Thursday, 6 October 2016

Would Change Make You Happier? | October Guest Post Month

Would A Change Of Your Physical Appearance Make You A Different/Happier Person?

To answer your question bluntly –
Yes, improved physical appearance will make you a different, happier person.

A word on beauty

Discussing beauty has always been one of those topics you can’t ever really seal; identified superficial or the utmost human reward, beauty will always be one of those features you secretly wish for but at the same time condemn. It’s a wicked world, indeed.
Notoriously, physical beauty per se correlates with stupidity and superficiality. However, the paradox is – everyone is striving to achieve it. Why? It’s simple - people instinctively (and positively) respond to all-things-beautiful, and that’s the end of that argument.

Does physical beauty correlate with self-esteem?

For centuries, physical beauty has been a parameter of a woman’s worth. In the modern world, physical beauty is just an added feature to overall qualities of both men and women. And while many still use it to get ahead or abuse it as their primary quality, others just enjoy its effects. Generally, beautiful people are getting more privileges; they are more accepted and their chances for success are improved. Just take a look at Hollywood – it’s the land that runs on beauty (and money). So, yes – physical beauty does correlate with self-esteem but we won’t go into the morality of it.

What are the prejudices concerning beauty?

Beauty comes in many forms, shapes and sizes, with the two main categories being inner and outer beauty, i.e. the beauty of personality and soul, and the beauty of body (aka physical beauty). The two, when joined in a person, are unbeatable. However, when only one of the beauties is “present”, the person will often feel incomplete and be in a constant rush to find their “other half”.
Luckily for everyone who is open enough to constantly work on themselves, whether we’re talking about physical or inner aspect, there are methods that can aid in both.

Could you be more precise, please?

Constant intellectual improvement through reading, learning, traveling and adapting to new cultures, acknowledging worlds outside of your own through music, films and foreign politics, exploring psychological and emotional depths of your persona and interacting with people of different profiles will help you gradually increase all that you already are and, consequently, help your inner world thrive.
Physical beauty is improved through clever beauty maneuvers, physical exercises, fashion sense and style improved, body language and, ultimately, cosmetic surgery.
Today, we’re talking about the latter.

Learn your body
The key to feeling good and looking great is to learn every curve of your body and work with it. Rarely anyone was born with a flawless physique, so knowing how to cover up and/or emphasize will save you from much heartache.
Once you get a clear picture on the state of your body, you’ll know what you are getting yourself into. Further, you’ll either decide to change all you don’t like about it or you’ll accept it as it is and manipulate it to your advantage. Either way, it’s all visual trickery backed up with your confidence. Work it!

Exercise your way into confidence

Exercising is an amazing and effective way to transform your physique virtually any way you like. By changing your appearance, you’ll be automatically feeling more confident about your look, not to mention that you’ll be beaming with health. Working out regularly is the perfect way to build your confidence in the long run.

Say YES to surgery if it will make you happy

The 21st century has brought about a particular infatuation with various surgical procedures which help a person gain confidence they are lacking. From minor procedures like lip injections and rhinoplasty to more invasive ones like abdominoplasty, liposuctions, breast implants and plenty others, surgery is the it thing to help you become who you’ve always dreamed of being.
Pamper yourself up to a new you
With the expansion of the cosmetic, fashion and makeup industry we’re facing, it’s easier than ever to pamper yourself pretty, seductive and attractive. All you need to do is learn your facial structure and ways to emphasize what’s beautiful about it with the right makeup. The clothes you choose will, of course, have an impact on your physical appearance, too – so, dress to impress and dress after your own style. Find your fashion expression and let it guide you.



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