Friday, 26 October 2018

For Him (And Him Alone): Gifts Your Man Will Enjoy That He Won’t Need To Share

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When buying gifts for the man in your life, it can be very easy to go for the same types of things year in and year out, from the presents that are pretty practical, to the things that are a bit “manly” but in a cliched sense. This post will hopefully act as somewhat of a guide for you, so next time, you will have inspiration right at the click of a button!

The Gift Of Style
We could always do with new clothes, and if you are trying to avoid the usual things that your significant other wears, you can't go wrong with some stylish underwear that’s also very comfortable, but there are some other little accessories that can add to the overall stylishness, like ascot ties, suspenders, or even cufflinks that can be found on sites like John Henric UK. The gift of clothes is usually a quick and easy option, but giving them some style instead of just the same old Christmas jumper will make a big difference, and they will feel better about themselves.

The Gift Of Education
There's something quite romantic about having time to yourself and settling down with a nice book. The go-to option would be the Amazon Kindle, because you can store thousands of books, but if your significant other doesn't have the time to relax with a good read, a subscription to Audible is a suitable alternative. You could even give them a course, either in any language or some online guitar lessons, especially if they've been yearning to break out the six string!

The Gift Of Coffee
Where would we be without coffee? While a classic espresso maker would be a gift they would greatly appreciate, you can think of it more outside the box, by giving them a subscription to Coffee Tasting Club, or if they are constantly on the move, a portable tumbler or travel thermos that will keep their coffee warm for hours on end. There's nothing worse than having a swig of cold coffee!

The Gift Of Comfort
If they struggle to get to sleep at night, then a set of new bed sheets or a microfiber towel can give them that extra bit of warmth in the morning when all they want to do is stay in bed and not endure the freezing cold outside the sheets. If they think you're buying new sheets for the benefit of yourself, give them a support pillow.

We need to enjoy our gifts ourselves, so when you are giving thought to the type of gift they need, you could go down the usual route, give them something that they need, or you can go down the secret third option and giving them something they'll actually enjoy but makes life a little easier. It's always easy to buy something that they don't really need, but give them a more creative and thoughtful gift.

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