Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Tips For Looking After Your Skin

Good habits = great looking skin, right?

Seriously, if you want to look and feel beautiful, and have better looking skin for longer, you need to focus on what you do each day to maintain both your good looks and your self-confidence.

1. Follow A Skin-Care Routine

By following a productive skin-care routine daily, you will quickly see the benefits on both your face and body. Armed with your skin care moisturizer, toner, and other care products, follow this regimen in the correct order to see the best results from your efforts. By finding time first thing in the morning and at some point in the evening, your skin will look fresh, supple, and radiant 24/7.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water During The Day

Certain drinks are bad for your skin, such as those that are fizzy, caffeine, and alcohol. They can dehydrate your skin, and cause dryness and acne. On the other hand, drinking water is wonderful for your skin, thanks to its many hydrating properties. Experts suggest around 8 glasses a day, but going above that is fine, especially when you are out in the dehydrating hot weather. So, replace potentially harmful drinks with water, and carry an empty bottle around with you so you can top it up regularly.

3. Commit To A Regular Workout

Regular exercise increases your circulation, and this will create a radiant glow on your face. Exercise also lowers your stress hormones, which is good news, as stress can badly affect your face, causing wrinkles, dark circles under your eyes, and itchy, flaky skin. Therefore, find ways to implement exercise into your daily routine, such as walking to work instead of taking the bus or car, and taking time to engage in exercise at home, using some of these activities as examples. Remember to drink plenty of water, as you might need to hydrate yourself after your workout.

4. Eat An Apple A Day

I'm not just talking about apples here (although an apple a day is meant to keep the doctor at bay), but any fruit that is loaded with antioxidants and essential vitamins for healthy and good-looking skin. Eat something in the morning, include a piece of fruit with your lunch, and replace any unhealthy snacks you might normally consume in the day with a piece of nature's good stuff. Your skin will thank you for it, as will the rest of your body, as fruit has many health benefits worth considering.

5. Get Your Beauty Sleep

The phrase 'beauty sleep' isn't a misnomer. It has been scientifically proven that as you sleep, your skin will repair itself from any damage that has been inflicted during the day. Experts suggest 8 hours sleep a night for optimal results, so cut out bad night-time habits, such as engaging in screen time and drinking caffeine, as these will inhibit the quality of your sleep time.


Preserve the beauty and quality of your skin with the habits suggested in this article, committing to them daily for the best results possible. Cut out the bad habits suggested, such as drinking caffeine and eating unhealthy snacks, so you don't sabotage your best efforts to care for your good looks.

*This is a collaborative post*


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