Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017: A Yearly Review

So, 2017 has come to an end. As always, the past 12 months have been a complete whirlwind filled with fun, and laughter, but also fear, and disaster. Most years turn out that way anyway, as I've learnt from experience. However, I do have to say that it's definitely been more good than bad on my behalf.

Just like I did last year (look here for the evidence), I'm going to be reflecting on 2017, and sharing some of my highlights with all of you. There were a lot, as you can see from the collage above, but I'm just going to talk about the ones that stand out the most to me.

January meant that I got a new phone (the 6s to be precise!), found out I'd passed my GCSE Business exam, shared my first article for Kiloran, which was published in February, aced my initial Sixth Form interview, and worked out how to add a personalised signature to the end of my blog posts!

February saw me go to Paradise Wildlife Park with 2 of my best friends for Valentines Day, reach 3.5k on Twitter, and I even started talking to a new friend! (Shoutout to you Christina)

March is my birthday month, so naturally, it was a pretty good one! I received my first Pandora ring as a present from my sister, got my first proper professional Sony camera, heard about the idea for a mental health magazine from a fellow blogger, which then turned into what we know now as Beautiful Minds, got on 2 buses to my grandparents by myself for the first time, and  made plans for the Summer months!

April brought with it my blog's 2nd birthday (!!!), a theatre trip to see Les Mis with my Auntie up in London, a cinema trip with my Auntie & Uncle to see Beauty & The Beast, and many positive, fun filled days with my friends!

May mainly consisted of getting ready for exams, and marking the end of secondary school, so it was quite eventful to say the least! I went as Little Red Riding Hood on the last day, ordered my prom dress, and clutch bag, did an online interview with Bloggerview, and received some exciting blogger mail from Amie Skincare, and Tisserand!

June was another month that stands out to me from this year. I started talking to one of my very best friends Liam Hinton (major shoutout to you, my love!), celebrated my best friend Tara's 16th birthday with cupcakes, and lots of selfies, started watching Love Island which became my Summer TV obsession, and had many FaceTime sessions, and phone calls with those that mean most to me. 

July was absolutely crazy amazing! I had my prom on the 3rd and had such a laugh with my best girls, found out I'd been shortlisted in 4 categories for the Teen Blogger Awards, visited Dover with my Uncle, got the title of Mental Health editor for Love from... magazine, went to my first festival (Wireless to be precise) and had the most fun with my friends, received a tee, and tote from Good Girl Gang, ordered  my first 2 poetry books (Milk and Honey, as well as Melancholy Mind), had Nandos for the first time, and visited Hever castle with my Aunt and Uncle!

August became filled with family time, getting blogger mail from OY! Skincare, getting 2 new piercings (rook and belly), going bowling with my friends, creating a personalised memory board for my bedroom, got my GCSE results, which were 1 A*, 2 A's, 2 B's and 3 C's, and a short, but incredibly lovely stay to St Ives with my Aunt and Uncle to end my Summer perfectly.

September always marks a new academic beginning. My first day as a Sixth Former went very well, I made some new friends there within my first few days, I received the Naked Heat palette as a present from my sister, I had a media kit made for me, and I even created my first professional CV!

 October consisted of a few spontaneous days/evenings with my friends, I started my weeks worth of Work Experience in a local residential care home for the elderly, and I spent time with my family, and friends, which is always important!

November saw me get the train on my own for the first time, and sort out an Operation Christmas Child box with my friend to give back to those less fortunate during what should be the most magical time of the year. One of the most significant highlights was going to see Bryson Tiller with the same friend at the end of the month, which was INCREDIBLE. Unfortunately, the next morning, my dear Granddad ended up in hospital, but I thank God, and all of the doctors/medical professionals for the fact that he pulled through, and is now much better. 

December marked the beginning of my charity work with Marie Curie, receiving, and giving Christmas cards, spending Christmas Day itself with my loved ones, going to Lakeside for the first time with my sister to hit the shops on Boxing Day, and then coming down to my Aunt and Uncles, where I'm currently writing this post to see all of the local festive lights, head up to London to see The Phantom of The Opera, which definitely exceeded my expectations, and now we're preparing to welcome in the New Year with a massive meal together before I go home later on!

And there we have it! That's a review of my entire 2017. I really hope that all of you have had a good year filled with love, positivity, fun, and laughter, but if not, that's okay. As of midnight tonight, you have a whole new 12 months to work with, so make the most of them, and start 2018 with a smile on your face, and hope in your year.

I'll be doing a blog post sometime next week with what I hope to achieve/experience next year, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Let me know what your highlights/best achievements have been from this year!

Happy New Year!

Lots of love always,


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