Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Sixth Form Options Evening

On the 17th of November, all I could feel was fear. It was my sixth form options evening.

I can't begin to describe how many emotions were going around in my head. This was an event that I had been thinking about for months, but now the time had actually come, I just wanted to curl up into a ball, and have the ground swallow me whole, so I could get out of it. Nerves are natural, I know, but I genuinely thought I was going to pass out!

Year 11 is a scary enough year as it is. It's been just over 2 months, and I thought things were stressful now. By the end of this particular evening, I realised that I was in for much more of a rollercoaster ride in the near future. There really is no going back now.

Quite a few of my blogging friends, and also people that read my blog are in the same position as me at the moment. They too are having to make scary decisions that are ultimately going to shape the next 2 years, or so of their lives. I'm sure all we want to do is watch Netflix, and go shopping for the latest beauty additions, but unfortunately, our future is quite literally in the palms of our hands right now, and there ain't no time to waste, people!

Seeing as I didn't really know what to expect before I was actually at the options evening, I thought I'd share a few words of wisdom to reassure some of you if you're in Year 11, or heading into Year 11 next year, or in the next few years. This is for you...

Don't be afraid to speak up - I know it can sometimes be daunting speaking to teachers, especially if you haven't ever really done so before, but honestly, half of the worry comes from overthinking the situation so much. As I've already said, I really was in two minds about going to my sixth form options evening, but I'm glad I did go. The teachers are there to help, and inform you. They won't be nasty, they won't laugh at you, and they certainly won't try to put you off. They will talk to you about the subject, ask you some questions to gain an idea as to how you feel, and they'll encourage you to do your research, or go to them if you have any further questions, or concerns. Don't stand there, and allow yourself to feel helpless. You're there to learn, and educate yourself, so that you can make the best choices for the future that you want.

Listen, and take in as much as you can - When I was at the options evening for my school's sixth form, there was a presentation, and speeches in the hall before the subject fair, where you looked around, spoke to teachers, and students, and asked questions. The speeches were from the head boy, and girl, the director of sixth form, and the head teacher. You can skim through the booklet that you get given with the application form, and all of the information for the various different courses, and you can listen, and look at the presentation. I'm not going to lie, it's an awful lot of information that you have to take in. I was sat there kind of gormlessly, trying to follow along as best as I could, whilst failing miserably. I managed to catch most of it, but the stuff that I didn't pay attention to, my mum was able to tell me later on. As long as you understand the key points, and you try your best to keep up, then I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine!

Start with the end in mind - This is something that the director of sixth form always says to us during this time. If you start with the end in mind, then things will begin to look a lot more hopeful than they otherwise would. For me personally, I've known for quite a few years now that I want to go into psychology, and mental health work. I know where I want to be in regards to my career, and those aspirations are firmly stuck in my brain. I also have a list of universities that I want to visit, and apply to because I have been researching them endlessly for the past few weeks. I have the end in mind. Knowing already that I want to take psychology was really beneficial for me, because then when I went to the options evening, I cemented my ideas further, and got an even clearer understanding as to what I could study alongside that, which would help compliment it as a subject. For those of you who want to know, I've decided to take double health and social care as well!

Those are all of the words of wisdom that I can think of up until this post. If you're in Year 11 at the moment, and going through the same thing as me, then I really hope everything is going well. You have got this! I believe in you, and you should believe in you too. We are all going to smash our mock exams, and our GCSE exams. We are going to succeed.

If you're not yet in Year 11, then hopefully this post was still helpful to you, because even if you're in Year 7, 8, 9, or 10, it's useful to know these sorts of things, as you will have  option evenings in the future too!

Whether you have been through sixth form yet, are going through it, or haven't got to that stage yet (like myself!), please feel free to share your thoughts, or words of wisdom below. I'm sure everyone would love to hear what you have to say, and who knows, maybe you will be able to help, comfort, or reassure all of us too!

