Wednesday, 24 October 2018

My First Impressions - University Of Birmingham

At this moment in time, I'm hustling hard. I'm coming to the end of my first term in Year 13, which means that the personal statement preparation has started, the University Open Days are coming to an end, and I'm focusing more than ever on achieving top grades to give me the best chance at getting onto my ideal course. 

I've now visited a number of different Universities, including Birmingham, which I'm going to be discussing in detail today (although you can see my last two Open Day related posts here and here) and I potentially have the final one coming up at the beginning of December. As I want to document this whole life-changing experience, I thought it was only right that I discuss how I found the University of Birmingham.

So, admittedly, I went about the whole process in a slightly silly way. I had originally looked at Birmingham City University, but when speaking to a guy I knew, I found out he went to the University of Birmingham, and that's when I decided I'd be interested in going there - despite the fact that they didn't even offer the course that I wanted to do at the time! 

I thought I had everything planned out, but then after more consideration, I realised that the course I'd set my heart on wasn't quite going to be what I had expected it to be. I did some more thorough research, and that's when I came across 2 other courses that really caught my attention.

On the 20th of October aka the Open Day, myself and my Uncle had planned to go on a Campus Tour (something we hadn't done on the previous visits, but now wish we had!), attend the 2 specific subject talks, go on a Student Life talk and just generally get a feel for the place. It sounds slightly strange, but I honestly did get homely vibes as soon as we came off the motorway and started going through the local area. Growing up in and around London means that I probably wouldn't adapt very well if I'm just straight away 200 miles from home and surrounded by nothing but countryside. 

Both of the subject talks were incredibly interesting for me, and even my Aunt and Uncle were taken aback by the first one, which is certainly saying something! The whole campus has the perfect mixture of ancient, and modern, and I got a very prestigious, welcoming vibe. 

Birmingham is a Russell Group University, and also the only University in the UK that has a train station on campus! I do think it would be quite a challenge for me to get in, but then the whole experience, and being surrounded in such an environment would be invaluable for me. I would then only be 100 odd miles from home, and my Aunt and Uncle agreed that I would benefit the most there in regard to academia. 

When you get that certain gut feeling, you have to roll with it. Personally, I'm going to focus my aim on making the most of my final year of A-Levels, and I'm going to do everything that I can to try and get into this incredible institution, because I believe it would do me the world of good.

This whole process can be incredibly overwhelming, and equally as daunting, but honestly, it's also super exciting! This time next year, I'll be in a whole new county, embarking on a whole new adventure.

I'll keep you in the loop with this whole stage of my life, and let you know if my dreams come true nearer the time - eeeep!

Are you going to be applying to University next year? What sort of courses do you have your eye on?

Love and light always,


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