Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Being Savvy With Your Spending

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Finance is a tricky topic to talk about. Making money is hard, saving money is hard, and prioritising money is even harder. My family have certainly never been billionaires, but we have always had the essentials, and been lucky enough to have a few treats on the side too. Having grown up without a Dad, my Mum has had to do her best to provide for me, and I know for a fact it has been hard at times, what with all the bills and food shopping to pay for - not to mention everything else a young girl wishes for. We never learn much about scrimping and saving, but it's the reality for a lot of families across the world, and it's not something that should be seen as shameful.

I thought that today would be the right time to discuss a website, which can help you when it comes to being more savvy with your pennies, especially as we are getting closer to Christmas every second...

Now, I'm sure a large number of you reading this post have heard of eBay, right? Everyone in my household (Mum, her partner and myself) have regularly bought off there before, because you don't always have to spend a fortune just to get good quality items. That's where www.latestdeals.co.uk comes in, as a better alternative! It's essentially an online community, whereby bargain hunters from across the UK share only the most genuine deals, vouchers, freebies and competitions. You are guaranteed to find anything from portable speakers to duvet covers to midi dresses and Mentos. The deals that are shared are all from registered, and established businesses, so you know that you aren't going to get scammed. 

At the top of the website, there is a search bar, where you can type in anything that you want or need, whether you're planning to buy some Christmas chocolates for the people in your college class, some travel essentials for a weekend away, or some bits for your family's new home. Some people don't always trust eBay sellers, and that's completely fair enough, because myself and my Mum are exactly the same. However, this website is more genuine, and more reliable, in my opinion.

Something that can be a specific struggle is trying to save up for bigger household items, for example. Think about the vacuum cleaners, cookers, and washing machines. On this page here, you can see what comes up if you were to look for washing machines. They are an essential in any home, but even on their own, they can be incredibly pricey. I know that this sort of page would be beneficial for single mums, those on a lower income, or even those who would rather spend their money on treats for their loved ones around this time of year. It's a website that I have showed my Mum, and I know that she would use it herself if she needed to in the future. The deals are all hand-picked by those who are experts in all things cash related, so even if you haven't bought off this website before, and you don't know much about budgeting, because you're having to do it for the first time, then you're still good to go!

I wouldn't talk about, and advertise a brand that I didn't believe in, and that I didn't think would be beneficial to my readers, or their families. Although I don't personally need to think about buying a washing machine just yet, this is a way that I can help my family to save money, as well as something that I can bare in mind for when I move out.

Have you ever heard of this website before? Do you regularly buy off eBay?

Love and light always,


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