Sunday, 20 August 2017

Looking After Your Body ft. Kind Natured*


About a month or so ago, I got in touch with a brand called Kind Natured via Instagram, which I had heard of before then. They have a website, but they are also available from Boots, if you live in the UK. All of their haircare and body products are 97% natural made from ingredients which are free from sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals.
I was lucky enough to get sent 3 of their full size products, which was such a lovely surprise for me, and something which I didn't expect at all! As you can see from the colour schemes, and the names of each product, there are different scents and different ranges that you get to chose from before making a purchase. You can also see that the things I got gifted were all body care, but as I've already mentioned, that isn't the all that they sell.
In today's post, I'm just going to briefly talk you through what I got, a little bit about each individual item, and what else I'd like to try out from this brand.
First up, I received the Deeply Nourishing Shea & Macademia Body Lotion* - £4.99. As you can see, everything from Kind Natured is very affordable, but people could genuinely assume that they are a high end brand, because of the quality and the aesthetic. It's a bonus that everything is accessible from the website or in store too. This body lotion is literally a gift sent from heaven. I'm a sucker for anything that smells of shea or macademia, because when applying the product, it just feels so much more expensive and so much more luxurious. I've used this quite a few times since I got it, and it works wonders. I'm quite picky when it comes to putting lotion or cream on my body, because I always feel sticky, or gross afterwards, but I don't get that feeling when using this one! It's rich and moisturising, as it's for very dry skin, and it really does make you feel good after you have applied it. For only £4,99, you really can't go wrong - and it's 250ml, so it lasts a long time!
I was also very generously given the Soothing Sea Salt & Bergamot Bath Soak* - £4.99. I haven't actually used this product yet, because it's still Summer, and I'm not a bath in Summer kinda gal, but I can't wait to give it a go, based on first impressions! It smells like something you'd find in a spa, and I think that the Sea Salt & Bergamot compliment each other nicely, especially for a bath soak, which is meant to be relaxing and soothing (hence the name). Sea Salt is used to detoxify, and then there are notes of Bergamot, Orange Flower and Marine, which take you off to a land filled with peace and purity. It's 300ml, and you only need a drop to create lots of lovely bubbles, so it can last all throughout Autumn and Winter. I'll be keeping you updated, and no doubt posting pictures on my social media when I use this little gem!
The last thing that I got in the box of goodies was this Heavenly Coconut & Passionflower Body Wash - £4.99*. I used this everyday in the shower once I had taken the photos, and boy oh boy, was it a treat! It's quite runny in consistency, but I think that's what people usually like in a body wash. The website says that the scent includes Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Clove, Passion Flower and a hint of Coconut. How magical does that sound?! It smells really nice and girly, but it also leaves you feeling clean and refreshed once you have washed it off. Believe me when I say the smell really does linger too! Yet again, it's 250ml, and you don't need tonnes of product for it to work well, so you can easily use it whenever you have a bath or a shower to leave you feeling squeaky clean.
So, those are all of the products that I very kindly got sent by the PR people at Kind Natured. I genuinely wouldn't talk so highly about products on my blog if I didn't love them, and if I didn't think that other people would too, so as always, these are my honest opinions! For just under £15 if you wanted all of these products, you really can't go wrong.
I want to try out some of the haircare and lip balms next, so I'll keep you all updated!
Have you ever tried anything from Kind Natured? What do you think of their website?
Lots of love always,
 Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Kind Natured. I was lucky enough to get sent these products to review for free. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own as always.


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