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The Power Of Plants: A Skincare Review

Throughout my teenage years, I have constantly been trying out new skincare products in the hope of one day perfecting a proper regime. I've dabbled through phases whereby I've stuck to a list of certain favourites, but they lasted no longer than a few weeks and then I was straight back into washing my face with any old cleanser.

Quite a while ago, I purchased these 2 organic newbies from Boots, having seen bloggers going wild for the brand Botanics (you can tell this was definitely a while ago - oops!). I'm all for making the transition to cruelty-free beauty and I'm hoping that as time goes on, I will eventually succeed in that quest. Whilst everyone and their cute, fluffy puppy was talking about the brand's revamp, I decided that it was only right for me to jump on the bandwagon and see which 1 of the 4 ranges floated my boat the most.

All Bright Purifying Face Scrub - BOOTS - £5.49

As I couldn't decide (I'm just that kinda gal), I settled on trying one product from the Brightening range and one from the Organic range. Going by what the website says, the brightening range is centred around 'exfoliating flower acids', which 'gently refine the surface of the skin to improve it's texture and tone'. The hibiscus is referred to as being 'an ideal extract when it comes to effectively treating both uneven skin tone and dullness'. That sounds about right for me and my skin, because even though I'm a teenager and I should be living my life, trying to receive an education can be bloody tiring and if I don't get enough sleep, you can always tell from the appearance of my face! Face washes, cleansers and scrubs have always been my weakness when it comes to skincare. I don't know why, but if ever I see one that catches my eye (I'm just like a magpie and sparkly stuff!), 9 times out of 10, I'll have to cave in and buy it, especially if it's as affordable as the All Bright Purifying Face Scrub from Botanics.

What It Does:
It states that it can be used on all skin types, which is something that I usually look out for, as sometimes I have oily skin and other times it's as dry as the Sahara. From the name and the description, it's evidently supposed to brighten the skin and the exfoliating flower acids are targeted towards reducing the likelihood of the skin appearing quite so dull and dry.

The Scent/Texture:
Even when I've used other face washes in the past and they have mentioned all of the claims under the sun, I still don't necessarily feel refreshed and revitalised. However, I used this scrub daily for a good few weeks and I felt that it smelt incredibly refreshing and it had a nice consistency to it, which is how I knew it was going to do the job. It was noticeably purifying and able to make my skin appear more glowy, but it didn't feel like I was scratching sandpaper across my face when in the shower.

Final Thoughts
Overall, it's affordable, the packaging is pretty aesthetically pleasing and it's a face scrub, which I'm going to happily repurchase, even after trialling others.

97% Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm - Boots - £8.99

It may take you by surprise, being the fact that I blog about beauty, but to my knowledge, I've never actually tried a hot cloth cleansing balm before. In all honesty, I didn't even really know what they were or what their purpose was before I made this purchase and did further research, so I forgive you if your awareness isn't quite there yet either! You may have heard of the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm or the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (I mean, who hasn't even if you haven't used either of them like myself?) and the whole concept behind the creation is pretty much identical. The organic range is contains all of the key ingredients which will ensure that you are left with a healthy complexion. It's known to 'reduce the signs of aging' (you can never start preparing too soon imo), as well as aiming to nourish and calm down the skin. 

What It Does:
 You can use it to ensure that your makeup is properly removed or you can use it just to replenish and pamper your skin, whether that's in the morning or the evening. 

The Scent/Texture: 
I have used it a couple of times so far and I would describe it as being luxurious, due to the scent and it's thick texture, meaning that you would probably imagine it to cost more than it does. If I found out that it was a part of a range in Selfridges, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest! The fact that it's 97% organic really appeals to me, because it contains rosehip extracts and it's also 'rich in omegas and essential fatty acids'. My skin is left feeling healthier, supple and visibly renewed. 

Final Thoughts:
 I normally steer clear of balmy products, considering that my skin can sometimes get quite oily and then consequently break out quite badly, but I wanted to give this one a go to add something new to my ever growing collection and I'm glad I did. The rosehip scent is strong but very soothing and I think it's the best kind of scent for a product like this. For the price, I would 100% recommend. 

Now that I have tried 1 product from both the Brightening and the Organic ranges, I'd quite like to try more of them and see what I think of the brand as a whole! I'm still working on getting a proper skincare regime in place, as I mentioned at the start of this post, but once I have successfully done that and managed to stick at it for a few months, I'll be sure to update all of you who are keen!

Have you tried and tested anything from Botanics? Did you know about either of these products?

Lots of love always,


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