Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Why I'm Proud To Be A Woman (+ A Giveaway!)*

I was initially supposed to schedule this post for the infamous International Women's Day, which was back on the 8th March, but as I've been inundated with other commitments (which unfortunately doesn't include blogging), I'm only just getting the chance to put my words together now!

Being a woman is a part of my identity which is very valuable to me and something that I will always be proud of. I'm not sexist in any way, shape or form and I respect (most) men as much as I respect (most) women, but having grown up without a significant, influential father figure, it would be fair to say that I am slightly bias in a sense. I have seen my Mum struggle to provide for me and although she has been with her partner for almost 11 years now, he will never be my Dad and he will never provide for me in the way that she does. I'm grateful to have my Grandad and my Uncle present, but yet again, they won't ever be able to fully fill that father shaped hole within my heart.

At the young age of 17, I have dealt with my fair share of shitty boys and shitty men. Some of them are quite literally just dicks, who only think with exactly that. We can all name at least 5 notorious fuckboys that we have come into contact with throughout our lives, especially if you're growing up within my generation!

Nobody in particular has ever encouraged me in life to such a great extent, aside from myself. Of course, my family wants me to do well and go on to be successful and independent, but they have never really put pressure on me or placed a great emphasis on the grades that I get. If I want to revise, I organise it myself. If I want to research Universities, I'll find out myself and then tell my family after to get their opinion. I try to do things off my own back, as much as I love them, because in regard to my future, it kind of is just me against the big wide world, as people always say.

This is no disrespect whatsoever, but I don't want to rely on a man - ever. My worst fear is depending on my future husband for a solid income, expecting him to sort out all of our finances, fluttering my eyelashes, so he gives me his credit card and allows me to splash the cash on Balenciaga, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. It's completely fair enough if that's what some girls like though!

Personally, I want to be able to build my own future for myself. I want to be my own person and I want to be motivated and determined on my own without such an influence from outsiders, whether that be positive or negative.
Women have come a long way as a gender over the past 100 years alone and now we are rapidly challenging the stereotypes and any stigma that still remains within today's society.

It's okay for women to want to be their own boss. It's okay for women to work within a sector that's considered to be 'male dominated'. It's okay for women to wear what they want, regardless of how men *may* perceive them. It's okay for women to live their life however they choose to!

SHOES - NEW LOOK (baso fake converse, shh)

As a little self-love gift to all of you, myself and the Good Girl Gang want to give you the opportunity to win your own tee and tote by entering our joint giveaway! It's going to run from Saturday 28th April to Saturday 12th May, so you have a whole 2 weeks to be in with the chance to win.

If you do wish to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment after Saturday 28th April or anytime within those 2 weeks on this blog post or on the specific post on one of our Instagram accounts (available after this coming Saturday) telling us what it is that you love most about yourselves (think personality AND looks!) and why. It's that simple! The winner will be generated at random and announced as soon as possible after the giveaway has closed.

The only rules are:

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I  can't wait to read your replies! Good luck to you all <3

Lots of love always,


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