Lots of love always,

Jade xo


Sunday, 27 November 2016

All About Astrology

Astrology is something that has become more of an interest to me over the past few months. I never really thought about it before, but recently, it's becoming something that I think about quite a lot, and I often do research about it when I've got spare time, or if I'm curious about a certain topic. I thought that I'd do a bit of an introductory post today, and if you want me to talk about it more in the future, then I'm happy to do so.
Back in September, when I was thinking about introducing this topic to my blog, I asked for your questions over on my Twitter. I did receive a few, but then I asked for some more a couple of weeks ago as well, because I thought that I might get more of a response if I did things that way.
First of all, I just want to talk about what astrology actually is, considering that some of you might not know that.
I'm sure most of you know about star signs, right? They all have different meanings, and they depend on the month, and the day that you're born. The terms astrology, zodiac, horoscopes, stargazing, and star signs are all intertwined, and they all mean similar things that relate to each other. There are 12 zodiac signs in total, and they are:
Aries: March 21st - April 19th
Taurus: April 20th - May 20th
Gemini: May 21st - June 20th
Cancer: June 21st - July 22nd
Leo: July 23rd - August 22nd
Virgo: August 23rd - September 22nd
Libra: September 23rd - October 22nd
Scorpio: October 23rd - November 21st
Sagittarius: November 22nd - December 21st
Capricorn: December 22nd - January 19th
Aquarius: January 20th - February 18th
Pisces: February 19th - March 20th
If you don't already know, I'm a Pisces, and I was born on the 2nd March. That means I'm the last zodiac sign out of them all!
Before I ramble on even more (like I always seem to do!), I'm going to go ahead, and answer some of the questions that I received. Hopefully they help you, but if this topic is something that you're interested in, then I'm more than happy to do follow-up posts about it in the future. Just let me know!
What do you think about NASA changing the dates for the star signs? @thekatybennett - If I'm being completely honest with you, I haven't paid any attention to it at all. Initially, like with most things, people are always quick to jump to conclusions, and freak out. I know, because I do it too! There was all of this confusion about NASA changing the star signs around, and adding a new one in, but I just don't believe it. I've done my research, and from what I can see, it was just caused by rumours - that's all!
Do you believe in astrology based horoscopes, or in astrology in general? @kvburton657 - I wouldn't say that I follow astrology based horoscopes all the time, and I read into them at least once a day, because I don't. I regularly read up about astrology, and sometimes I do read up about horoscopes in particular, but very rarely. They don't mean all that much to me, and quite frankly, I don't even have the time at the moment!
What is the meaning behind the star sign Gemini? @beccaonblog - The star sign of a Gemini is attached to the element of air. With star signs, they are either attached to air, water, fire, or Earth. Becca mentioned that she's a twin, and funnily enough, according to my research, the sign for Gemini is the twins, and it represents their dual nature! That sounds like something out of Jekyll and Hyde, but I suppose it is in a way! Some adjectives that describe people born under this star sign would be sociable, chatty, curious, and moody.
If you could be any other star sign, what would you be? @JustMorgsx - I honestly love this question. It's actually something that I've thought about quite a lot over the past year, and I've finally come to the conclusion that I feel is most accurate, and representative of me as a person. I would definitely be a Gemini. This is the star sign that quite a few of my most important loved ones are born under, but it's also the other one, aside from Pisces, that I feel most reflects who I am as a person. I definitely think that I have a dual person, and I'm sure that the people around me would agree!
What got you interested/interests you about astrology? @lifeinkateish - One day, I just remember suddenly becoming fascinated by the whole idea of it. I'm not too sure how it came about, but it's been an interest of mine for over a year now! Seeing as I can't tell you how I became interested in the first place, I'll just tell you what interests me about it instead. You might know this already about me, but I absolutely love psychology, and it's what I want to study at A-Level, and in the future, at University. I'm really interested in learning about the mind, and the way that it works for different people. Seeing as I've always known what star sign I am, I just gradually began to research it, and the more I did that, the more I developed a greater interest for it, I guess! I just wanted to see what it said, and whether it all seemed accurate enough, and it was, which is probably part of the reason why I've been so interested ever since.
How closely do you follow your star sign, and the horoscopes based on it? @olivia_alesha - As I've said in one of my previous answers, I don't necessarily follow horoscopes as such, but I follow my star sign, personality characteristics, compatibility levels with other star signs, and on the odd occasion, I will look at daily, or weekly horoscopes, if I feel I want to!
Those are all of the questions that I've been asked this time! Thank you so much for everyone who did reach out to me on Twitter, but if you missed your chance this time, I'm sure there will be plenty more opportunities in the future! Let me know if you want any more posts dedicated to this topic, and if you don't, then let me know about that as well.
Is astrology a topic that interests you? Do you know what your star sign is now?
Lots of love,
Jade xo


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Dear Diary: Dealing With A Breakup

After a very long time, I feel like I'm finally ready to write this post. You may think that I've become much more open on my blog in recent months, and that's true to some extent. However, I've never spoken about this topic, because I was never really in the right frame of mind to do so. Over the past few weeks, I've thought about it more, and more, and I've managed to put things into perspective now. I'm ready. I'm ready to open up.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you might remember way back when I did the boyfriend tag. I also mentioned my boyfriend in a few posts, and I shared pictures of us on both my blog, and my Instagram.

I'd say that we were on, and off for roughly 2 years, but our entire history is complicated, and it's not the sort of thing that you randomly go into. Something that you have to remember is that because I blog, it means that I'm much more willing to share my life with both people that I know, and people that I probably don't know as well, if at all.
Even though that's the sort of person I am, there's always going to be a limit to how much I can actually share. Certain things have to be kept private. I'm not the sort of person that would sit behind a screen, and publish inappropriate, offensive things about the personal lives of others. That would be wrong, and immoral in many ways. I'm not doing this post to slate anyone, and I'm not doing it as a form of revenge. I'm doing it, because I like to share my experiences with my readers, and I'd like to help people if I can in any way.

As I've already mentioned, myself, and my previous boyfriend were in an on, and off type of relationship. For a couple of months, we were just friendly, and flirty, then we were like that, and in a relationship for a while, but both times we tried to make it work, it just didn't for one reason, or another. After many ups, and downs, we decided to try again last February. We were both at the same school, but in different years, and it just felt like the right thing to do. We spent months getting to know each other, hanging out, and seeing how things went, and it was all going really well.

