of love always,


Monday, 7 August 2017

Summer Makeup Staples


Although I probably say this in every beauty post, I genuinely do feel like I go for ages without speaking about my favourite makeup products. I usually always talk about either skincare or body care, so I haven't been able to show you what I've been wearing on my face in months!
Today, I'm just going to list off a few of my Summer makeup staples and talk you through why I love them as much as I do. These are all things that I've been wearing religiously for quite a while now (well, whenever I bother to do my face!) and they're what I swear by. When I properly love a product, I remain faithful to it until I get bored or find a replacement, which means I get good value for money and I then have go to's which I can rely on as well.


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Beauty: Top 5 Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are a vital part of your everyday makeup routine. Without proper, good quality brushes, your makeup will not look the best that it can be. All of the brushes that I am going to be talking about today are by Real Techniques. If you are unaware of the brand, it was created by Sam & Nic Chapman, also known as pixiwoo on YouTube. They are two of the best makeup artists in the UK and they have an incredibly large online audience. If you would like to know more about the overall range, then you can visit their website, or their YouTube channel, where I'm sure you will find more information!
Firstly, I'm going to be talking about the Real Techniques 'Buffing Brush', which is part of the core collection. I find this brush works the best at applying foundation and really working it into the skin to create an even, flawless coverage. When I apply any product using this brush, there is never any creasing, so I know that it's working well. I also use this brush to apply concealer under my eyes, or in any flawed areas and it works equally as well with those issues too. I find that it works perfectly, regardless of the product, whether it be a full coverage foundation, a BB cream, a CC cream, or a concealer. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a proper, professional quality base brush.

For powder-based products, I use the Real Techniques 'Blush Brush', which is described as being used to 'contour, define and shade'. I use this brush whenever I wish to apply bronzer, blush, or powder to my face, without doing so too heavily. It blends the products fantastically, the bristles are incredibly soft and 100% cruelty free, as are all brushes from the entire collection and it achieves high definition results. Seeing as the brush is quite large, it means that if you are applying powder to a wider area of your face, you are guaranteed to still receive full coverage, as the bristles can expand to all the areas and distribute the product evenly. I find it works best with applying powder through your t-zone, as it ensures that every area is reached, but as I mentioned, it is perfect for all type of face makeup.

Next up, I use the Real Techniques 'Setting Brush' for highlighter, if I ever wear it! I would also suggest using it for powder under the eyes, or in smaller areas of your face, as it would reach easier than the blush brush, which is quite large and dense in comparison. It ensures that there is a controlled dusting of the product over your face and it helps to create a glowing complexion.

For my eye makeup, I start off by using the Real Techniques 'Shading Brush', in order to apply the base of my eye shadow. Whether it's a powder, or a cream formula, this brush always applies the product in the most flawless way. I find that it packs on colour really well, rather than blending the product, because it's a flat brush, not a blending brush. It's hand cut, designed for precision results, so that you can get the highest definition look possible. You can use it to cut in a crease, or push the shadow onto the lid and it can be used to create a neutral, daytime look, or a dramatic, night-time look.

Finally, I use the Real Techniques 'Base Shadow Brush' to blend all of my eye shadow looks properly. It's the perfect brush for getting into the crease and ensuring that all of the shadow is looking it's best. In one of Samantha Chapman's demo video's, she uses this brush to blend the top line of her eye shadow looks. It helps to demonstrate an effortless, flawless finish to all of your makeup styles.

I hope that this post helped some of you! What are your favourite makeup brushes to use?

