Sunday, 31 March 2019

On Turning 18.

Yet again, it feels like I haven't sat down to write a blog post in ages. I've still been publishing the odd post here, and there, but they haven't been my usual chatty, lifestyle type. I know you have to be consistent these days if you want to make your mark in the blogosphere, but honestly, I haven't quite had the drive, so here's hoping that this is the start of it coming back! 
As it's now very nearly the end of the month, I thought I'd reflect on how I feel since I turned 18 years old, and where my heads at with this thing called life. Enjoy...

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Rosehip Plus Skincare Review*

Back in November (eek, I've been a terrible blogger, I know!), I was fortunate enough to get sent 3 products to try out from an organic Australian skincare brand. That's right, I'm literally trying out skincare from across the globe. I'd have to say that's one of the most incredible perks when it comes to blogging! 
In today's post, I'm going to be letting you know my thoughts to hopefully help you decide whether you want to give them a go yourself or not.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Your Ultimate Guide To Looking Around Universities

With the exams, the revision, and your busy life, there’s not much time to squeeze in going to look around all the different universities you might want to. However, they do all hold open days which are great to attend (take that from my recent experience!), and if you ask the right questions and look for the right things, then you’ll be able to get the most out of it - I can assure you!

On an open day, it might be your only chance to visit the university before you become a student, so make sure to take advantage of every moment. You need to fully explore, ask questions and take it all in.
Going to visit will help you to find out what you are unlikely to discover from a prospectus or any prior internet research, but keep in mind that on open days, universities are showing you their best and trying to sell themselves to you. As long as you’re aware of this, you can try to look below the surface, and be a bit more realistic.

There will be tours that you can go on at the university open days with tour guides who can show you around the campus. They will show you around the different and relevant departments and allow you to take a look at what accommodation is available. This will show you what the university is like first-hand, and you can ask the tour guide plenty of questions along the way.

There will also be different talks going on during the day that you can attend. These will be a combination of department and course talks as well as general admissions talks. Attend the talks that apply to the course you're interested in to learn more about the university, and what it would actually be like to study there for the coming few years.

After that, you should consider taking yourself off to explore the university to get a feel for what facilities are available. Look at all the educational facilities including libraries and study areas, restaurants and bars - especially the Students' Union, and if you're interested in sports then check out those opportunities too.

If you have the time, it can be beneficial to visit the local town or city as if you do choose to go to that university then you won’t be spending all your time on campus, so you will need to see if the surrounding area will keep you entertained.

Lecturers and other university staff will be on hand to answer your questions, so don't be afraid to ask. Find out if the course you want to study will include some of your specific interests. Find out things like if you'd be able to stay in the accommodation during the holidays.

Find out what the split between seminars and lectures is? How much studying are you expected to do outside of contact time and how much tutor support will you receive? Ask if there are there any extra opportunities around your subject, such as workshops? What happens if you don't meet the grades? Will there still be a chance that you might be offered a place? Should you apply for more than one course from this university? What will make you stand out on your application and will there be interviews before you’re offered a place?

You’ll also want to find out what careers support is there? Where could your degree lead you and how will the university help get you there?

Speak to the other students or Student ambassadors to get a different opinion and outlook of the university. Ask them questions about university life and what it is like to be a student, for example, what has been the best and worst thing about the university for them? Do they enjoy their course, and either way, what is it like? Are the tutors and lecturers on the course inspirational? What is the teaching and support like? Does the local area accommodate for students? What is the student social scene like? Are you happy with your accommodation, and how easy was it to secure? Are there services to help you find accommodation or does the university sort it out for you? For Cardiff Student Accommodation for example, as it is a huge city, there are many options. However, a smaller university may only offer you the choice of two halls. Find out if there some accommodation that is better or worse than others?

Keep an open mind and try and imagine yourself there, can you see it, how does it feel? Some places you will get a good feeling about, and it will feel right, others you’ll know instantly it's not for you, so visiting a few universities is an excellent idea.

Good luck on your journey, and do let me know if there's anything else you would like to know about the experience!

Love and light always,

*This is a collaborative post*

Friday, 22 February 2019

18th Birthday Ideas

As the celebrations for my 18th birthday begin on the 2nd March, I decided that there's really no better time to do this post than now. Turning 18 is such a special, memorable occasion for all of us. It isn’t just about being another year older, but it also marks your transition from childhood to adulthood. You only get to turn 18 once and celebrating in style is definitely called for!

How you mark your special day is up to you, of course, but since this is something particularly monumentous, you might appreciate some guidance from someone, who is also in the same boat. Here are a few ideas to consider before you start your night out in style.


Wednesday, 20 February 2019

The Second Chapter: Empathise

Back at the beginning of January, I did my first blog post of the year in a new series surrounding my debut poetry collection, "Intoxicated Minds". The idea behind it was that out of the illustrations that were done for me in each chapter, I wanted to share half of them, just so that you can get a feel for the themes that are presented throughout the poems, and what sort of vibe(s) I was going for visually. I hope you enjoy hearing more, and it possibly encourages you to make a purchase on Amazon, seeing as you can pre-order here up until the March 2nd...

