Wednesday, 15 March 2017

What Makes Me Happy

Sitting down to type up this blog post right now is actually such a strange feeling. I haven't done it in over a month, but boy am I glad to be back!

I'm not going to get your hopes up and say that I'm going to be posting twice a week like I used to before I took this little break, but I'm not just going to disappear again without an explanation. I've just had a lot going on, especially with school and studying, but blogging makes me so incredibly happy and I'd rather write little and often than not at all.

To ease myself back into the swing of things, I'm just going to do quite a short post today about the things that keep me happy. It's going to be more of a bullet point list, but I'll probably go away and schedule a few more posts for the upcoming weeks then! Without rambling on as I always seem to do, I'll just get right into it...

1. Writing. Whether it's for magazines, my blog, poems or for pleasure. I bloody love it.

2. Seeing the start of Spring/Summer all around me. The blossom, blue skies, sunshine. Bring it on.

3. Getting lost in a book in order to escape reality. Surely everyone loves this feeling?

4. Making plans for the near future and particularly the Summer.

5. Spending time with my nearest and dearest.

6. Taking photographs of all the things that I find beautiful.

7. Binge watching my favourite series' on Netflix.

8. Listening to feel good songs on Spotify all day every day.

9. Baking sweet treats and feeling that sense of pride at the end result (sometimes).

10. Having amazing opportunities all because of my blog. I'm forever grateful.

Let me know in the comments what makes you happy, as I'd love to know!
Lots of love always,


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