Lots of love,


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Beauty | Q&A

Hi everyone! I've got a beauty themed Q&A for you all today. I thought it would be nice to do one as I haven't talked about beauty in a while, so this is the perfect opportunity! I hope you like it!
1. What's your favourite eye shadow? - @life0ftabby
Ooohh, this is a hard one! I'd say that my favourite eye shadow palette is the Soap & Glory 'Lid Stuff' palette in 'What's Nude' as it's the perfect neutral quad, but my favourite single eye shadow's would be from the Maybelline Colour Tattoo range, specifically the shade 'On and On Bronze', as that is the best creamy eye shadow, the shade is incredibly pigmented and it has a really lovely texture too.
2. What is your favourite high end and drugstore beauty product? - @life0ftabby
I haven't really tried too many high end products, so I would have to say that Mac lipsticks are my favourite, as I don't really know too much about anything else! I particularly like the shade 'Bombshell', and it's the lipstick that I wear the most out of any of the others that I own. It's really creamy and luxurious, whilst still giving off a shimmer and a glossy, rich colour. I absolutely adore it! My favourite drugstore beauty product would probably be the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. It's honestly one of the best mascara's that I have ever tried! It makes my lashes extremely black, more voluminous and fuller looking, and it really does elongate them, and improve their appearance in general! It's not expensive either, considering it's a mascara, and I would highly recommend it.
3. What makeup products do you use? - @chloexmorrin
On a daily basis, I don't actually wear much makeup, if any at all! When I do wear it, the amount of products can vary, but I would usually wear mascara, eyebrow pencil, some neutral eye shadow, a natural looking blusher and a lipstick! I will obviously wear more, depending on the occasion though! If I was going out for a meal, or a party, for example, then I would probably go all out, with foundation, concealer, blusher, bronzer, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and maybe even highlighter! I try to keep it as minimal as I can, but as I say, it depends on the occasion.
4. What skin routine do you do? - @chloexmorrin
I wouldn't say that I have a specific skin care routine, because at the moment, I am being quite lazy and careless with my skin, but I try my best to look after it! I wash my face everyday (of course), but the products that I use vary, depending on what I have in the cupboard. At the moment, I'm using the Clean and Clear 'Deep Action Cream Cleanser' and that is a really good one, in my opinion! Their exfoliating scrubs also work incredibly well at combating against oil and blackhead prone areas. In terms of moisturiser, I either use the Nivea 'Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream', or I just use the Simple 'Anti-Blemish Moisturiser', if I feel the need to moisturise! If I want a deep cleanse, or something that will exfoliate and remove my blackheads/spots, then I use the Lush 'Mask of Magnaminty' face and back mask. It honestly does work wonders. It smells really minty, but I think that makes it more refreshing and satisfying. I just scoop it up and apply it to my face, then I leave it to set, so it's like a hard, clay consistency, and then I just get a wet flannel and carefully take it off after a couple of minutes. It does tingle/burn quite a lot, but afterwards, you are left with the softest, loveliest skin and it really does feel ever so clean and refreshed. I would highly recommend it! If I ever want to make my skin feel more revitalised, then I will use the Lush 'Eau Roma' water, as it cools down your skin and it just helps you to look less oily! I would recommend it for hotter weather.
I don't really use anything else. I'm not going to recommend any wipes, as they are harsh and pretty damaging for your skin, and I have tried quite a few spot treatments, but they don't really work, so I'd just say to use an exfoliating scrub, make sure that you apply a mask once every so often, and always, always wash your face, especially if you have oily skin, and moisturise especially if you have dry skin, but you should really be doing both, regardless of your skin type as it will really help the condition of your skin. I'm so sorry for the long answer, but I really do hope that it helped you!
5. What's your favourite time of year (season) for makeup? - @chloexmorrin
This is quite an easy answer for me, because I would definitely have to say autumn! I adore the matte berry lips, the bronzed, healthy-looking skin, the coppery, metallic eye makeup - I find it all so appropriate for the season! There is so much more of a variety of looks that you can choose from, in comparison to the warmer months, and you can go as heavy as you would like to as well!
6. What hair products do you use? (shampoo & conditioner) - @bexxjones
For my shampoo, I usually use the Herbal Essences 'Dazzling Shine' shampoo, or 'Fresh Balance', because they both make my hair feel really healthy, and squeaky clean, which is obviously what you want in a shampoo! They also smell really fresh, which is just an added bonus really! As for my conditioner, I use the Toni & Guy 'Nourish' conditioner for damaged hair. I have only just started using this product recently, as I got my hair cut quite short, but it was pretty damaged before, and I had many split ends, so I decided that I would try this one out! It smells absolutely divine, for a start! It makes your hair so super soft, and it really does make it ever so shiny and healthy-looking! If you are looking for a new conditioner, I would definitely suggest using this one! It's absolutely amazing.
7. How to make your hair grow thicker or longer? - +Tia HuntXo 

