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Dealing With Personal Problems On Holiday

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Do you like to travel?

Of course you do! Everyone loves feeling the sand between their toes on the beach and the smell of vendor stalls when you’re walking down foreign streets. There’s a lot of novelty in being able to get away from the daily grind, and that’s something everyone should and does forward to.

Going travelling usually means we’re headed away for a good time, but honestly, it’s never quite as clear cut as that. We’re still human beings, even after drinking copious cocktails at a rooftop bar in Miami, and we still have our health and safety to look out for. You might not want to, or you might have pushed these issues to the side, but planning for personal problems whilst you’re away is the best idea for happiness on holiday.

So, here’s a couple of tips and tricks for making sure that you’ve got your suitcase fully packed and loaded for your next trip away. If you’re planning to become a seasoned traveller one day, this is the first step onwards to your new lifestyle!

Get Some Insurance

No matter where you’re headed, make sure you’re covered for private medical costs and any potential need to be flown home again in case of an emergency. You never know when something could go wrong, and being as prepared as possible for it is the only way your holiday is going to stay safe.

After all, if you get stuck under an avalanche at the bottom of a remote mountain and need rescuing, there’s probably going to be some bills afterwards that you’ll need to cover, and you won’t want to deal with those after everything you’ve just been through. Yes, that's a bit extreme, but you get how important insurance is to have!

If you’re travelling under a company that’s covering the cost of insurance for you, or you’ve got a group to head out in and you’re splitting the bill, make sure you take an EHIC with you. It’s not an alternative to actually having insurance, but it means you’re allowed to use the free medical facilities that the country you’re heading to has on offer. That means a late night trip to the nearest A&E in Spain after you’ve cut your feet open from dancing on the beach is going to be completely free of charge!

Have Some Spare Medication to Take with You

If you’re someone who needs to swallow a tablet or inject something on a regular basis to keep you healthy, you’re going to need to put this consideration first and foremost in your travel plans. When you’re going abroad, you’re always going to need to take more medication with you than you think you need; you never know when you’re going to get stranded or lose a packet in the depths of a hotel room!

If you don’t have time to book yourself into the GP’s or Nurse’s office to get a new prescription, don’t let yourself worry. Just get online as soon as you can and file your prescription through delivery sites that the NHS and other health authorities advocate for. For example, if you need to get another dose of your pill, you can very well order period delay tablets online! I've never gone for this option before, as I just take my regular pill, but if you're a last minute kinda gal or you have the memory of a sieve, then this service means you're sorted regardless. If it’s a free contraception, you won’t get charged for it either - what you’ve ordered is checked with your doctor’s office to make sure you get the discounts you are allowed.

Have A First Aid Kit

First aid kits need to be another thing you pop into your travel bag straight away, as plasters and bandages aren’t usually on the room service list of wherever you’re staying. There’s all kinds of cut, scrapes, and bruises you can get when you’ve had a hard day of exploring or a long night of partying.

You can buy mini first aid kits from the airport if there’s none available at home to take with you, or you could just put one together yourself, personalised perfectly to you and your group’s needs. There’s always someone who needs an EpiPen, and you could do with carrying a spare they won’t lose themselves!

Make sure you’re packing some cleaning items in there as well. A few wet wipes go a long way to staving off an infection, and they can also turn the potentially grubby or down-right dirty accommodation you’ve found yourself in into a sparkling paradise!

If There's Any Cleanliness Issues

Speaking of keeping clean, if the hotel or hostel or stranger’s couch you’ve found yourself staying on is just completely unfit for human accommodation, make sure you let the travel company or the host know about. You’re not going to come off as rude, as long as you keep a calm tone of voice and use your pleases and thank yous whenever you need to - it’s your right as a traveller that’s paid money to stay somewhere to have a clean bed to go to sleep in every night!

Alternatively, you can try to find another place down the road, but be sure to check in with the company who are housing you for the duration of your visit. Usually they’ll be able to find another room for you elsewhere or even cover your travel costs if there’s nowhere nearby for them to let you stay. There’s always going to be a solution to any accommodation problems, so don’t panic!

Ready to take a holiday then?
Maybe not just now, seeing as Summer is drawing to a close, but the holiday season is coming up hot on its heels. If you’re planning to book a stay overseas or somewhere quite a few miles away from home, make sure you’re thinking of any personal problems you may run into along the way. You want to journey in comfort and style after all, and having a backpack filled to the brim with essentials is the best way to make sure of this!

*Please note that this is a collaborative post*


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