Wednesday, 25 July 2018

My Thoughts On Love Island

In all honesty, this year's Love Island has been quite the talk of the town - and not necessarily for all of the right reasons. As a 17-year-old girl, I thought it would be a good idea to let you know what I've perceived from the series of 2018 so far because it has certainly set a few alarm bells ringing...

Now, let's start off with the guy who received most of the uproar from fans and the media. Adam Collard aka Arsehole Adam, as I (and I'm sure many other viewers) would like to refer to him. He was notoriously known for going from Kendall to Rosie to Megan to Zara to Darylle and then back to Zara again. I was completely taken aback and quite frankly disgusted by the way he was going from one girl to the next without validating their feelings at all. He seemed to get a high out of the fact that he could just treat them how he pleased because he knew that another would come along and fall for his charm almost immediately, despite being aware of this drama that was going on in the villa. A lot of people in the outside world had been stating the fact that his actions towards Rosie in particular were emotionally abusive and manipulative and I can see where they were coming from. I understandably have no idea what his true intentions were before he made his appearance, but I think that he was a true example as to why females nowadays have trust issues and find it hard to believe what comes out of a f**kboys mouth, no matter how sweet and innocent it may seem. I must say though, after he featured on Love Island Aftersun having been reunited with Zara, I'm not so sure that he meant to come across the way he did. He knows he made mistakes and that is absolutely no excuse to condone the drama, but who knows, maybe him and Zara are genuine? Maybe he does regret not portraying himself in his most realistic light? Only time will tell, so keep your eyes peeled...

Contrasting to this (thankfully!), I do have a lot of respect and admiration for Dr Alex. He has a gentlemanly charm about him and I believe that he only has the truest of intentions. He is honest and doesn't ever seem to try and change himself to give the impression that he's somebody who he's not. He is intelligent and articulate and he has the absolute patient of a saint when it comes to finding his own version of wifey material. In my opinion, every girl should hold onto hope that they will find their own Dr Alex one day. I know I'm going to be doing that anyway! A guy with ambition and a successful career is someone that you would want to settle down with and although at times, he too may have had his faults, he is only human and I know that he will find his queen eventually.

Much like the rest of the country, I'm 100% rooting for Jack and Dani to win. In the beginning, I wasn't too sure what was going to happen with them, considering Dani's dad is the infamous Danny Dyer and he must be quite hard to please, especially when his babe of a daughter is concerned! However, I think that because they didn't put too much pressure on themselves, fate took control and things have turned out as they were destined to. They come across as the most natural couple and it's clear to all of us that they aren't solely interested in each others bodies and they have pure intentions. I can't wait to see what their future holds, as I love them both individually and think they are perfect together.

Samira, Georgia, Dani and Rosie are still to this day all that I aspire to be like as a fellow female, even though 2 of them now remain. 

Samira was quite unlucky when it came to love, until she met Frankie, and she had her fair share of letdowns and tears during her time in the villa. However, I loved how outspoken she was, how naturally hilarious she came across as and how fiercely independent and sassy she seemed. Her patience and perseverance got her the man of her dreams and now that they are happily official, I think she realises that all of the setbacks were worth it.

 Georgia has been my favourite from the get go. She's also sassy, bubbly, confident, kind-hearted and beyond naturally beautiful. She has made mistakes, don't get me wrong and she can come across as being unloyal and slightly annoying due to the fact she repeats it 1 million times an episode, but that's just her character and she shouldn't be expected to change who she is, just because other people may not agree. I have seen a fair bit of bad press about her, but until all of the contestants come out and share their own Love Island story, who are we to judge to be honest? She's keeping it real and that's that.

Dani and Rosie are two outspoken women, who I think are just fabulous. They have been so consistently straight up and honest and they really do symbolise everything that girl power is about. 

Dani has such an innocent, lovely vibe about her and I think she comes across exactly how she would in real life. She has got exactly what and who she deserves and she's done that just by being natural. 

Rosie had to deal with a handful of crap that was thrown her way during her time in the villa, but she never stopped coming across as the bubbly, sassy girl that we all know she is. She stayed true to herself and her values throughout her journey and she didn't let people walk all over her without them hearing a piece of her mind. I respect and admire that, as I'm sure a lot of other people do too. 

I also loved Kendall, but I don't think we really saw enough of her to properly recognise her character and what she would be like to couple up with. We just saw her get let down by Adam and for that, I really did empathise with her and just wanted to give her a massive hug at that point!

I feel like this post has gone on for absolutely ages, so I'm going to cut it off now, as when it comes to Love Island, I genuinely couldn't see myself running out of things to say, but I don't want to bore you all or tire your eyes!

I'd be interested to hear what your thoughts are and if you share any of the same opinions as me.

Lots of love always,


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