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Dressing Appropriately For Different Occasions

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Fashion is always a lot of fun and that’s how you should always see it. Sometimes, it’s all too easy to put pressure on yourself, but really, you want to be sure that you can actually enjoy the process of dressing up, because that’s what fashion is all about. Even if you feel very uninspired in your life right now, there’s one thing that can change all of that...

Now, we’re not just talking about weddings or parties, but all of the different occasions that make up your life, because when you really think about it, you will have lots of different situations, some regular and some a little rarer that you may need to dress differently for.

Sometimes, this can stress you out, as you won’t always know what to wear, but it’s often best to let it inspire you. So, let’s take a look at some of the key occasions you have and how you can dress for them.

Parties & Events
First of all, we have the fun events that you get to dress up for. Here, you should always look to go all out if you can, because if you can't go all out for a celebration, then when can you?!
If we're talking friends parties, you may want to stay casual with jeans, because you already know that they'll love you for whatever you wear, but for school parties, nights out at uni and even festivals, you can take the opportunity to risk it all in the name of fashion.
Take a look at fancy dresses online - even stores like ASOS and Missguided do them now, so you're bound to find something somewhere.

For festivals, look no further than bohemian clothing to complete your look. If that isn't your kinda style, vintage finds would be a perfect alternative here.
Formal Occasions
During the time when you have got something formal coming up, you’re going to want to plan well in advance if you can.
Here, think occasions like weddings, your graduation, or balls and galas. It’s often a lot of fun to go shopping for the event, especially for us gals. Think about getting coordinating looks with hats and bags to match, except for in the case of your graduation, because the gown will require you to be all about the shoes. Why not go for a pair that feel more sophisticated, or more bejewelled? If that isn't your cup of tea, you can place an emphasis on your jewellery and use that to help you stand out on this special day!
Now, an occasion that can throw you is dressing for a job interview - especially for your first proper job. You just never know what to expect! Here, you’re always better to go more formal than you need to be. You’ll often make a good impression in a suit or tailoring. If you try to play it safe and go too casual, you may ruin your chances from the start. Personally, I would typically opt for a blouse (either plain or printed), some smart, fitted trousers, plain, flat shoes (not sandals/trainers) and a blazer. I wouldn't recommend having too much jewellery or wearing too much makeup, as first impressions really do count, especially if this is a prospective employer of a company that you want to work for in the long-term.

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College & Uni
When it comes to dressing for daily occasions like college and University, you’re going to want to think about matching your own style. Sure, take inspiration from uniforms if you like, but just make sure that you’re comfortable every day and don't forget to pick a bag that will carry everything you need!
Sixth Form, from my experience, is slightly different to how college or University would be. At my one, which is attached to the lower school, we're allowed to wear our own clothes, but there is a fairly specific dress code, and so the choices aren't exactly endless. As a standard example, I'll wear some sort of jumper or blouse, depending on the weather, a pair of plain or printed trousers, some ankle boots or a pair of suede/leather flats and a blazer - then I'm all good to go! Skirts below the knee with tights are fine too, as are dresses that look decent enough (e.g. no shoulders showing, no straps etc).
Finally, although you may not want to be thinking about this when reading a blog post and relaxing, there’s work.
Here, we’re talking about the part-time work that you may be doing alongside school, college or University. Sometimes, you will have a uniform - and that can make things feel so much easier for you, but then other times, you may be able to wear what you like.
Even when this is the case, it will be useful if you can take a look at the kinds of things that your (soon to be) colleagues are wearing. Whether they are shirts and tailoring or jeans and tee’s, you will then be able to work out what kind of things you should pick out to wear too. Although I always encourage individuality, when it comes to a business, you don't want to stick out like a sore thumb.
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