Sunday, 29 October 2017

The Importance Of Girl Power

Girl power is something that I feel incredibly passionately about, especially since we're in the 21st century. In case you were wondering why I've chosen to use the cover of Grace Victory's book 'No Filter' as the main photo for this post, it's because I consider her to be a girl boss, and one of my major inspirations when it comes to being sassy, and supporting others.

I feel like nowadays everybody is so quick to judge, and pass comments unnecessarily, especially when they don't know the person, or they can do it anonymously through social media sites. It's actually quite sickening to me, and I'm sure many other people feel the same.

Evolution is a part of life. As time goes by, everyone, and everything changes, one step at a time. Nothing stays the same, and you can either progress positively, or make mistakes, and allow yourself to deteriorate, and keep falling behind on the grind, so to speak. There's more to life than dragging others down, and doing what they want you to do. Haters are motivators, so use any negativity, and nastiness to help you lift yourself up.

Ultimately, you have to focus on yourself, and your own future. As much as your friends tell you they're always going to have your back, and they're always going to support you, it's never guaranteed that they are actually going to last in your life. Of course, you should have trust in them, but don't place all your hope, and happiness into that one person, or group of people that are your 'go-to's'. You should want to better yourself, and stay on the grind. Make sure you're always hustling, so you will eventually get to where you want to be. Who knows, you could be the next entrepreneur, or girl boss yourself!

The idea of being a girl boss may be different to you than what it means to me. I think it's a girl, or a woman, who's constantly trying to achieve her goals, whether that's personally, professionally, or otherwise. It's someone who always has ambitions, and is always working on lots of different things that she feels passionately about. She's always lifting others up, and empowering them, or speaking about taboo subjects to try and smash the stigma. You could have a few people that you consider to be a girl boss, or just one - even if it's yourself!

Don't rely on anyone else. Focus on becoming driven, and motivated, purely because you want to give yourself a good future. Don't let others drag you down to their level, as they're probably just jealous, or insecure themselves. Allow yourself to be inspired, and positively influenced, but don't allow yourself to slack if you become envious. Channel that negativity into productivity, and continue to slay. Set yourself goals, and constantly push yourself in the right direction. Small steps lead to success. If you set your mind on the grind, anything is possible.

For me personally, I want to become a girl boss to other young people out there. I want to work hard on creating quality content on my blog, I want to build up a genuine support system that I can interact with, I want to go to University and specialise in Clinical Psychology, I want to start up my own business, I want to make music. I want to make even my wildest dreams come true.

With passion, perseverance, dedication, and determination, you can, and you will do anything.

Lots of love always,


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