However, we all know what life is like. Things never stay a certain way. They constantly change, and progress, and sometimes, we are faced with challenges. Maybe individually, or maybe in relationships, friendships, or as a family. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of trust in this particular boy. He'd done a lot of things over quite a large period of times (we're talking a few months), and it got a little bit out of hard. I was in Year 10 at this point, so I was well into GCSE mode, and I'd find myself in tears, feeling as though I was at a loose end, at the age of 14. We'd try to sort things out, and we'd try to make it work somehow, but things would only stay hopeful for a couple of weeks, and then they'd just come crashing down again. Relationships aren't meant to be that way. They are meant to be built on trust, communication, honesty, and loyalty. If I'm being honest myself here, I have to admit, our relationship didn't have any of those things towards the end of it.
I'm not saying it was all his fault. I was very insecure, jealous, and paranoid, so that probably wasn't easy to deal with, but all of these feelings had stemmed from his actions within those few months.

Even though it seems like I've just jumped straight into the negative things, there were (surprisingly) positives too. He was an incredibly understanding person, most of the time. He'd always support, and encourage me to do what I wanted to do, especially when it came to my blog, and he'd never judge, or put me down about anything, whether I considered it to be a big deal, or not. He was very funny, and he could always make people laugh, or put a smile upon their face. I could share absolutely anything with him, and I knew that he would try his best to comfort me, or make it as okay as it could be. He helped me to understand my anxious mind, and he helped me to gain a tonne of confidence.

The fact that he was in with the wrong crowd, and interested in messing about with girls, fighting, and essentially, ruining his own life made it very difficult to find a way to work things out.

We broke up in September 2015.

Since then, he's been with numerous other girls, and he hasn't been loyal to any of them at all. I will admit, I did still meet up with him behind people's backs, and have a somewhat romantic fling with him. I'd keep running back, trying to be there for him, in an attempt to help him sort his life out. Truthfully, I don't think he ever wanted my help.

It's now been a couple of months since I last spoke to him, or met up with him. He has found someone else, and I have my heart set on someone else too. There are no hard feelings on my part. I don't hate him, and I don't wish any negativity towards him, or his girlfriend. What's done is done, and within the past 2 months, I've come to accept that, and learn from it.

He's taught me a lot about myself, other people, and about relationships. I've become stronger, happier, and more confident since I let go. It was the best decision, for the both of us.
Although we don't talk anymore, I'm still grateful for what he taught me, and I won't forget anything about the experience. I'll remember all of the memories - the good, and the bad.

If you're currently going through a breakup, I have some words of wisdom that I want to share with you...

Listen to what your loved ones say, but make up your own mind as to whether you want to take action. I always listened to what my friends, and family said, but at the time, I did what I wanted to do, and what felt right for me. The majority of them were still there when I realised I'd gone wrong, but sometimes, you need to make your own mistakes, and learn from them. Take in what people say, weigh it all up, and then decide what you want to do.

Don't be afraid to let go. It may seem hard, but it's for the best. I know how difficult letting go is, as you can see from this post. Sometimes, even if your heart is telling you to hold on, you have to be realistic, and let go of that person, and the connection that you had. Read the signs. If things are going wrong time after time, then chances are, they won't get any better. Let go, and start moving on before you become truly trapped in the mind set, and the relationship. You don't want to leave it until it's too late.

Give yourself time to feel, and heal. Take it slow. Move on whenever you're ready to move on. Take each day as it comes, and slowly detach yourself. Unfollow them on Instagram. Throw away that present they got you for your 16th birthday. Stop re-reading those old messages. You're only poisoning yourself. The other person probably couldn't care less anymore. I know its harsh, but if they truly cared, then I doubt you'd even be here in the first place. You do you. Cry until you can cry no more. Write down all your feelings, then rip them up. Take a day off, and dedicate it to sleeping, and eating crap. Once you have done all of that, it's time to heal. Focus your mind on your work, your hobbies, your friends, and your family. Make plans. Go travelling. Do new things. Pamper yourself. Go out for a meal. They're in the past for a reason, boo. So, leave them there.

Remind yourself of your future, and how much happier you're going to be now they're gone. You may not feel it right now. I mean, it took me just over a year to get over my past relationship, but once you're over it, there's no going back. Nowadays, I look towards my future. I think about my blog, my GCSE's, my friends, my family, and enjoying life as much as I can, whilst I still can. Do you really want to lay in your bed every night, wondering who the love of your life is sending flirty texts to? Do you want to make him/her the centre of attention, considering you're not even an option for them anymore? Don't waste your time.

Give yourself time to be alone. This is honestly so important. Everyone thinks that being by yourself is such a terrible thing, but it's not at all! It allows you to analyse things, and think about everything that has happen. You're able to clear your mind, and settle down your thoughts, and emotions. We all need time on our own sometimes. When you next find yourself getting down about it, don't. Remember this. It's going to be okay.

