Sunday, 5 February 2017

No Concealer

Last September, I came across a brand that I'd never heard of before that go by the name of  'No Concealer'. They reached out to me and whilst we were chatting via Twitter, they mentioned that they would send me a couple of things once they have done their editorial and made it through the initial planning stages.

In November, they said that they wanted to send me a lip balm once they had made it and they were going to put it in the post to my address right away! I honestly thought that was the loveliest thing and I immediately had a really positive first impression of the brand as a whole and the people behind it.

The whole idea is that you should heal any skincare concerns, rather than concealing them. Of course, it's completely okay to experiment with makeup and play around with different products, but it's more important to nourish and nurture your skin, as that's ultimately the base of it all. All of the products that they are going to be making and selling, including this lip balm are vegan and cruelty free, as the creator of No Concealer wants everything to be natural without any of the added chemicals.

When the package came through the post, I couldn't help but fall in love. It came with a little card (pictured above), which says 'No Concealer Loves You'. Cute or what?
On the back, it just said a thank you and ethical choices are better choices. The social links are also there, which I'm already following them on, of course! (psstt - you should do too!)

As you can see on the tin, it's a hibiscus berry scented lip balm. I'd never heard of hibiscus berry before and so I was instantly in awe just by the flavour that was written on the front. It smells absolutely insane. I actually think I'd go as far as to say it's the nicest smelling lip balm that I've ever owned and believe me, I have had a load of them in my time! I wish they did a perfume that smelt as incredible as this, because I'd definitely buy it.

In the past, I've never really been a fan of tinned lip balms. I always used to find them pretty messy and inconvenient, but I think that this one has changed my mind! One thing to remember before applying this to your lips is that it's obviously a balm, so it's going to be quite hard and stiff in the tin. However, all you have to do is just rub your finger in the product and dig it in a little bit and then you'll get a decent amount of product on your finger! That's what I've found works best for me anyway.

The little tin it comes in is super pretty and girlie and it'd look great whether you chuck it in your makeup bag or pop it on display in your bedroom.

You can definitely taste it and smell it when it's on your lips, but make sure you don't lick it all off, otherwise it won't be able to do the job of actually moisturising them!

I'm sure that they're going to be one of those beginner brands that just gets bigger and better as time goes on, so you should definitely support them and follow along their journey.

Lots of love always,

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