Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Merlin Haircare Review*

Back in November, I was incredibly fortunate to get sent a couple of full size sample products from Merlin Professionals, who come under the company Fabriah that sell online hair and beauty at a professional standard (hence the name Merlin Professionals!).
What drew me to this brand in particular was that they aren't your traditional hair care company that you would find in Boots, or Superdrug. Each product has been scientifically developed to solve specific hair 'issues', like dryness, or oiliness to name two common examples. They don't have a shampoo, conditioner, and style element to their range, but they instead offer their target market shampoos, treatments, sealers, and styling, which gives them that unique edge to stand out from the competition...

As someone who has only ever used a bog standard shampoo before, this clenzer certainly excited me, because I didn't really know what to expect. When I first gave it a go in the shower, I was pleasantly surprised by the thick consistency, and the sea blue shade that came out on my hands. I like things that are out of the ordinary, and that's exactly what this whole range is. Essentially, the clenzer is meant to act as your shampoo, so you use it first whenever you're washing your hair. It's supposed to be for naturally low in protein, stretchy, or overly chemically processed hair, or for if you're prone to oily roots, or hair loss. To sum it up, if you want to increase your hair's elasticity, but control those oils, this is the product for you. It smelt really luxurious, and fresh, and a little really does go a long way. I have never felt my hair so clean, and shiny before, and I genuinely believe that's all thanks to this shampoo substitute. 
Merlin Prolate Balancing Sealer - £15.10 for 225ml
Another product that has also been formulated for daily use is this sealer. It's supposed to balance, and strengthen hair, leaving it firm, smooth, and shiny - and I can vouch that it does in fact live up to all 3 of those claims! I just use it as my conditioner whenever I wash my hair, so I apply it, comb it through with my trusty tangle teezer, leave it on for around 2 minutes, and then rise it off. Although I love to slather on conditioner, all Merlin products are highly concentrated, which means that you only need a pea-sized amount to still see the same effects. 
Every now, and then, preferably once a week, our hair needs a deep treatment. If 'deep penetration of the hair, and scalp is needed without weighing the hair down', then this is the product that's calling your name. It's meant to completely revitalise and ultimately restore the life into your locks, balancing them, whilst lubricating your entire scalp simultaneously. Our hair goes through so much on a daily basis with the environment, particularly if you then use heat on top of that, so it's imperative that you take some time out of your daily routine to give it the TLC that it deserves.

Despite the fact that the Merlin Professionals products may be slightly pricier than the likes of L'Oreal or Tresemme, you can be rest assured knowing that scientific research is behind them, and there won't be any nasty chemicals that are actually just covering up the deep damage. 

Have you ever tried any products from this brand? Are you going to make a cheeky purchase after reading this review?

Love and light always,

*Thank you to Fabriah for sending me such lovely gifts for the purpose of this post*


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