I don't have the best hair in the world, but it is pretty thick, and I do try my best to look after it, so I will be as helpful as I can in this answer! I would say that you should try to limit the amount of heat that you use as much as you can. At whatever chance you get, allow your hair to air dry, because this is more natural, and therefore less damage will be done. You should try using nourishing hair masks, specifically for damaged, dry hair, either once every couple of washes, or once a month! This will help to lock in moisture and minimise split ends. You should brush it as often as you can, and get it cut every 4-8 weeks too, in my opinion. I use a tangle teezer, which is so much more gentle on your hair, and it really does do the job perfectly. I get mine cut every half term, or every time I am off school if I can, so that ensures that you have gotten rid of the split ends, and any dry bits of hair. I never use too many products, like hair spray, hair gel, mousse and everything else! I think that you should limit the amount of products you use, and just try to keep it as natural as you can really!
8. How to get rid of spots as fast as possible? - @nadiai.xo
I'm quite lucky, as I don't really get spots, but I do know how frustrating it can be when a little pesky one pops up at exactly the wrong time! I don't think there is anything that you can do straight away, but you could try those little rapid spot treatments that are available in Boots and Superdrug! Tea-tree and menthol infused products are particularly useful when trying to combat spots. I would also suggest applying an exfoliating scrub, or mask as soon as you can, because the ingredients will help to fight the nastiness in the spots, and they will reduce the appearance quicker too. You could also try applying concealer directly to the spot, and carefully rubbing/patting it in to see if that works! As I said, I'm not the best person to ask, but hopefully some of my tips, and research will help you out!
9. How to stay spot free? - +Tia HuntXo 
This is similar to the question above, but I thought I'd add it in anyway! As I say, I don't get many spots, and some people are just less prone to spots than others, but it all depends on the way that your skin is naturally. I always use an exfoliating, deep cleansing facial wash, which does really help, and I make sure I really scrub it all over my skin, and I use facial masks to help prevent against spots and oil, but there aren't really any miracle products that you can use. I guess you just have to look after your skin, keep it clean and protect it against the weather, or any harsh conditions! Make sure that you use products suited to your skin type, and you try to use natural, simple products, so that they aren't too harsh on sensitive skin! Make sure that you always remove your makeup too!!
10. What makeup style do you like best? - @bexxjones
There are a lot of different makeup styles, many of which are absolutely beautiful, but I do have a favourite! I really love smoky eyes! That might sound really cliché, but they honestly are my favourite. I don't like incredibly dark grey/black ones, but coppery/golden brown ones are gorgeous! I prefer really bold, striking eyes that stand out and catch people's attention, rather than a bold lip or face. Although a smoky eye can be quite heavy, you can make them more neutral and they can suit anyone with any eye colour, so they really are the best option, in my opinion!
I really hope you enjoyed this beauty Q&A! Thank you so much for reading this post. Speak soon!
Lots of love,


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Beauty | Top 5 Foundations


Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream - A couple of months ago, this was my go-to base product, because I literally wore this all the time. It's quite a watery, thin consistency, but it applies very smoothly and easily. If you have spots, redness or any noticeable imperfections or flaws when it comes to your skin, then this product will reduce the appearance of them and it will even out your skin tone. If you have dry skin, it supposedly hydrates your face, but whether that's true or not, I can't say. I found it made me look a little cakey and flaky at times, but if you are looking for a light, smooth base product that isn't as heavy as foundation, but does a decent job, then I'd recommend this hyped CC cream.