Thank you so much for reading this post. I was actually quite nervous to post it, so hopefully I get the sort of response that shows I've helped, or comforted a few of you. If I have, please let me know, either by commenting, or messaging me privately on my social media. Alternatively, if you feel as though you still need some support, but you don't know who to turn to, then you're more than welcome to message me, and we can talk it through together. You're my strong, sassy soldiers, remember!

It's going to be okay, my lovelies. You may get flashbacks, and there may be times where you so desperately want that person back. You probably will always remember them, and the moments that you spent together - the memories that you made with each other.
Whatever you do, please don't go back. You deserve more than that, I'm telling you. Just because you loved them once upon a time, it doesn't mean you can't move on to find happiness in someone else. You can, and you will. Just give it time. Don't give your ex the satisfaction, knowing that you're hurting, and falling apart. Smile, keep your head up, and show them that you're moving on, even if you are in fact hurting, and falling apart. They want you to feel that way. They want to rub their new relationship in your face. Don't you dare let them. You are so much better than that. I promise you. You just gotta believe it.

~Breakups hurt, but losing someone who doesn't respect, and appreciate you is actually a gain, not a loss~

Lots of love always,

Jade xo


Sunday, 20 November 2016

OGX Haircare*

Ever since I got sent this miraculous hair care duo from OGX, I've been feeling so much more confident about myself, and my appearance. I can understand the fact that I may sound slightly weird saying that about a shampoo, and conditioner, but I'm honestly not even exaggerating here!

I've always had a love-hate relationship when it comes to my hair. When I was a very little girl, I used to have blonde ringlets, and a fringe. As I developed, and went into primary school, I stuck with the fringe (stupidly), but it naturally turned brown as time went on. Come secondary school, I scrapped the fringe, and went from red, to black, to a funny auburn shade in a matter of months. It was pretty crazy stuff, even for me. I've pretty much got back to my natural shade now, and I'm finally happy with it - but boy, oh, boy did my locks despise me for the longest time. I had clumps of dandruff, dry, split ends, and frizziness that just would not go away.  

Whilst being at a bit of a loose end, I decided I wanted to try out a new brand. I've gone through everything from L'Oreal, to Herbal Essences, to Toni & Guy. That's when I stumbled across OGX Beauty.

I'd heard of them a while ago, back when I wasn't really into blogging as much as I am now, but I never really thought much of hair care during those days. On their social media sites, I saw that they were collaborating with bloggers, and that's when it hit me - I should bite the bullet, and reach out to them too! When all you hear is positive things about a brand, it's undoubtedly going to intrigue you, as it did with me. I got in contact with their PR team, and after exchanging a few emails, explaining what my hair type was, and what my social links were, my offer had been accepted. I was now going to get sent some of their products - eeek!

As you can see from the image above, I got sent their 'Hydrating Tea Tree Mint' Shampoo & Conditioner. Both of the bottles are 385ml, which is actually full size. I had no idea, until I received them, and that made me feel even more honoured than I already did! I found it really nice that the PR team ask you what your hair type is, because then you know that you're definitely going to be receiving products that suit your specific hair care needs.

I have been trying out this range for about 2 months now, and I honestly couldn't be more in love. Evidently, I've always struggled when it comes to hair care, and I never really know what I should be using, or how I should use it. I've tried copious different brands, but they have never really worked out for me - or, certainly not as well as OGX have anyway!

Like the name suggests, they smell exactly like tea tree. Now, people would probably normally associate tea tree with oily hair, or greasy roots, but that's not the case at all with these products! They're more hydrating than they are oil controlling. The consistency is actually pretty thick, which is something that I really like, even though I wasn't used to it before. I feel like every time I flick my hair, it always smells like really fresh chewing gum, which is something that I think is perfect, because you want your hair to be fresh, and clean, right?!

Another thing to mention is that since using these products in combination with each other, I haven't had any flakiness of my scalp, and I haven't had dandruff either. No matter what I used before, there would always be residue, and dryness, but now, all of that is gone! My hair is in such better condition, and it's all thanks to these 2 miracle workers. I will definitely continue repurchasing them in the future!

I'm actually in the process of growing my hair, because I want to eventually donate it to The Little Princess Trust, and now, I have a much better chance of being able to do so.

Thank you so much to everyone at OGX Beauty, who sent me these two products. Myself, and my hair are both very grateful.

Have you ever tried anything from OGX? Do you think you will be after reading this post?

Lots of love always,

Jade xo
Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for free by OGX Beauty for review purposes. All thoughts, and opinions expressed were my own.


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

10 Reasons Why I Adore Autumn


If I haven't already made it clear, Autumn is by far my favourite season. Don't get me wrong, I do love all of them for various different reasons, but I've been waiting for this time to come since the end of August now, and I'm so excited that it's finally begun! I thought it would be fitting for me to talk about what it is that I like so much about this time of year, so that's exactly what I'm going to do today. I hope you enjoy!

