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Hey! Thank you for stopping by my blog. 

I'm Jade, the girl behind 'Simply Jadey'. I'm a 17 year old student and lifestyle Blogger from Hertfordshire. I'd most probably describe myself as being sassy, bubbly, kind-hearted and optimistic! I have been creating content for the past 3 years, which has ranged from beauty reviews to conversations about mental health to travel photography and anything else in between that sparks a thought in my mind. When creating this personalised place on the internet, I wanted somewhere that I could write, where I didn't have to fear being myself and that's exactly what I've achieved over time. Something that started so small and seemingly insignificant at first has blossomed into my version of success and it's something I hope to pursue for many more years. 

I always speak from the heart and I allow myself to be vulnerable and honest when I'm talking about my experiences or taboo topics, because I want my readers to feel that they are seeing me in my truest form. Grab a blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and your favourite biscuits (mine are probably Bourbons!) and get yourself comfortable. We're all friends here - I promise!
Some of the things that make me happiest are: the seaside, my bed, cuddly puppies, listening to music, writing (either blog posts or poems), travelling, going to the gym and watching trashy TV or Netflix in my spare time.

By day, I am a Sixth Form student, currently studying for a Diploma in Health and Social Care and an A-Level in Psychology - eek! I hope to go to University next year to obtain a degree in Social Work, as I believe that taking challenges is one of the best routes to go down if you want to learn and make progress in life. I enjoy taking photographs, exploring new cities and expanding my general knowledge in any way that I can and I aim to share all of that here with my readers!

If you have any further questions or just fancy a chat (trust me, I'm always up for that!), please feel free to get in touch on any of my social media platforms.

If you're a brand wanting to work with me in some way, please look at the 'Work With Me' section on my blog for further details. 

I hope you stick around and benefit from the posts I produce!

Lots of love always,

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