Dermalogica Sheer Tint Moisturiser -  I received this tinted moisturiser as a gift for my birthday back in March and I have liked it ever since I started trying it out. I'd never tried any products from this brand before, but I would recommend it. It has an SPF of 20, which is especially beneficial for these upcoming months as the weather begins to get warmer and people's skin can tend to get oiler. I would say it's quite a matte finish as it doesn't appear dewy on my skin. (not that I have noticed anyway) There is quite a minty, menthol scent when you apply it, but that doesn't really bother me in the slightest, as it's actually pretty refreshing. It's easy to blend in and it just glides on the skin if you know how to apply it properly, either with a brush or your fingers in circular motions.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - This is my favourite foundation of the moment and it has been for quite a while now. It smells of apricots, which is very pleasant and I don't think many people would be put off by the scent of fruit, if I'm honest. It's quite a dewy formula, hence the serum in the name, but it isn't too runny or too thick, so you don't look cakey or dehydrated. It allows your skin to look dewy without looking like you need to immediately moisturised and scrub at your skin to get the dry patches off. At the moment, I'm not wearing much makeup, but if ever I do, I will wear this foundation as I find it most suitable for my skin and it makes me look radiant at the same time.
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - There was a lot of hype surrounding this product a couple of years ago. In the bottle, it appears to be really glittery and sparkly, but it actually isn't. It's one of those products that gives a dewy, radiant finish. Instead of applying super shimmery with tonnes of glitter in it, it makes your skin look luminous, well looked after and glowing. However, saying all of that, I've actually given this product to my mum as I found it too dark for me, which is purely my own fault for picking up the wrong shade, but there has always been a love for this foundation, ever since it was released, which clearly shows just how wonderful it really is.
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - I am fully aware that this is not a foundation, nor a BB or CC cream and it is infact a concealer, but I thought I'd add this one in here as I didn't have another foundation I really loved and felt appropriate to rave about and I don't have any other concealers that I particularly like either, so I thought it's a win-win situation if I add this concealer in here. This is probably the most hyped up concealer on the whole of the internet. Everyone consistently uses it and raves about it and I can honestly see why. It does an amazing job at covering up those pesky, dark under-eye circles and sometimes I use this by itself as a substitute for a foundation. It's that great. The only fault I have with this concealer is the shade range. It isn't that amazing, but if you can find a colour that suits you, then that's obviously perfect. If you can't, you can always buy two and mix them up. It doesn't create a sticky texture, oiliness or creasing, so I would definitely recommend it.


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Beauty | Top 5 Lipsticks

Today's post is all about my favourite lipsticks. I'm going to be picking one from each categorised shade that I can think of and then recommending my favourite from each one. I hope you enjoy!


L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Exclusive Nudes in Eva Longoria's Shade - This lipstick is quickly becoming one of my favourites out of my entire collection. It has a creamy, moisturising formula that means it will apply effortlessly across the lips, whilst still allowing your lips to appear healthy. As far as the shade goes, it's the perfect nude that would compliment any skin tone beautifully.

Mac Lipstick in Bombshell - Underrated would be the word that I would use when describing this next lipstick. I don't think that I have ever heard anybody talk about it in the blogging and YouTube world, which baffles me immensely. It is genuinely such a stunning colour and it deserves to be recognised and raved about so much more than it currently is. This particular shade is a 'frost' finish, meaning that there are frosted shimmers embedded within the bullet. The shimmer isn't too noticeable when on the lips, but it just adds a little something to the appearance of it. When I'm wearing a pink lipstick, it is most likely this one, as I find it goes with absolutely everything and once again, it can compliment any skin colour, making it versatile enough for everyone.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate Moss in '16' - Seeing as we are heading into the warmer months now, I thought it was an appropriate choice if I added in a coral colour. If you are going on holiday this summer, or the sun decides to make an appearance, then I think this would be the perfect pick for you. I wore it a couple of times last year and I will be wearing it more this year, as it is literally the ideal coral. It's not too bright and in your face, but it's not dull and drying either. It's not necessarily moisturising, but it doesn't make my lips chapped, or flaky, which is always important for those hotter days. Overall, it just adds a pop to your outfit and it can look particularly flattering in spring and summer.

Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo - I can't even begin to explain how hyped this lipstick is in the beauty community. I'm pretty sure that most people, if not the vast majority have got this in their collection. It's a favourite amongst everyone from makeup artists to average adults. I haven't had an event where it has been appropriate to wear this shade yet, but I will definitely be using it as soon as I get the chance to. I think that it would be perfect for a more formal occasion, such as dinner, or a work event. Since applying it for the first time as a tester when I got it for my birthday, I noticed that it is very matte, which I think is perfect for such a bold colour, as this means that it will stay on for longer and it shouldn't budge. Even though I said that it would be perfect for a formal occasion, you can certainly tone it down for a more informal occasion.
Topshop Lipstick in Fast Lane - This Topshop lipstick would be the perfect option for an autumn/winter shade. I know we have gone past those seasons now, but I thought that I would still include this anyway. It's the only purple lipstick I own and it's quite vampy and bold, but trust me, it is perfectly wearable and it does actually look really lovely as long as you don't go too bold, or heavy. It's reasonably moisturising and it just gives a lightweight sheen to the lips for those colder months.
Runners Up:
Soap & Glory Lipstick in The Missing Pink - I would class this lipstick as more of a brownish beige, but I'm going to put it in the nude category. In my opinion, it is a suitable 'my lips but better' shade, as it just adds a little something to the lips rather than them being completely bland and colourless with no product on at all. I think it would suit paler skin tones, as it can wash you out, or make you look a bit pasty, but I just think it's a decent, easy to wear shade that you can't really go wrong with, so I thought I'd add it as a runner up, because it didn't quite make it to my top favourite.
Topshop Lipstick in Brighton Rock - As I mentioned when talking about the Rimmel lipstick, the weather is going too be getting warmer now and many of you may be going away on summer holidays, so this lipstick would be particularly loved around this time of year. Many people have raved about it, including the likes of Zoella, so I can assure you that it is well worth the purchase! It adds a pop to any outfit and it can also really brighten up your face as it will draw attention and can make people in a happier mood too, like the warm weather can! I shall definitely be taking this with me in my travel makeup bag when I go on holiday in August. It isn't drying and it doesn't apply too heavily either. A quick swipe across the lips will add a gorgeous hint of colour, whilst keeping your lips moisturised, so you're on trend and your lips will be looking smooth and supple! What more could you ask for? 

Let me know what you think of this new beauty series idea, and tell me what category you would like me to discuss next! Have you tried any of these products? What do you recommend?


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Beauty | The Inner Beauty Tag

I thought I'd switch things up a little bit today & instead of doing an actual beauty/fashion post, I thought I'd do a short beauty tag! There's only 5 questions, but I thought that the meaning behind each one is so important and so I thought it would be a great idea for me to answer them now.
1. Do you feel different with makeup on or off? - I think everyone does if I'm honest. When I have makeup on, it does give me more confidence and it makes me feel prettier within myself and more presentable to the world, and when I don't have it on, I can feel like I look ill, tired or generally not as nice.
2. To you, is inner beauty or outer beauty more important? - 11% inner beauty! Honestly, I don't think that outer beauty means anything at all. You can be the prettiest, most popular girl in the whole school, yet you could be so sour and so much of a bully that your looks would mean absolutely nothing. I'd much rather that I was a loving, kind person rather than a fake, popular hater.
3. Do you prefer inner or outer beauty? I definitely prefer inner beauty! It's so much more important and valuable. Why should people care about their popularity or the way you look more than their personality and the way they treat others? Don't judge a book by it's cover, remember!
4. What's real beauty to you? - Real beauty to me is a smile and a thoughtful, caring personality. A smile is contagious and it will help to spread positivity and just generally makes a person appear more beautiful and happy, which we all want, right?! As for personality, it's so important that you treat others with respect and kindness, just like you would expect from them, I'm sure. I always make sure I'm the best person I can be and I treat other people in the correct way and it does pay off.
5. What makes you feel beautiful? - I feel most beautiful when I'm happy, or when I have an outfit on that I really like, or when I'm having a generally decent hair day. I really do believe that beauty comes from within though, so I try not to over worry too much about the way that I look, as hard as it may be. We all deserve a little pampering and to make ourselves feel good, but we shouldn't cake ourselves in so much makeup and so many products that we can no longer see our true beauty.
Let me know how you feel about these shorter tags and feel free to post your answers down below!


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Beauty|| Everyday Makeup Products - Spring 2015

Foundation - The foundation that I have been using lately is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. I can't explain how much I love this product as a base! I'd describe it as a medium coverage with a gel-like consistency and I think it does make your skin look  more radiant and perfected. It isn't the lightest form of foundation that you could go for, but I think that it works well for me at the moment and it blends really easily. The smell is also divine as its peachy so I find that particularly pleasant!