Abandoned Aged 6:
This was actually the first poem that I ever wrote, and so I wanted the illustration to be one that was emotive, and also memorable. I love the contrast between the light, and the dark, and how much the key message is emphasised.

An Alcohol Addiction:
Another poem that follows the same theme features one of my favourite illustrations too. The focus is on how a young girl is at the centre of her father's alcoholism, and she is directly experiencing the exact sorrow that he is experiencing. She is drowning, and struggling to live a 'normal' life, because she is quite literally at the hands of someone else's addiction.

You Were The Spectator, I Was The Statue:
For this poem, the main imagery is of the girl in the centre of the gallery, who's a beautiful statue, which is adorned in flowers, unlike the others. The object doing the observations is unappreciative of what she has to offer, even though she's the one that stands out, and is the primary feature, and he simply goes on to view others, not even having batted an eyelid. 

Aiming Towards The Bright Light:
This illustration has such magical, mystical vibes in my opinion. The light details are clearly there to capture people's attention, and the warm colour surrounding the girl demonstrate how she is leaving the dark overgrowth of the blues, and greens behind her in the pursuit of happiness. Think about the quote 'there is always a light at the end of the tunnel'. 

Plucking Off The Petals:
The white daisies  on the top of the girls head represent her innocent, young mind, and the fact that she displays beauty, ambition, and personal growth. The hand that appears to be plucking off the petals from the sidelines is that of the boy who affects her self-worth, and makes her perceive herself differently. The pastel colours help to showcase her femininity and purity. 

Taking A Bullet For Unrequited Love:
This is another poem, which features contrasting imagery. On one side, the isolated female is in the dark, because she's got nobody else, but then on the other side is a loved-up couple, who are walking hand-in-hand toward their happiness, and their future together. The girl has never received mutually romantic love.

Her Eyes Are Where Her Darkest Demons Lie:
Here, the backdrop is the dark night sky, because the poem is one, which is darker, and focuses on deeper ideas. The pink, and purple shades help to emphasise that, because they are representative of the depth, and the mysterious tone that is being portrayed. The blurred figures dancing around the girls head are meant to be her thoughts, the demons that keep her overthinking, and that won't allow her to feel free. 

I had the privilege of working with a wonderful lady called Laurel Clark on these illustrations, as well as the other 7 that feature in this chapter. If you're interested in checking out more of her designs, or you want to commission her at any point in the future, you can find her website here, her Twitter here, and her Instagram here

Until next time!

Love and light always,


Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Savvy Students; Making The Most Of Your Uni Experience

These days, it's definitely more important than ever to try and make the most of your time at University, or college. After all, student fees are more expensive than ever before, so you will surely want to try to get the most you possibly can for your money! That’s not the only reason, though - trying to get as much as you can out of your University experience can help you grow and develop as an individual, and you will also find that it sets you up better for the adult world.

So, are you ready to get involved with as much as possible? Here are a few steps that can help you do just that...

Friday, 15 February 2019

How To Handle Being The New Girl At Work

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At different stages in your career, you’re likely to have a new job. Whether we’re talking about your first job after school or university, or your second job, third, or even a new job in your golden years, you will often get that same feeling, because it can be intimidating to start any new job. You may worry about it or feel apprehensive, and that’s all very normal - trust me. We all feel like this from time to time. However, you don’t have to dread it. Instead, you can be excited about your new job and actually feel ready for your first day. Not only that, but you can make sure that you settle in well without feeling totally green. Let’s see how you can handle being the newbie so much better.

1. Know You’re Qualified

First of all, you need to know that you’re actually qualified for the job. You're the one that got it, aren't you? So, ask yourself - what are you really worried about? You earned this job on merit. Sure, you need to settle in at a new place, but before you know it, your new place will feel like home!

2. Pull Together A Perfect Wardrobe

Now, power dressing is a thing. So, if you want to feel confident, you need to dress the part. On the run up to your new job, you’ll want to think about getting the right wardrobe together. Think about the outfits that you can work with in your role and have them planned out in your mind.

3. Prepare The Night Before

When it comes to the first day, you can really make a difference by preparing properly the night before. We all worry about it, sure, but if you’re prepared, the uncertainty will ease. For this, you’re going to want to lay out your outfit and get your bag ready. Put your phone into your choice of premium phone case, do the same with your laptop, and get a brand new notebook ready too. Swotty? Yes, potentially - but, it will make you feel ready to take on your brand new role.

4. Sleep Well

All that’s left to do the night before is to get a good sleep, because it really does matter, and you really do need to make sure that you’re well rested and ready to take the world by storm. When you wake up, you can then carry that feeling on with a good breakfast and by getting your lunch together for the day, then put your fabulous first day outfit on and get ready to rock!

