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Getting To Know: Lucy Harbron

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of people that inspire me and motivate me. Some of them are business women, some are bloggers and YouTubers, others are people in my personal life. However, there's certain people that stand out more so than the rest - and one of them is 18 year old Lucy Harbron.

Today, I thought I'd interview her and give you all a chance to get to know her better, because believe me when I say she really is quite incredible. I talk to her quite a lot on social media now and so forgive me if I'm being slightly biased but I know you'll all fall in love with her after this post, just you wait and see!

Hi Lucy! It's so great to have you feature on my blog today. For those who may not have come across you on social media yet, go ahead and introduce yourself!

I’m Lucy Harbron! I’m an 18 year old studying English at Uni, but I also run a fashion/lifestyle blog, founded and edit an online arts and culture magazine called Kiloran, and I write from the tab as well as a bunch of other sites. I write a lot of poetry as well and that’s my number 1. It’s my favourite thing and my best creative outlet. I’ve only ever wanted to write and I guess in the last year or two I stopped waiting for things to happen and started making things happen, and it’s all kinda taken off!

So, you run a blog, an online magazine, study at University AND you have just finished writing a poetry collection? You must be feeling on top of the world right now!
It’s pretty crazy, I feel like I blinked and suddenly all this stuff is going on. Luckily I love everything I’m doing. I love my degree and running the blog and magazine so nothing feels like a chore. It takes a lot of organising and prioritising to stay on top of everything, but I’ve honestly never felt so proud of myself or happy with my work.
Following on from the conversation about the online magazine (which I'm privileged enough to contribute to), talk us through what Kiloran actually is..

I was 17 when I started Kiloran, and I really had no idea what it was or what I wanted it to be. I’d been thinking about starting a collaborative blog, but I wanted to level it up a bit and challenge myself a bit more when I’d been running my blog since I was 13. At first I just set up a group of creatives with my friend Rachelle and just shared what was given to me. It was incredible and inspiring but it was far from organised. 4 issues later Kiloran has become a lot more refined. It almost accidentally became an arts/culture magazine as the work shared became more creative, more open, more political. I worked a lot on the branding, set up a blog to run alongside each issue and invited more and more people to get involved. It hasn’t been easy! When I set it up I really didn’t appreciate the level of commitment and leadership it was going to require, but also things like web design and stuff on the tech side, I definitely hadn’t considered that, but as it is now, I’m super happy and proud.
Kiloran, as it stands now, is an online platform for young creatives, releasing (hopefully) 2/3 issues a year while posting regular works on the blog. We turn no one away so our doors are always open for people that want to share anything with us. It’s 100% the best thing I’ve ever done!

It's been running for quite a while and now your poetry collection Chrysalism has just become available for pre-order. How did these ideas all come about? I can imagine it's been a pretty long process!
Strangely Chrysalism actually materialised really quickly. I’ve wanted to release a poetry collection for years but it was only a month ago that I actually got the courage to do it. The idea has been building for so long. I write pretty much every day so I have a notepad full of work, with some pieces that I really love but only felt right to share in a collection rather than solo on Kiloran or my blog. I’m super inspired by poets like Leonard Cohen and Patti Smith, whose work is clearly very personal but is still so beautiful and articulate. Getting into poets like that made me realise that there’s beauty in the vulnerability that had previously made me too scared to share my work, so I’ve been playing with the idea for a long time, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s to stop thinking about something and start doing it. I just sat one day and put together some of my work, and Chrysalism was born from that!

Is there anything else in regards to writing that you hope to do in the future or are you just going to stick to books, poetry and creative writing for the time being?
Ooo I love this question. I think poetry will always be ‘my thing’ as I use it as a journal. It’s the way I process my thoughts and experiences so they don’t just rattle around my head. In the future my goals are to grow Kiloran and hopefully move into physical issues, gain more journalistic experience, hopefully at some point write another poetry book but I’d love for it to be properly published and distributed.
However, my newest ridiculous idea is to try and write a play and get it performed by my uni. Have I ever written a script? No. Have I imagined up the whole plot in my head? You bet I have!

You have achieved so much and you're still only 18! How do you keep up with it all? Does time-management ever become an issue?
At the start of Uni my time management was awful! I basically abandoned my blog for the whole first semester as I was yet to settle into my schedule, but I think if you want to do something you have to force yourself to make time for it. It can definitely be a struggle trying to balance all these projects with Uni and assignments and obviously having a social life, but I think I’ve learnt to split up my time pretty well and my degree is only 6 hours a week so I’m lucky to have a timetable that helps.
 My tips would be to be realistic with your timetable, but also sectioning off parts of your free-time as dedicated blog time and viewing that as part of your timetable is a really good way of making sure you get stuff done. I also view kiloran and my writing as my job, I give myself deadlines and stuff in true girl-boss spirit. Oh and to-do lists are life!

I'd definitely say that you're someone I would refer to as being an ultimate 'girl boss'! Who are some of the women that inspire you most and why? What does the term actually mean to you?
Aw thank you, that means a lot! Some women that inspire me are my mum, my sister and my friends Rachelle, Lucas and Sam. These are all people that go for what they want. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many incredibly driven people who remind me that nothing comes from nothing, but they also remind me that there is a huge amount of strength in being vulnerable which I think is really important. Patti Smith is a huge inspiration to me. To me, she’s a true artist and a true writer, and I look up to her and her work endlessly. In her speech ‘advice to the young’ she said “You just keep doing your work because you have to”, and that’s the way I see all this. I keep writing and working because it’s my passion so I have to.
What/who is it that motivates you and keeps you working hard to achieve all of your dreams?
I think the motivation mainly comes from me. I’ve always been terrified of going through life and achieving none of my goals and leaving no legacy or impact. I’m motivated by the knowledge that having dreams and ideas is all well and good, but you have to act on them. No one is going to hand me what I want, and I’ll get far more satisfaction if I build it for myself. As I said before, I just keep doing my work because I have to. I’ll always write so why not work harder and try and build something from it for myself. Maybe if I work hard enough, one day Patti Smith might pat me on the head!
Thank you so much to Lucy for agreeing to do an interview with me! I hope you all enjoyed it, because I'm really proud of how it turned out and I'm glad I got the opportunity to have a chat with one of my favourite girl bosses!
If you want to check Lucy out, then you can do so on any of these platforms:
Twitter: lucyharbron
Instagram: lucyharbron_
Pre-order Chrysalism:
Lots of love always,


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