Sunday, 27 August 2017

All About: Chalk Or Cheese

1. Where did you get the inspiration behind the name 'Chalk Or Cheese'

 I know the saying is chalk AND cheese, but I decided on Chalk or Cheese because I think one person can be both of those things. On my blog (which is very neglected), I used to have an about page which kind of explained my reasoning behind it. It said, "Chalk or Cheese is the idea that you can be two things at once. you can be sad and happy, you can tweet annoyance at celebrities and still question the state of your government, you can eat your chips whilst dipping them in your milkshake - you can be, say and do whatever the fuck you want. this is just art that celebrates all the different parts of being". I guess that's the best way to describe it. 

2. You sell a combination of digital art, quoted prints and cards of support. What made you decide on these things?

I guess all of those things are a small part of what makes up me as a person. When I first started to get into art I was at secondary school and we had to use photoshop. I really took to it quickly and found myself doing funny self portraits, which I then adopted as a serious "style". I didn't actually put any of my digital collage up in my Etsy until my best friend said that I should, it's definitely an acquired taste I think! As for the rest of it, they are all things I would buy to stick on my walls, or send to a friend. I just make stuff I think is important to remember, and hope other people like it too.
3. Is there anything else you'd want to branch out into one day?
So many things. I have so so many ideas. I would quite like to have my own range of shower gels, is that weird? Maybe ones that smelt of things I like a lot (so probably all food!!!). But on a serious note, my actual dream job is to own a flower shop with an art cafe in it, I think that would be really neat, but it's just about finding people you want to work with that share your vision. In short, yes! I have lots of things I would like to branch out into, but for now I think a small Etsy shop is just fine. 
4. Where do you get the ideas for each of your items? Do they take a long time to come up with or is there a specific process you follow?

It depends what it is that I'm making. They take time of course, I would never sell something that I wasn't happy with. I test stuff out first, send edit upon edit upon edit to friends to check and check again. I am really picky about how stuff looks, I even go as far as to print stuff out over and over again to make sure that I am 100% happy with what it's going to look like when I send it out. My process is usually listening to music, crying and eating chocolate whilst shouting at my laptop!


5. Would you ever ope up stores across the U.K. rather than just having your items solely on social media/Etsy?

Um, YES! I'd love that, but I don't think I'm good enough for that to ever happen. A girl can definitely dream though.

6. Is there anything else you'd like to say or add in to the people who are reading?
I'd like to say Hello, thanks for reading this far and I hope I didn't sound like an idiot, or worse someone who's up themselves!! I'd really love it if you had a look at my shop or my Instagram (@chalkorcheese) and let me know which collage is your favourite!

Make sure you go and check out the Etsy shop for ChalkOrCheese, because otherwise you'll be missing out big time! Whether you're looking for funny/quirky cards, colourful prints, or art that reminds you of all things relating to body positivity and mental health, I guarantee that you'll find exactly what you're after.

Lots of love always,


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