Sunday, 20 November 2016

OGX Haircare*

Ever since I got sent this miraculous hair care duo from OGX, I've been feeling so much more confident about myself, and my appearance. I can understand the fact that I may sound slightly weird saying that about a shampoo, and conditioner, but I'm honestly not even exaggerating here!

I've always had a love-hate relationship when it comes to my hair. When I was a very little girl, I used to have blonde ringlets, and a fringe. As I developed, and went into primary school, I stuck with the fringe (stupidly), but it naturally turned brown as time went on. Come secondary school, I scrapped the fringe, and went from red, to black, to a funny auburn shade in a matter of months. It was pretty crazy stuff, even for me. I've pretty much got back to my natural shade now, and I'm finally happy with it - but boy, oh, boy did my locks despise me for the longest time. I had clumps of dandruff, dry, split ends, and frizziness that just would not go away.  

Whilst being at a bit of a loose end, I decided I wanted to try out a new brand. I've gone through everything from L'Oreal, to Herbal Essences, to Toni & Guy. That's when I stumbled across OGX Beauty.

I'd heard of them a while ago, back when I wasn't really into blogging as much as I am now, but I never really thought much of hair care during those days. On their social media sites, I saw that they were collaborating with bloggers, and that's when it hit me - I should bite the bullet, and reach out to them too! When all you hear is positive things about a brand, it's undoubtedly going to intrigue you, as it did with me. I got in contact with their PR team, and after exchanging a few emails, explaining what my hair type was, and what my social links were, my offer had been accepted. I was now going to get sent some of their products - eeek!

As you can see from the image above, I got sent their 'Hydrating Tea Tree Mint' Shampoo & Conditioner. Both of the bottles are 385ml, which is actually full size. I had no idea, until I received them, and that made me feel even more honoured than I already did! I found it really nice that the PR team ask you what your hair type is, because then you know that you're definitely going to be receiving products that suit your specific hair care needs.

I have been trying out this range for about 2 months now, and I honestly couldn't be more in love. Evidently, I've always struggled when it comes to hair care, and I never really know what I should be using, or how I should use it. I've tried copious different brands, but they have never really worked out for me - or, certainly not as well as OGX have anyway!

Like the name suggests, they smell exactly like tea tree. Now, people would probably normally associate tea tree with oily hair, or greasy roots, but that's not the case at all with these products! They're more hydrating than they are oil controlling. The consistency is actually pretty thick, which is something that I really like, even though I wasn't used to it before. I feel like every time I flick my hair, it always smells like really fresh chewing gum, which is something that I think is perfect, because you want your hair to be fresh, and clean, right?!

Another thing to mention is that since using these products in combination with each other, I haven't had any flakiness of my scalp, and I haven't had dandruff either. No matter what I used before, there would always be residue, and dryness, but now, all of that is gone! My hair is in such better condition, and it's all thanks to these 2 miracle workers. I will definitely continue repurchasing them in the future!

I'm actually in the process of growing my hair, because I want to eventually donate it to The Little Princess Trust, and now, I have a much better chance of being able to do so.

Thank you so much to everyone at OGX Beauty, who sent me these two products. Myself, and my hair are both very grateful.

Have you ever tried anything from OGX? Do you think you will be after reading this post?

Lots of love always,

Jade xo
Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for free by OGX Beauty for review purposes. All thoughts, and opinions expressed were my own.


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