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If you would like to work with Simply Jadey, I would be more than happy for you to get in touch via email to discuss any potential collaborations. I will provide you with an attachment of my media kit, so that you are able to see a thorough overview of the relevant statistics. 

The services that I would be willing to offer, or discuss are:

Reviews & Giveaways

I am always interested in trying out products to review on my blog, and social media platforms, and if the opportunity arises, I will also be happy to host a giveaway in collaboration with your brand/company. However, I will only consider this if I feel that your brand represents the image that I try to portray through my blog, and I will always be 100% honest, as that is most important to both myself, and my readers.

Sponsored Posts

Something else that I am happy to consider is featuring a sponsored post on my blog, which will reflect your brand/business. If you email me, I can provide you with a guide on pricing, but I am always more than happy to negotiate depending on what the arranged package entails.  

Brand Ambassador/Affiliate Roles

If, over time, I have built up a strong relationship with a particular brand, and I genuinely feel that they represent what I stand for, then I would consider becoming a brand ambassador, or an affiliate for them. This could mean that I work with them on an ongoing basis, and earn regular commissions from doing so. 

If there is anything that interests you which I haven't mentioned, then please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Most of the products that I talk about on my blog are purchased with my own money, unless otherwise stated in a post with an *. I will only ever accept products/samples that fit in with niche, and I will only work with brands that I have researched, and communicated with beforehand. I give my honest opinion on all products/services that I discuss, and everything is written in my own words. I would never write a good review for a brand, product, or service that didn't genuinely work well with me. Most of my photos are taken by me, unless linked, or stated otherwise. 

My business email is, and I look forward to hopefully working with some more exciting brands in the future!

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