Sunday, 16 June 2019

For The Heavily Hearted: A Book Review

In November, I became friends via Instagram with the wonderful angel that is Christopher Hugh (@heavilyhearted). He had already published his debut poetry collection titled 'for the heavily hearted', which I requested that my sister buy for me as a Christmas gift, but as I was going through the process of publishing 'Intoxicated Minds' at the time, I knew it was only right that I reach out, and show him some support. 
There are 4 different chapters in this book. Chapter One - losing myself. Chapter Two - heartache. Chapter Three - The numbness. Chapter Four - Finding myself. As it says on the front cover, and as you can tell from the layout of the chapters, the reader is going to be experiencing the cycle through poetry. Although the start focuses on loss, the end focuses on being found - and I LOVE that. As you can tell from my choice of image, my favourite chapter is the second one, which focuses on heartbreak. I can relate to a lot of the pieces on a personal level, because hearbreak has played a significant part of my life so far, and it's therefore a theme which I also tend to primarily write about. 
Chris was literally only 15 years old when he published this incredible debut collection. He spent endless nights puttting it all together, and he also did all of the illustrations himself too. The work of art is literally 100% his own creation, and to have bared his soul at such a young age is admirable to me, as I'm sure many of you will agree once you have had a look at his work. 
It makes my heart so happy to know that modern poetry seems to be getting the recognition that it deserves within today's society. From my own personal experience, the majority of young people never really seemed to enjoy it when we had to study it as part of our English Literature course back in the GCSE days, but that was most probably, because they couldn't relate to the content. It's a blessing for young people to be able to so openly express their emotions, and discuss their experiences with the wider world. Our society is deteriorating what with the rise of crime, hatred, climate change, and constant devastation. 
Writing about our emotions, and experiences isn't a bad thing. It's a beautiful thing, which is exactly what Chris has demonstrated to us all.

Chris, you are an absolute angel. Your soul, and your heart are both incredible, and I love you so very much. Keep on doing your thing. 

If you want to keep up to date with Chris' life, and poetry journey, you can follow him on Instagram @heavilyhearted. If you want to buy this collection, you can do so here. His second collection 'tattooed by the moon' is coming soon, so stay tuned.

Love and light always,


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