1. Hot chocolates are much more appropriate - I mean, c'mon, who doesn't love hot choc?!

2. Lush baths start becoming a lot more regular - Any excuse to get my hands on Snow Fairy!

3. The evenings draw in, and become cosier - Nothing beats snuggling up under blankets, watching movies, right?

3. Scarves, jumpers, and anklet boots are officially in fashion - Need I say more?

4. Photography opportunities around every corner - Think of how gorgeous your Instagram feed will look!

5. We're getting closer to Christmas - Sorry, sorry. I know, I'm a big kid at heart..

6. Bonfire Night - It's one of my favourite times of the year. Who doesn't love the festivity?

7. Candles burning all around - I'm a sucker for burning candles in my bedroom.

8. The leaves begin changing colours - Nature truly is the prettiest during this season.

9. Autumnal makeup - I genuinely can't wait to switch up my makeup looks!

10. Homely meals - Stews, and soups become more of a staple dinner option.

There we have it! Those are just a few of the things that I love about Autumn. I can assure you that they'll be plenty of seasonal posts coming your way over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

What are your favourite things about Autumn? Do you like anything I've mentioned?

Lots of love always,

Jade xo


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Seventeen Makeup: First Impressions*

I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to finally be writing up this post. It's been a long time coming (since August, in fact), but it's here, and I couldn't be happier about that.
So, back in the summer, I applied to become a part of Seventeen's Bloggers Network. After a little while, I was contacted by the lovely PR Assistant that works for them, who goes by the name of Louise. I'm sure most of you know about the brand, but for those of you who don't, I'll just give you a little run down right now! It's only fair that I keep you in the loop after all.
Seventeen is a Boots own brand that is on the much more affordable end compared to others. They sell a variety of different products, ranging from highlighters, to lipsticks, and there's guaranteed to be something for everyone, no matter what you're looking for.
The Seventeen Bloggers Network is essentially exactly what it says it is. An online space where bloggers alike can connect, and share their thoughts on products, makeup tips, and anything else that they fancy - even the latest news about potential meet-ups!!
I was lucky enough to get sent 3 different products from the brand, and I've really enjoyed trying them out over the past few months. In the parcel, I received an eyebrow kit, and 2 lipsticks. I'd never tried any of these products before, which meant that I was obviously incredibly excited to see what they were like, so that I could share my thoughts with all of you.
Words can't actually describe how much I'm in love with this brow kit. This is coming from someone who literally thinks that eyebrows are everything, and more. Okay, maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but honestly, the way my eyebrows appear is pretty important to me. For the longest time, I've been playing around with different products, and testing them all out, because I could never find anything that was absolutely perfect. Over the past few months, I've been going to school with bare eyebrows, and they haven't even been in the best condition either, which isn't exactly great, lets be honest.
Prior to receiving this product, I'd literally just run a pencil through my brows, and then I'd leave it at that. Recently, I haven't actually been doing anything at all. Trust me, I'm as ashamed of myself writing that, as you are reading those words. It sends a slight shiver down my spine actually.
In this quad, (can you even call it that?), you get a brow pencil, a soft wax, a setting powder, a little brush, and a brow bone highlight. It's honestly got everything that you could possible need when it comes to eyebrows! Well, apart from tweezers, and a beautician to thread them every once in a while, but I can deal without those things, considering I have tweezers myself anyway!
Something that I noticed when I bought Seventeen's Easy On The Eye Palette a while ago is the little sheet that comes at the top of the product. I was so impressed to see that you also get one with this product too, because it really does make things so much easier, especially if you're a beginner with brows, or if you just don't know what all the individual bits do. Personally, I just follow the diagram, and the step-by-step guide! You can't go wrong with that. If you have any sparse sections, or you like going over your brows with a pencil first, then you can do that right away. It's not vital, but that's just one way that you can prepare if you want, or if you feel it's necessary. It's suggested that you start from the inner corner, and work your way out, which is actually probably the easiest anyway!
After that, you want to dip the little brush into the soft wax, and just use light strokes, yet again, going from the inner corner, and working your way out. Don't apply too much of a heavy hand though! You can then use the same brush that comes with the kit to apply the setting powder, which will further ensure that your eyebrows stay in place all day, keeping the strays at bay. Finally, you can just dip your finger into the highlight shade, and place it underneath your eyebrow (on your brow bone). Now, you're all set to face the day!
I absolutely love this nifty kit, and I can definitely see myself using it for a very long time. The packaging is really sleek, and it looks expensive as well, in my opinion, which is always a bonus. If you slide off the sheet, there's also a small mirror, so you can hold it up to your face, and see what you're doing if you're on the go, or if you don't have access to a full face mirror, as well as having access to all the products in the same place. Honestly, I don't have enough good things to say about this creation. It's definitely become a staple in my makeup routine though, that's for sure!
Next up, I got sent 2 of the stunning shades from the Mega Matte lipstick range. I'd heard quite a few things about them before they came out from fellow bloggers, and so when they came through the post, I was absolutely ecstatic! Some people may find that matte lipsticks can be a bit hit, and miss, depending on the actual product itself, but I think that these are both lovely!
excuse the dent in the purple one - that's totally my fault!

