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A Yearly Round Up: 2018 Gossip

Just like that, another year has come to an end. I wrote a similar post at the end of 2016, and at the end of 2017, so to carry on with the tradition, I felt it was only right that I do a yearly round up of the best 12 months of my life so far, aka 2018.

January seemed to drag for an absolute eternity. Nothing too momentous ever really happens (that's set to change in 2019, I can assure you), but I had my first experience of an 'interview' (even though it wasn't formal at all), and I had a really fun night, drinking, and dancing with my former gal pals (no tea, no shade) like a typical 16 year old. 

February was the month that I started my very first job at McDonalds. I only lasted there until the end of June due to quite a bit of drama, bitchiness, and general workplace hassle, but I did learn quite a lot whilst I was there, and of course, it did have some good times as with anything. February was also the month where I spent Valentines Day with my former gal pals (no tea, no shade x2), and it was actually the first year I'd ever done anything to celebrate. 

March is always one of the most exciting months, because it's my birthday on the 2nd! This year, I turned 17, which meant that weekly driving lessons began - what a milestone! It actually snowed that day, which meant that I got the day off school, so I wasn't complaining in the slightest (who would?)! I also started personal training for the first time ever, and have been carrying it on ever since, which I didn't imagine I'd be saying. It's actually now a genuine hobby of mine! It just goes to show that you should always give things a go, because you don't know until you do.

In the month of April, myself, my Sister, my Aunt and my Uncle all took a little break away to Port Lympne (which you can read about here), and although it was completely different to anything we'd experienced before, we had the most fun imaginable. I also went for my practise walk (a day time adventure), as part of my bronze DofE award, and there was only 3 out of the 4 of us, but I loved it. That was possibly the only part that I did love, but hey, it's all part of the experience.

May was the month in which I went on my practise expedition for the DofE. Although it was incredibly challenging, both physically, and emotionally, there were moments where I laughed until I nearly cried, and I really did push myself as much as I possibly could. Somehow, myself and the other girl in my group, along with a boy 2 years below, ended up sat in our teacher's car, listening to Mr Brightside by The Killers, which was definitely something I won't forget in a hurry.

June saw me going on a first date for the first time. Although it didn't quite go to plan (you'll know all about that if you read my recent post), it was still another story to tell the grandkids (he just won't be the guy I'll be looking after them with...). It was also then that I did my final expedition for my bronze DofE award. That was somehow even more challenging than the other one, but I did it, I survived, and I've got the badge, and certificate to prove it. Honestly, if any of you ever want to do something for yourself, your confidence, and your self-growth, just do it. Fuck what anybody else says you're capable of. Situations like these will always prove to be your greatest accomplishment in the end.

At the end of June/beginning of July, I started visiting the Universities that I actually cared about, and I started taking the whole decision more seriously. I finally settled on wanting to study either Social Policy and Criminology or Social Work, and I visited both York and Loughborough, which I genuinely loved as well. I stayed in a hotel room on my own, which was quite a big deal for me, even though my Aunt and Uncle were in the same hotel. 

At the end of July, I won both 'Most Aesthetically Pleasing Blog 2018' and 16-19 Year Old Winner 2018' as part of the Teenage Blog Awards - how insane! I was so proud of that achievement, and still am. To celebrate everything that was achieved in the year so far, myself, my Sister, my Aunt and my Uncle went away to the South of France for a few days. Let me tell you now, it was actual bliss. You can read my post about it here, but I loved it, just like we all did. There was plenty of sunbathing, paddling, walking, and good food and wine, and I even had my first cocktail. Twit-twoo! Family time really is so precious, and that became more, and more noticeable as the year went on.

August was another quiet month. I finally met up with my twinny aka one of my closest friends Jade, and we had a really nice chilled couple of hours together. In addition to that, I met up properly for the first time with my friend Lucy, which was equally as cute, and my lifelong friend Mel, who I actually knew from primary school and hadn't seen since I left! 

Myself, my Aunt and my Uncle went to a place local to them called Hughenden Manor (read the post here), because that's exactly the type of thing that we like to do together, and I thoroughly enjoyed that. 

September meant that I started Year 13, so I was almost immediately shocked by the stress, and the responsibilities that were set to come my way. I had to start planning out my personal statement, and somehow keep up with all of my studies, as well as everything else that I wanted, and needed to do. My family also saw the addition of Flossie, our beautiful little cavapoo puppy, who fit in with us all perfectly, and is immensely loved to this day.

In October, I went to the concerts of Jorja Smith and Krept and Konan. I looove concerts, and they are 100% my happy place, alongside festivals, so I'd been waiting pretty much the entirety of the year for these 2 to come around. Jorja Smith was a bit of a fail, because my (former) friend pretty much fainted, whilst we were there in Brixton, so we missed the majority of the songs I actually knew, but I enjoyed what we did see, so it wasn't a complete waste of money. Krept and Konan was hands down the best concert I've been to so far, and definitely even livelier, and hectic than I'd imagined. I lost my friend right at the beginning, after the support acts had performed, and then we got on the right train, but the opposite direction home, and I had a few bruised ribs from the intense mosh pits, but I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat if I could.

November was another positive month. I started receiving University offers, which I'm forever grateful for, and I also started volunteering at a local hospital, participating in what's known as The Empathy Project. It's still very early days, but 2019 will definitely mean that I dedicate myself to my Friday evening shifts, and any of the training opportunities that come alongside them. 
I also finally found my publishers, Leaf Publishing House, in November, once the front cover design was complete. I owe them everything, and cannot wait for the world to hold a copy of my debut poetry collection in their hands. 

And finally, December. I sent off a letter as part of the #kindlyxmas campaign, in the hope that an elderly person would have a little bit more of a brighter Christmas Day. My book was submitted, which means that it will be available for pre-order super soon, and I had the most magical few Christmas celebrations with my precious family.

2018 has been one incredible year, and it's ending on a high. Of course, there were some challenges, but they were nowhere near as terrifying, or isolating as they have been in previous years. 

2019 is set to be an even better one, as I turn 18, release my debut poetry collection, start going out clubbing and drinking, sit my A-Level exams, go on holiday to Venice, start University, and experience many other things, I'm sure.

Here's to all of our health, happiness and wealth for the next 12 months. Bring. It. On.

Love and light always,


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