Concealer - Collection Lasting Perfection is probably the most hyped up concealer that I've ever known to be on YouTube and blogs. It is raved about so frequently that if you haven't heard of it already or become familiar with what it's like, you must have been living under a rock all your life. I tried it out about a year ago and I didn't like it much, but for the past few months, I've been loving it and it's been my go-to for covering up those pesky under eye bags! It blends well with my foundation and I think it just helps to make the skin under my eyes a little more natural like my original skin colour. I don't normally wear much makeup on a daily basis, but I would say this is classed as an 'essential'.

Powder - When I would like to mattify my skin to keep the shinyness and the oil at bay, I dust a small amount of the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder over my face, especially my t-zone area with my large face brush from Real Techniques and it stops you from looking so greasy, which is ideal for the warmer months. 



Blush - During the spring and summer, we all want to look healthy, rosy & glowing, right? In that case, you have to try out the Bourjois (yes, I'm mentioning this brand again) Little Round Pot Blush in '54 Rose Frisson'. It's one of the most beautiful shades of pink that I have ever owned and the colour pay off is excellent considering the price. I apply a little to the apples of my cheeks and it really does lift my face and make everything look a lot happier and rosier. I really do love it! 




Knowing me, I couldn't pick just one blush that I recommend/like for the spring, so I picked another one. It's the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in the shade '15 Seductive Pink'. This isn't just an ordinary blush. It's almost two tone as it has the main pinky/peachy shades and then there is some hints of purple too so when you swirl it all together you get the most gorgeous shade! It is also one of them blushes that makes you look more awake and cheerful which is really lovely for when the sun is shining outside.


Mascara - One of my new favourite eye products is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. This is my all time favourite mascara and I genuinely believe it's the best one that I've found in a very long time. It's quite a thick wand and the consistency is pretty wet, but it really does the job. It makes your lashes so thick, long, black and voluminous. Your eyes stand out and your eyelashes are extended once using this product. It can be quite hard to get off, but I love it and I think it's the best mascara out there!


Eye shadow - I actually have no idea what this palette is called, but I know that you can find similar ones pretty much anywhere such as eBay or Amazon. Bh cosmetics apparently do some and I'm sure many other brands do too. It's one of those multi products which has all the colours you could possibly want when creating any look. I've been really loving mixing the purple shades together at the moment for more of a bold pop of colour on those sunnier days. If you would like a talk-through tutorial someday, let me know.


A basic quad that I use everyday is the Soap & Glory 'What's Nude' one. It has a matte white which you can use as a base or as a brow bone highlight, a matte dusty pink shade that I usually apply as a light layer after the white, then I use the darker colours either way around. You can either put the shimmery mauvey brown all over the lid and then add the matte brown into the crease or vice versa. I think all these colours go very well together & they can compliment any eye colour, particularly darker shades. 

Lipstick - Mac's lipstick in 'Bombshell' is the lipstick that I have been wearing most recently. It's a beautiful frost formula and the shade is a shimmery deeper pink, like its appearing in the tube. It will go with any outfit and it would be the sort of shade to compliment any skin tone. Although Mac lipsticks are quite expensive, I do think they are worth the price. They are smooth, non-drying and they have a stunning shade range.

Lipgloss - I'm sure many of you may know about this product already, but I'm going to be mentioning it anyway. As you are probably well aware, Tanya Burr is a well known Youtuber and Makeup Artist who has brought out her own beauty line and one of the much loved items are the lip glosses. I have the shade 'Picnic In The Park' and I absolutely adore it. The shade is a beautiful bubble gum pink that definitely makes your lips stand out. It isn't sticky or drying and it doesn't have a horrible taste either. They feel moisturising and creamy so you don't have to worry about getting chapped/dry skin! They are scented with vanilla, almost like freshly baked cupcakes with the typical vanilla frosting. You can choose from a variety of different shades, ranging from this, to a nice or a vampy, blood red. I can't recommend them highly enough.  


I have been using the Mac lipstick that I just mentioned and this  gloss together and they make the perfect pair, so do make sure to try that out! Above is the Mac lipstick on the left and the Tanya Burr lipgloss on the right. I have been wearing this combination quite a bit lately as the weather has it warmer so I will try and include some pictures soon! 

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