Wednesday, 19 September 2018

A Makeup Brush Cleansing Duo*

At the end of August, I was fortunate to get sent both the Daily Cleaning Spray and the Deep Cleaning Make-Up Brush Shampoo from the PR team at Natural Essentoils. Now I have had some time to form my first impressions, I thought I'd share them with you today in case you were eyeing up the brand and wanted to know more about what they stand for!

As you can tell from the name, Natural Essentoils is all about natural products that are suitable for vegans and haven't been tested on animals. The brand launched in the Summer of 2017, but even though they are fairly new, I do think that they're one to watch out for, because they're already making their mark in the blogosphere.

Natural Essentoils Make-Up Brush Daily Cleaning Spray - 150ml - £7.99
Being completely honest with you (as I always am), one thing that I tend to slack on when it comes to all things beauty is regularly washing my makeup brushes. Ever since I started experimenting during my early teens, it's continued to be the one aspect of this hobby that I neglect and trust me when I say I hate myself for it.
When I came across this brand on Twitter, I knew that they had the potential to snap me out of this bad habit, because of the products that they have so cleverly created.
The daily cleaning spray is there to do exactly what it says on the bottle. Whenever you have used your brushes to apply any product, whether that be as a base, on your eyes or even on your lips, this spray has been designed to refresh them and reduce the amount of bacteria that you're likely to contaminate your skin with.
The idea is that the tea tree and lemongrass oil will act as 'bacteria busters' in between your deep cleanses (which is what the brush shampoo is for!), and all you have to do to achieve those results is spritz the bristles a couple of times and then wipe them in circular motions with a cloth or some tissue and hey presto - you will be free from any dirty debris!
I really like this concept, because it's super easy to implement into your daily routine, but you are going to be saved on so many occasions and I guarantee you will see and feel a difference almost instantly. I've personally never come across another brush cleaning spray before and for only £7.99, I think that's such a bargain, considering the benefits that you'll be getting from it.

Natural Essentoils Deep Cleaning Make-Up Brush Shampoo - 150ml - £7.99
Whenever I search for a makeup brush cleaner on Google, I'm usually only ever shown the MAC one, which is £12.00 for 233ml. Yes, it's fair enough to say that you're paying for a top company used by makeup artists and the like, as well as getting almost 100ml more for just £4 extra, but that's not the point I'm trying to make. MAC is a brand, which isn't cruelty free, as they're owned by Estee Lauder, who are known to test on animals, which is already a major red light for me and many other social media influencers. I'd rather go for a brand that I know are Paraben and SLS free, containing only the most natural ingredients, such as tea tree, lemongrass and thyme. 
The first time that I tried out this product on my brushes, I think it was clear to see that I was a little bit too generous with the amount that I used, because my brushes came out with some residue and then they felt slightly sticky, which obviously isn't the idea. However, the time after that, I just put a tiny dollop and that was absolutely fine! It has a nice, thick texture, which gives the impression that they are definitely getting a thorough clean, it smells really fresh and almost spa-like and it left my brushes feeling very soft and much more appropriate to put on my face again.

Overall, I would rate both of these products around a 7.5/10, because if you're looking for an affordable alternative to other brush cleansers out there, then you can't go wrong with this pair.

Do you think you'll give these a go after reading this post?

Lots of love always,

P.S. Use the code 'SIMPLYJADEY' for 10% off your order!

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