The shades that I was lucky enough to receive were 'Roses Are Red' and 'Violet Summer'. I was actually pleasantly surprised when I saw what they looked like, because I feel like they were chosen perfectly! Some people would probably feel slightly put off by a deep rose red, and a dark violet, but honestly, I really do like them. They may not be your everyday kinda nudes, but that's what excites me! I like being different, and I like wearing shades that other people might not necessarily consider to be the most natural, because surely that's more fun than copying the trends, or what's thought of as being 'the norm' all of the time?
Out of all of the shades that I could have got, I definitely think that these 2 were the right choices. When applying these lipsticks, they really do feel so smooth, and so luxurious. By looking at the packaging, and even at the product itself, you wouldn't think that they only cost £4.49. It's actually insane! They stay put for a while without having to touch up, which I suppose you would expect from any matte lipstick anyway, but they definitely do the job, so that gets a massive thumbs up from me. I do find that they're quite challenging to get off, but yet again, you don't want them to come off easily, because that's the whole purpose of matte lipsticks. They're meant to stay on all day without bleeding, or wearing away! I was actually so impressed that I couldn't resist going into Boots myself, and picking up the nude shade 'Looking Buff'. I just couldn't help myself! They go on super nicely, and if I'm being honest, I can't actually think of any bad things to say about them at all. There are different shades for any skin tone that you could possibly think of, and I'm sure you'll find your perfect match, as they literally range from a light lilac, to a rosy red!
Thank you so much, once again, to the lovely PR lady Louise for being an absolute pleasure to talk to, and for sending me these gorgeous gifts. I am super grateful, and it's made me fall even more in love with the brand than I was in the first place.
Have you ever tried anything from Seventeen? Are you going to now you have read this post?
Lots of love always,
Jade xo



Wednesday, 9 November 2016

All About Me

I'm aware that this picture is over a year old - sorry, not sorry.

Over the past few months, my following has grown quite a bit. I used to do a  fair few tags, and get to know me type posts, but I haven't really been doing them much lately. So, I thought it was about time that changed!
Even though I usually write about personal topics, beauty, or fashion, I don't feel like all of you know me as much as I would like you too.
Today, I'm just going to be talking you through some random facts about me. They probably won't be that interesting, but they're facts about me none-the-less!

1. Although this may seem slightly surprising, I actually have an immense interest in Criminology, and Psychology. It's what I want to study as a combined degree at University, and yes, I know, it's crazy that I've already worked that out! I just find myself really fascinated when it comes to both those subjects. I've always been quite a caring, understanding person, and I'm always willing to learn more about the world, and the way people's brain functions differently compared to someone else. If I can, I would ideally like to go down the route of mental health within children, and adolescents, but I may change my mind as I get further up the ladder of education. Who knows?!

2. This next fact kinda leads on from my previous point. I really, and I mean really enjoy educating myself. That probably sounds really weird, and random, because I mean, not many people actually enjoy education, but I do! Well, to a certain extent anyway. I'm all for watching documentaries about all sorts of subjects, visiting different places around the country, and the world, and meeting new people from varied, cultural backgrounds. I can't, however, say that I enjoy spending hours of my time in a stuffy school hall doing countless exams papers. That's not my idea of fun, trust me. Any documentaries are right up my street though. It could be about pregnancy, dieting, crime, trade, family break-ups, or even just about the world that we live in. I'm just interested in everything, really. Except cars, sport, and finances. Sorry, not sorry!

3. I'm absolutely obsessed with Astrology. That's all there is to it. I have an entire post dedicated to the topic coming your way soon, don't worry! All will be explained then..

4. When I'm older, I hope to travel to as many different places in the world as I can, and document the whole thing in some way. Surely most people dream of that, right?!

5. I really want to start collecting seashells. Don't ask me why, but I just bloody love them. They're pretty, they're nice, and they're a pretty cool thing to collect. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks that though!

6. I'm an incredibly dopey person. I'm almost always confused, and I swear half the people I meet just think I'm a complete idiot

7. I daydream. A lot.

8. I seem to have some sort of sixth sense. By that, I mean I'm incredibly skilled when it comes to reading into people, and figuring out what they're really like. I usually get some sort of gut feeling, and 9 times out of 10, it serves me well. Does that make any sense?

9. The 1975 is the one band that I'm obsessed with like no other

10. I sing all the time. In fact, I'm singing as I write this. I have no shame..

11. If I'm not singing, I'm probably listening to music, or singing along to it!

12. I'm forever dreaming of my fairy-tale wedding. You know, that 'happy ever after' kinda thing?

13. When I say I have the sweetest tooth ever, I'm literally not even joking. I used to eat spoonful's of sugar just for the sake of it. No wonder I had rotting teeth..

14. Reality TV will always be a secret guilty pleasure of mine. Can you believe I'm A Celebrity starts again on Sunday? Hell yessss!

15. I'm one of the worst procrastinators in the world

So, there you have it. There are 15 facts about moi! I've been meaning to write this post for ages, but I've always struggled thinking of semi interesting things to say about myself. Hopefully, you haven't fallen asleep due to extreme boredom, but let me know what you think anyway. I'm always open to constructive criticism!

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read this post. Why don't you share a few facts about yourself down below as well, and see if you have any personality twins out there?!

