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Behind The Brand: Peaches & Co

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Photo taken from with permission from Danielle herself.
 For those of you who may not be aware, I recently started working on a new series for my blog surrounding smaller businesses. I was inspired by the founders to introduce this collection of posts in the hope that it may give them the recognition and the attention that they deserve for all of their hard work and creativity. If you want to see the other posts that I've done so far, you can go and search 'Behind The Brand' on the home page of my blog! Today, I'm talking to the lovely Danielle from Peaches & Co to talk all about her business and how it all began. Anyway, without rambling on anymore, let's just get straight into it...
1. Hi Danielle! Tell us all a little bit about the background behind Peaches & Co…
Hello! Peaches and Co is and independent brand run solely by myself - Danielle Jeffery. I work from my bedroom studio in the South East of England and have fully converted this space with the facilities that are needed to run a sort-of ‘bedroom business.’
2. Where did the inspiration come from when you were thinking about starting up your own business? Did anyone in particular influence your decision?

It was often assumed throughout my education that the arts’ subjects were the ‘easy’ ones or that they weren’t academic enough. I thought that this was unfair and students shouldn’t be made to feel like failures before they’ve even been given the opportunity to work in their chosen field. Art isn’t and will never be a ‘dead end’ subject - which is what really gave me the motivation create my very own shop space.
3. Why is it you decided to sell illustrated products? Was that always what you had in mind during the initial planning stages?

In the initial planning stages, I experimented with digital illustration. This style of illustration can be seen within my earlier product range - which includes the ‘Origami’ Case. I had decided that this style of design was too clean and lacked any sort of challenge.
Throughout spring last year, I rekindled my love of watercolours and put together our most-loved ‘Garden Tea Party’ case. This style of painting is something I have adapted and hope to develop further over the coming years.
4. Would you ever have imagined that you would end up where you are today? Why/why not?

This experience has been so rewarding. From being featured by bloggers to being tagged in photos by customers, it creates such a buzz and gives me a reason to keep going. I would never have thought that my little brainchild would’ve done so well in its first year. I came into this experience blind, and have come across so many other independent creatives in the process. I’ve learnt the importance of #shopsmall - because behind each lovely brand is an actual person doing an actual happy dance. Social media is swimming with so many talented people - you’ve just got to know where to look!
5. Is there anything else you hope to add to your collection in the future?

Ok, so I saw this question and my brain got really excited because there are SO many products I’d love to add to P&C family. Three product goals for this year are *drum rolls* - enamel pins, notebooks and cosmetic bags. I have so many other products that I’d like to add to the collection but I’m still searching for those (perfect) suppliers - where art thou?
6. Do you have any bigger goals/dreams? Would you ever consider opening up your own shop to sell your products?

I currently work part time and run P&C in my spare time. Over the next few years I’d love to be in a position where I can commit to the brand full time and own a real-life shop - I’m now visualising the many plant babies I will adopt for said shop.
For me, the brand is about sharing my ideas. I want to enjoy the entire creative process, from quietly painting in my bedroom studio to receiving the final printed product. Painting is my therapy, and if the brand were to ever evolve into something more, I’d like to make sure that these morals stay the same.
I’d also love to develop my current style and be a little more versatile in the illustrations that I create, hopefully offering the opportunity to paint commissions for customers on my website. In my current state, dealing with a hard dose of OCD makes it impossible for me to do this which is something I’d like to work on during this year. I haven’t spoken to openly about this issue before - but it’s definitely something that I’d like to discuss with my social media family.
7. How do you come up with the designs that you have? Is there anywhere that you get the majority of your inspiration, and ideas from?

I wish that there was some special ritual to get those creative juices flowing - but mostly it depends on my mood. A typical set up would usually consist of myself with a milky tea, sat in front of the TV writing a super long list. I LOVE lists. I LIVE for lists. I write lists for everything. The reason I love lists so much is because my brain works so quickly. Once I am hooked on an idea, I find it so exciting to bullet point relevant words rather than sentences - which usually generates more ideas.
Many of my ideas surround natural forms. Whether fruits or florals - these forms are perfect for painting in watercolours. I love watching the paint bleed into each element effortlessly and tend to create designs that suit this painting method.
8. What advice would you give to anyone else hoping to start their own business from scratch? Any words of wisdom you would like to share?

Always do your research! I spent so many months researching products before opening P&C.
It was important to me to find the best quality products for the best prices. I’d never be okay with sacrificing quality for the chance to pay a little less.
The cases I sell are of utmost quality, they provide strong protection, hold vibrant colours and deliver a smooth, shiny print. *coughs* -
Do what I say and not as I do - keep content fresh. As one of my main goals for 2017 I’d like to maintain all three social media channels (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) as well as run a Blog and a YouTube channel. So far I am doing terribly but I am optimistic that I’ll get the momentum going soon!
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Thank you for reading this post, as always and thank you to Danielle for being such a wonderful person to interview!

Lots of love always,



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