Sunday, 31 March 2019

On Turning 18.

Yet again, it feels like I haven't sat down to write a blog post in ages. I've still been publishing the odd post here, and there, but they haven't been my usual chatty, lifestyle type. I know you have to be consistent these days if you want to make your mark in the blogosphere, but honestly, I haven't quite had the drive, so here's hoping that this is the start of it coming back! 
As it's now very nearly the end of the month, I thought I'd reflect on how I feel since I turned 18 years old, and where my heads at with this thing called life. Enjoy...

So, my birthday was on March 2nd, meaning that I've already been 18 for a whole 29 days. That's a sliiightly insane thought to comprehend, because I remember it felt like I was never going to reach this stage, and now I've almost been 18 for an entire month. Time flies when you're having fun (aka preparing for your final A-Level exams - oh, yay). 

My youth was certainly an interesting one to say the least. I had to live through the absence of my Father, (and deal with my parents turbulent relationship before that), bullying in both primary, and secondary school, moving counties, my first proper relationship being a toxic one, sexual assault, and my own mental health struggles to name a few. However, I have been incredibly blessed in other ways, as I have always had enough to survive, and I have always been able to find the light in one way, or another. Some of my fondest memories include my Grandparents, because they have hands down had the biggest influence on me becoming the woman that I have become, and I understand that not everybody has the opportunity to grow up around theirs. 
On my actual birthday itself, I went to a local pub with my Sister and her boyfriend, and had my first legal cocktail, as well as a few nibbles. Who else could possibly be a better person to have my first drink with?! Her boyfriend then dropped us off at the station, and we made our way up to Southbank, where The Shard is located. As it's a milestone birthday, and you only turn 18 once, our Aunt, and Uncle decided that we should all celebrate in style, and kick off my 18th year of life with a bang. Sophie (my Sister) and I made our way up The Shard to the 32nd floor to meet our Aunt, and Uncle, who were already sitting by the window of the Oblix West area. We spent some time enjoying our drinks, and chatting, and then we went next door to the restaurant. We decided that it would be a better idea to have sharing platters, and participate in the wine tasting, rather than getting our own individual meals. The starters included delicacies like crispy squid, chilli, and lime, soft shell crab, and truffled flatbread with pancetta, and ricotta. The mains included sea bass, lamb, and steak. The dessert included cheesecake, and a nut, and chocolate bar. Let's just say, I don't think I've ever eaten so many different foods, or drank so much alcohol in my entire life. It was the most magical experience with some of my favourite people in the entire world, and I'll treasure that night forever.

The day before my birthday, my debut poetry collection Intoxicated Minds officially became internationally available on Amazon. I an genuinely say with my hand on my heart that this is my proudest moment to date. Having something that I've poured my heart, and soul into over the years published for the whole world to see is both incredibly nerve-wracking, as well as incredibly exciting. I've had some lovely reviews already, and so it would mean the world to me if everybody reading this post could order themselves a copy too. I just want my words to make their mark on people, and help them through the toughest of times, as well as the best of times. If you click on this link here, you will be directed to the Amazon UK website, but if you aren't from the UK, you can just type either my name, or the title into your countries search bar, and I should (hopefully!) pop up. 

I may, or may not do a follow-up post about the things I've learnt in my 18 years on this Earth, so please be sure to let me know if that would be something that you're interested in seeing, alongside any other requests you have.

I hope you're all well, and fingers crossed that I'll be gracing the internet here on Simply Jadey again soooon. 

Love, and light always,


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