Lots of love always,

Jade xo



Sunday, 6 November 2016

Top 10 Songs: The 1975

 It's no secret by now that I absolutely adore The 1975. I suppose the fact that I'm going to see them in concert on December the 15th highlights that fact, right? Ever since 2013, there hasn't been a time where I haven't loved them, but I'm back at the obsessive stage at the moment, and I have been for the past month, or so actually. I guarantee you that all of these songs have been on repeat recently, and I'm not even ashamed about that!
Even though it was quite a difficult task, I decided that today I want to share my top 10 songs with you all. Maybe it will inspire you, or maybe it will even help you rediscover some old favourites? Whatever the outcome, I hope you enjoy this post!
A song that I have had on repeat for the longest time is Robbers. I mean, I know I'm totally mad about music, but honestly, I don't think I've ever had a song on repeat as much as I have with this one. Not only do I love the lyrics, and the tune, but I also love the video. It's probably not everyone's cup of tea, as it's quite sexual, and it's heavily centred around drugs, but it's showing a relationship between two people, which always has me sold straight away. You really get to see a more vulnerable side of Matty here, and I think that's so attractive to see. There's such a wide vocal range, and all of the lyrics are incredibly meaningful throughout the entire song as well. If you like upbeat, sexual kind of songs, then this one will be right up your street.
One of their earlier songs is Heart Out. At first, I wasn't entirely sure whether I was going to like it, or not. I suppose it's like Marmite, in the respect that you either love it, or you hate it. As soon as it starts, there's an instant loud build up, which suggests that the whole song is going to be a powerful one. There's not as much of a variation in tone with this song, but it's still amazing. The rest of the band play the instruments in such a perfect way, because they compliment Matty's voice exactly as they should do.

My third favourite has, without a doubt, got to be The City. This is another one of the band's slightly older songs, but I find that they can sometimes be better than the more recent ones. Whenever I listen to this song, I get the whole indie/rock vibe from it. The drums are very much present throughout the whole thing, and I absolutely love this. It makes you want to nod your head, and sing along with your arms in the air. Well, that's how I feel anyway! It's very catchy, and the lyrics are really easy to pick up, especially because the chorus pretty much just repeats the same thing multiple times anyway.

There seems to be a common theme in this post with the sort of songs that I'm putting at the beginning. Yet again, Chocolate came out in 2013, and it was actually the second song that I had heard from the boys - the first being Girls, which I shall talk about next. Funnily enough, I don't actually listen to this one that much anymore. I'm not sure why, but as I've fallen in love with other songs from the band, I suppose they've taken over instead. Even though I'm definitely a chocoholic myself, I can assure you that's not the reason why I like this song! It's another light-hearted, fun type of tune, and it's also quite relaxed, like a lot of The 1975's songs are. If you want to see how they have developed throughout the years, then you should definitely listen to this song, and then listen to one of their more recent ones. I don't have much else to say, as I'm clearly not that great at explaining all of the musical terms, but I do like this song, so I think you probably will too!

As I mentioned in my previous point, Girls was actually the first song that I ever heard from The 1975. I don't mean it to sound cliché at all, but I honestly did fall in love with them straight away, as soon as the music started playing. I like the fact that it isn't what you would typically expect from a band. Well, it wasn't really what I'd expected anyway! Not only do I think the video is really cool, and quirky (which is always a bonus!), but the actual lyrics just caught my attention too - I'm not even sure why, if I'm honest! I've already said that it's pretty much the first song that they ever came out with, so I guess it's just a classic that will always be quite memorable to me for that reason. That's probably why I'm still attached to it!

There's certain songs that I find people can relate to in different situations. Whenever I listen to a select few, they bring back memories, or remind me of a certain time in my life. I'm sure some of you can relate to that. Personally, I find that Me is an incredibly soothing songs, which has the musical ability to bring people to their peace of mind. It's not upbeat, it's not loud, and it doesn't really have many lyrics either. It's short, but the lyrics that are present in the song definitely do hold strong, individual meanings. If you're going through a particularly dark time, or you're struggling, then I think that you'll be able to find serenity, or a sense of comfort through this song.

Although I love both the original version, and the acoustic version of the song Sex, I have to say that I personally prefer the acoustic much more. The lyrics are obviously very sexual, and romantic, and even though the original version brings out more of the band's indie/rock side, I feel like the acoustic version strips it all back, and makes it more realistic, and relatable. You can see, and hear how vulnerable Matty is, which I think is something that should be appreciated. He sings really softly, and the lyrics definitely speak to you more when it's just his vocals, and the guitar combined. If you don't like songs with a heavy feel, or meaning, then maybe you should just headbang to the original version instead!

Okay. Settle Down is an insanely good song. It's so difficult with this top 10, because I have to be super picky, when in actual fact, I love all of them, and I really struggled knowing that I had to condense my favourites, and rank them in some sort of order. This is just another that everyone goes crazy for. I don't get how anyone could dislike it, if I'm honest. It's quirky, it's different, it's catchy, and it's got such a fun, cool vibe to it. Listen to it. Seriously. You won't regret it.

