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4 Ways To Wear Boho Jewellery

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Boho, a shortened version of bohemian, is a lifestyle related to having a free spirit, a peaceful mind and being an individual rather than following the crowds. It's a way of life that attracts many people, as they want to get away from the rate race we live in today. It even has its own fashion trends, which usually include lots of fringe and tassels. As they are often nature-oriented, many of the prints and accessories, such as jewellery, have animal or plant designs included in them.

Boho Necklaces

We generally think of fringe as being on the edge of fashionable garments or being used as a decoration on bags and they are usually made from threads, suede or leather. Fringed necklaces are simply silver, gold or coloured strips that can be any length you want. Long fringed necklaces can provide a modern look for the perfect boho style.

More simplistic necklaces, which are often worn several at a time, can be a great add-on to any boho outfit. Chokers are a popular boho trend too. Often made from shells, you can collect them from the beach and make the choker yourself, and maybe a bracelet to match.

Boho Earrings

Earrings can be styled to suit whatever you are wearing. Tasseled earrings are a favourite boho option. Coloured segment rings and piercing rings with crystals are also popular choices for daith piercing online stores having a whole array of earrings to pick from. Earrings can be the finishing touch that is needed to make your attire look boho and classy at the same time. I don't actually have my daith pierced as of yet, but I think it looks really edgy and unique and it's also supposed to help with migraines, so it's pretty as well as being practical!

Boho Rings

One of the good things about boho fashion is that you don't have to search for things that match. If anything you wear compliments something else, that's great, but it really doesn't matter too much if that's not the case.

This makes it very easy to accessorise your hands. Lots of rings and bracelets all add to the gypsy-inspired boho look. In true gypsy tradition, pieces are picked up from where they happen to be travelling, and it's not unusual for them to be wearing jewellery from several different parts of the world.

Don’t forget, when the weather is good and you're on the beach or wearing flip-flops and sandals quite often during the Summer months, you could go a little more extreme and style up the look with some toe rings.

Boho Ankle Bracelets

It's not out of the ordinary to see fine chains on women’s ankles but to create your boho style the ankle bracelets need to be bigger and bolder, creating a statement about the life that you have chosen to lead.

Accessorise your ankle with an authentic and unique boho style bracelet and you won't fail to catch people’s attention.

The Origins Of Boho Style

It's worth noting that there are varying opinions on this. The main two theories being that it's gypsy-inspired and the other that it's leftover from the days of the hippies and flower people. However, the origins of boho style don't really matter when you're just trying to create the look for yourself. What matters more is that you're comfortable and enjoy wearing the many variations that are around for you to choose from.

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