5. Make A Killer First Impression

Finally, when you get to work on your very first day, you’re going to want to make the right impression, because we all know that first impressions count, and you only ever get one shot. So, decide how you’re going to be. What do you want to be known for? What kind of image or vibe do you want to give off? Then make sure that your actions and attitude follow suit. We all have to be newbies at one time or another, but it’s what you make of your fresh start that counts.
*This is a collaborative post*

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Merlin Haircare Review*

Back in November, I was incredibly fortunate to get sent a couple of full size sample products from Merlin Professionals, who come under the company Fabriah that sell online hair and beauty at a professional standard (hence the name Merlin Professionals!).
What drew me to this brand in particular was that they aren't your traditional hair care company that you would find in Boots, or Superdrug. Each product has been scientifically developed to solve specific hair 'issues', like dryness, or oiliness to name two common examples. They don't have a shampoo, conditioner, and style element to their range, but they instead offer their target market shampoos, treatments, sealers, and styling, which gives them that unique edge to stand out from the competition...


Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Tips For Looking After Your Skin

Good habits = great looking skin, right?

Seriously, if you want to look and feel beautiful, and have better looking skin for longer, you need to focus on what you do each day to maintain both your good looks and your self-confidence.

1. Follow A Skin-Care Routine

By following a productive skin-care routine daily, you will quickly see the benefits on both your face and body. Armed with your skin care moisturizer, toner, and other care products, follow this regimen in the correct order to see the best results from your efforts. By finding time first thing in the morning and at some point in the evening, your skin will look fresh, supple, and radiant 24/7.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water During The Day

Certain drinks are bad for your skin, such as those that are fizzy, caffeine, and alcohol. They can dehydrate your skin, and cause dryness and acne. On the other hand, drinking water is wonderful for your skin, thanks to its many hydrating properties. Experts suggest around 8 glasses a day, but going above that is fine, especially when you are out in the dehydrating hot weather. So, replace potentially harmful drinks with water, and carry an empty bottle around with you so you can top it up regularly.

3. Commit To A Regular Workout

Regular exercise increases your circulation, and this will create a radiant glow on your face. Exercise also lowers your stress hormones, which is good news, as stress can badly affect your face, causing wrinkles, dark circles under your eyes, and itchy, flaky skin. Therefore, find ways to implement exercise into your daily routine, such as walking to work instead of taking the bus or car, and taking time to engage in exercise at home, using some of these activities as examples. Remember to drink plenty of water, as you might need to hydrate yourself after your workout.

4. Eat An Apple A Day

I'm not just talking about apples here (although an apple a day is meant to keep the doctor at bay), but any fruit that is loaded with antioxidants and essential vitamins for healthy and good-looking skin. Eat something in the morning, include a piece of fruit with your lunch, and replace any unhealthy snacks you might normally consume in the day with a piece of nature's good stuff. Your skin will thank you for it, as will the rest of your body, as fruit has many health benefits worth considering.

5. Get Your Beauty Sleep

The phrase 'beauty sleep' isn't a misnomer. It has been scientifically proven that as you sleep, your skin will repair itself from any damage that has been inflicted during the day. Experts suggest 8 hours sleep a night for optimal results, so cut out bad night-time habits, such as engaging in screen time and drinking caffeine, as these will inhibit the quality of your sleep time.


Preserve the beauty and quality of your skin with the habits suggested in this article, committing to them daily for the best results possible. Cut out the bad habits suggested, such as drinking caffeine and eating unhealthy snacks, so you don't sabotage your best efforts to care for your good looks.

*This is a collaborative post*


Sunday, 6 January 2019

The First Chapter: Enlighten

As I recently revealed the front cover of my debut poetry collection, I thought it was about time that I showed you a selection of the illustrations, which will be making an appearance in there too.


Thursday, 3 January 2019

5 Signs You Don't Fully Know Your Partner

We all like to believe that we know the person that we love the most in the world, including all of their opinions and feelings on certain situations. The biggest part of feeling connected to someone else is feeling secure in how well you know them, but this connection can sometimes lead you to overlook the blind spots in their personality. Rose tinted glasses and all that, right?

As much as you want your partner to know you inside and out, you want to know them too. For example, they may already know that you have saved in your history from the numerous impersonal gift cards your ex boyfriends gave to you. They also may know that you prefer tulips over roses, but, surely it’s more than that. Knowing your partner is more than the superficial things on the surface. It’s the deeper issues that you need to know more than the rest. So, what are the five signs you don't know your partner as well as you think you do?

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

My Hopes For 2019

Happy New Year! If you read my recent post (which you can find here), you will know that 2018 was by far the best for me. However, 2019 is already set to be even bigger, and better. 

I thought that it would be a nice idea to do a brief little summary of my hopes for the coming months, because writing things down always helps me to feel more organised, and then I can look back on it as time goes by to see whether I stuck to my word, or not.

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