Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Being Confident Within Your Own Skin*

Confidence is a tricky thing to master. In fact, do we ever really master it? I've never been one to love myself or feel empowered on a daily basis, but as I've gotten older, I've tried to play around and experiment a little bit more in an attempt to change that. 

The clothes that we wear will often have a huge impact on the way that we feel within our own skin - and sometimes, it has more of an impact than we care to realise. A fun fact for you all is that I actually used to want to be a fashion designer when I was little and I'd spend hours talking to my Grandma about different pairings and different styles, which I had quickly become fascinated by. 

My relationship with my own body has always been a strained one and as I got past the pre-teen stage, I got more into makeup than fashion, because I just felt 'too chubby' and as though I had 'too many curves'. I naturally have chubby thighs, wider hips and quite a full bottom, but the girls around me and women that I'd see in the media seemed to be the opposite of that. I've had a sweet tooth for as long as I can remember and I was never one for competing in sports. Dance was more my thing, but that soon came to an end when a bully attempted to tear me apart. 

During that time of the month (ladies, you know what I'm talking about!), it's natural to become bloated and want to devour all the sweet treats in sight. I'm sure a lot of you can relate and then 5 days in, we end up feeling sorry for ourselves and regret all of our choices that lead to this state. 

As someone that has been menstruating since I was 10, I know all too well how much anxiety can arise from the minute you start until the moment you finish. I've gone through phases with my periods, where I haven't been able to walk home from school in the fear that I will leak or that I'll turn anything white a stained shade of red. 

However, this is where I have a tried and tested solution for you! Knixteen have come up with a new style of period-proof underwear, which will ensure that you no longer leak, whether you're partying in public or studying for six hours in school. They are made from super soft LYCRA SPORT fabric and carbon cotton with a seamless design, which contains a thin, built-in panty liner that can absorb 1-3 teaspoons of blood - equal to 2 tampons! In addition, the moisture lock sides will keep your stress at bay in knowing that leaks will no longer be noticeable and the no-stink technology will mean that you can be rest assured, because there won't be any nasty odours coming from your body. 

On their website, there are over 200 different reviews and this product has received an overall rating of 4 and a half out of 5 stars. If that doesn't show how reliable and revolutionary they are, then I don't know what does! They come in this bikini style or a boyshort style, depending on what you feel comfortable with and you can either order one on it's own, or a 2 or 5 pack. 

Lots of love always,


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