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Surprising A Long Distance Partner

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In the modern day and age, there’s a lot of different ways you can get into a relationship. As we’re now living in a digital age, one of the most popular ways to try and find someone of a like mind and an opposite attraction means a lot of long distance relationships can crop up out of nowhere. Coping with such a distance between the two of you can be hard however, and often enough you can feel like the relationship is going nowhere.

However, that feeling doesn’t have to linger. There’s always going to be things you can do to share your love with someone else, no matter how far away they are. After all, meeting someone on a dating app doesn’t make your relationship any less valid than two people who met over reaching for the same melon at the supermarket! So, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can surprise a long distance partner, to make sure you’re always stoking the fire between the two of you.

Send Them a Gift (Or a Care Package!)

This is a good way to start off small, and make sure that the both of you have the time and energy to keep up with the relationship - plus, a surprise in the post will be a lot easier to fit into their day than the surprise visit you’re probably already planning out in your head!

Be sure to buy something you know they’d like, or something they mentioned to you in the past that they couldn’t afford, and have it sent first class all the way over to them. If you need some inspiration, as they haven’t mentioned anything and you just want to be spontaneously nice, be sure to check out Cuckoolands gift ideas for your man. If they’re in another country, be sure to get your package insured before it goes, just to make sure your gesture doesn't go to waste.

Of Course, Try a Surprise Visit!

You need to make sure this is something your partner will appreciate before you actually try it, so be sure to subtly ask them how they'd feel about a meetup between the two of you. Get some real details out of them, such as their schedule and where they head in the evening after Uni once their shift ends, and work this info into your plans. There’s nothing like suddenly sitting down at the same pub table as them to keep things casual!

Have a Traditional Date Night!

Neither of you probably have the time to video chat every evening, so be sure to set aside a night where you know the other person isn’t busy, get all dressed and made up, and sit down with them like you would a date. It’s a lovely gesture, and you can even eat dinner together with the screen between the two of you!

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