Sunday, 11 December 2016

My Go To Autumnal Makeup


Let's be honest here. The title of this post is probably slightly misleading. I wouldn't say that any of the products I'm featuring are particularly 'Autumnal', but as it's currently Autumn (still - although, I'm not complaining), and this it a list of the makeup I have been wearing as of late, then it will have to do.
Before I even start by talking about the products, I just want to emphasise the fact that this is literally all that I do when I can be bothered to paint my face. I know it may seem fairly strange to some of you, but I don't actually wear anything as a base. I don't like foundation, and I can't say I'm a fan of BB, or CC creams either. Maybe on the odd occasion, I'll wear a tinted moisturiser, but apart from that, it just doesn't do anything for me, apart from giving the illusion that I'm an oompa-loompa, who's rubbed an entire cake into her face, topped with creases - yum. I prefer the slightly more au naturel look.
Anyway, that's my lil rant over. Onto the products..
Seventeen Stay Time Concealer / £4.49 - I kid you not, this is my holy grail concealer. I get the fact that pretty much every one, and their sister speaks so highly about the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, but it really didn't float my boat at all. I just didn't like it! There's probably a few people out there who won't, or don't like this concealer either, but honestly, if you haven't tried it yet, then we can't be friends. You need to get your hands on it! Whether I apply it under my eyes to hide those permanent pandas, or whether I put a little bit onto those pesky, red blemishes - it does the trick, and it does it every single time. You don't get any creases either. What a winner!
Sleek Face Form Kit / £9.99 - One of those brands that can't put a foot wrong in my books is Sleek. It's not even like I've tried out all of their products, because in all honesty, I've only used this, another blush palette, and a couple of eye shadow palettes, but they genuinely are insanely amazing. To get a contour colour, a highlight, and a blush all in the same kit for only a tenner is one of the many reasons why you should love them. Even though I only use the blush, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the bronzer, and the highlighter, and I would definitely use them if I was on more of a restricted budget, and wanted to use all of my face products in the same place. It also has a mirror, so this would be perfect for travelling, or if you're in a rush.
Tanya Burr 'Enchanted Dream' Eye Palette / £6.00 - There aren't many YouTubers that I'd go as far as to say I 'admire'. If I had to pick one though, Tanya Burr would definitely be the gal I'd choose. Not only is she inspirational with the work that she does, and the way that she has such a positive outlook on life, but she puts so much time, and effort into everything, and all of the projects that she works on, which is clear to see if you buy anything of hers. Her makeup range is no exception. The 'Enchanted Dream' palette is literally one of the only eye shadow quad's that I'll wear now. It takes the spot at the top, that's for sure! All of the colours can be used in one look, and it can be worn every day as well, which is exactly what I like, to be honest. On the back, it gives you some ideas as to what shadow you can put where, and so I just follow that if I want to create a look using this set of 4 shades! You really can't go wrong, and especially not for £6.00!
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara / £7.99 - A product that I've spoken about endless times on my blog this year is my favourite mascara to date - Maybelline's Lash Sensational. I feel like mascara is one of those hit, and miss kinda products. Sometimes it can be too clumpy, sometimes it can make your lashes appear more sparse than they did in the beginning, and other times, you just look like you have replaced them with actual spiders. Trust me, it's not cute. I'm lucky in the fact that mine don't need that much work, as they're naturally pretty voluminous, but I like to add extra length, and thickness to them anyway. This does just the trick. One thing I will say though is that taking the waterproof version off has become the absolute bane of my life. Don't let that put you off though. It's brill.
Seventeen Brows That Brow Kit* / £5.99 - Oooh, check out Seventeen making another appearance on my blog in the same post. That's how you know they're something special! I'm not gonna ramble on too much about this product, because I featured it in a whole other post, which you can read here, but honestly, I refuse to use any other kit on my eyebrows now that I've found this. It's absolutely perfect. There's a pencil, a little brush, a wax, a setting powder, and a highlight for your brow bone. All for £5.99. Now, I'd call that a bloody bargain, wouldn't you? Just go, and read the other post I did. It will convince you to buy it in an instant, trust me!
MAC 'Velvet Teddy' Lipstick / £15.50 - My one true love. Well, my very expensive love, but that's besides the point. It's my one true lipstick love none-the-less. Being the typical teenager, and beauty blogger that I am, I couldn't live life happily without owning this makeup staple. I get how silly that sounds, but it's true! Every girl, and her best friend has it, so I just had to jump on the bandwagon as well. It would be rude not to, after all. Velvet Teddy is the perfect 'my lips, but better shade'. It really, truly is. Matte lipsticks are usually quite drying, but long-lasting, so just make sure that you exfoliate, and/or moisturise beforehand, and you should be fine! It suits any skin tone, and it instantly makes you look sophisticated, and ready to face the day. You know you can't go wrong with a MAC lipstick, despite the fact that the extortionate price makes you want to cry a little bit. It's Christmas soon, so you may as well treat yourself. Blame me, and this blog post if it helps you justify your remaining bank balance!  Trust me, Velvet Teddy is worth the pain, and the poorness that follows.
This post has been an absolute joy to write up! I've loved sharing my favourite beauty products of the moment with you, and hopefully it's given you some ideas as to what you want to test, and try out next! Also, I tried really super hard with the photography, which I'm pretty proud of, and I did something a little bit different from what I'd usually do, so let me know what you think. I think it's quite quirky, and artistic if you ask me!
What are some of your makeup must haves at the moment?
Lots of love always,
Jade xo


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