Next up, at number 9 is Somebody Else. In all honesty, I was quite surprised when I heard this song. I know it's one of the band's fairly recent releases, but I wasn't expecting it to turn out how it did at all. When the instrumental starts, you immediately get melancholy feel. I think you can tell from then on that it's going to be a heartfelt, emotional track. Matty begins singing a little while later, and his voice is incredibly raw, which gives you the suggestion that he's teary-eyed, as the lyrics could be very personal to some people listening, maybe himself included. The tune kind of picks up in the chorus, but it's only like a backing track, and Matty still sounds as emotional as he did in the beginning, which I love. I think a lot of people would be able to relate to this song, as the lyrics definitely speak to me! 

One of The 1975's more recent songs from their album 'I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful, yet So Unaware of It' is The Sound. I've put it at the bottom of my list, purely because I actually didn't fall in love with it at the beginning. Sometimes, you just can't connect with a song when you initially hear it, but then the more you listen to it, the more it grows on you, and that's exactly what happened here. It's really catchy, and I'm sure that when people hear it, it's stuck in their head right from the start! You can get up, and dance to it, and just let yourself go without having a care in the world, and that's what I really appreciate about a song.

That's it for my Top 10 songs from The 1975. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know what some of your favourite songs are from them, and if you haven't listened to any before, then let me know what one you want to listen to now!
What other 'Top 10' posts do you want to see? Musically related, or otherwise?

Lots of love always,

Jade xo


Friday, 4 November 2016

Monthly Memories: September & October


As I didn't do a post dedicated to my monthly memories of September, I decided that I'd combine them with the ones that I made during October too, so that you have a mixture of both pictures, and words, like usual.

September was a pretty crazy month, as I'm sure you can imagine. I started school after the Summer holidays, and since then, it's pretty much been work, work, work, work, work (yes, I intentionally wrote that many repetitions of the word!).

Before I get into that though, I would just like to point out that the Autumnal issue of Love from.. came out, which I received on the 3rd, and it was the first copy that had my article in it - how exciting! Speaking of the magazine, the Spring/Summer issue for next year is now available for pre-order. It costs a measly £2, so please go, and have a look at it if you would like to support the team, and have a copy of your own.

September was also the month that I reached 600 followers on my blog. I still can't quite believe that I've come so far in such a short amount of time! You will all be pleased to know that I have been saving up for a few months now for the giveaway that I have been promising since I reached 500 followers back in August, so it's certainly been a long time coming, but hopefully you'll think that it was worth the wait! Let me know in the comments below what sort of things you would like me to include, or if you would rather I just have a few small things put together for 4, or 5 different winners. I already have a couple of ideas, but it's a giveaway for my readers, so I want you to have your say too!

Although I didn't take any pictures worth posting during September, I hope you enjoyed reading about a few of my highlights none the less. It was a busy month, but a productive one that I tried to embrace as best as I could, despite the fact that it felt as though I was drowning in work on some occasions!

Now, moving onto October..

One of the main things that happened at the beginning of the month was in relation to school, and the Controlled Assessment that I had done previously for Geography. It was an incredibly big deal, not just for myself, but for quite a few people in my class, and honestly, I couldn't have been happier with the results. I initially found out that I got an A overall, which was 50 out of 60 marks, but then a couple of days later, I found out that after moderation, I'd managed to bag an A*! I'm still not entirely sure how I did it, but believe me when I say that I put in so much hard work, and effort. I'm incredibly proud of myself, but I can honestly say that I feel as though I deserve that grade.

Similarly to September, October was yet another hectic month. I feel like this is going to be a running theme, but can you really expect any less from Year 11? It's all in preparation for my GCSE exams in the Summer, after all!

At the very beginning, I met one of my best friends Maisie. I'd never met up with her outside of school before, and so I was feeling quite apprehensive at first, in case there were uncomfortable moments, or awkward silences, but I can honestly say that there wasn't at all. We have been 'PE Pals' since the Summer, but we have recently begun texting more, and now we hope to meet up much more often, which is so nice.
When school work, and studying all becomes a bit too overwhelming, it's always an idea to take a few hours off, and go to see a girlfriend. Trust me, you will notice the difference!

The final thing that has been a major highlight for me recently is the fact that my sister's graduation from University was on the 31st of October. What with me being in Year 11 now, I'm sceptical about missing school, and I haven't actually had any days absent prior to this event, but I knew I had to make an exception this time around. The whole day was insanely amazing from start to finish. Even though all of us had to wake up ridiculously early (we're talking 6AM..), it was 110% worth it. I could have honestly cried with pride at my sister, and her achievements, because she really has done us all so proud over the last 3 years. It was a really special day, and I'm so glad that I was able to attend the ceremony, and join in with the celebrations.

I think that's it for today's post! Hopefully you all enjoyed it, and you're happy to have me back on my blog. I definitely never fell out of love with blogging, but I'm just trying to find any spare time that I have to write up a post, or take some photos whenever I can. I may not stick to my Wednesday, and Sunday schedule all of the time, but I'm trying my best, and that's all that I can do at the moment!

If you want to keep up to date with me, and my life, you're more than welcome to follow me on any of my social media links. I'll always be happy to hear from you!

How has life been lately? Do you have anything nice happening in November?
Lots of love always,
Jade xo
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