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The Process Of Writing A Novel | October Guest Post Month

 Hiya! I’m Trisha, writer of a lifestyle blog at Despite my blog mainly focussing on my life, I am an avid writer who is hoping to get published someday. For my guest post for Jade today, I thought I’d talk about the process I go through to write a novel!
So before I start, I should give you some background information about my novel. What Not to Do Purple Lipstick is thee name, which I am actually quite proud of despite it being so long. The basic premise of the novel is centred around two girls – Spencer and Trisha (and no, I’m not a narcissist, my blog name is actually my MC). They’re both struggling with mental health issues, as Spencer is bipolar, which is diagnosed in the novel, and Trisha is struggling from depression after the death of her mother. When Spencer punches Trisha, they’re made to paint the school gymnasium together as they both love art.
I am aware that the description is rather fluffy and cheesy, but I’m trying to centre this book around some of the major things that have impacted my life and the people around me – sexism and the journey of becoming a feminist (as Spencer’s friend Bea is a lesbian feminist), mental health, and the stigma surrounding LGBT people. I am straight and cisgender myself, but I am trying to represent her as accurately as possibly, I swear! The title comes from the fact that both girls in the school are the only ones who wear purple lipstick, therefore making them outsiders. It’s kind of a metaphor for the whole novel, really.
So, what’s my process of writing a novel? Let’s get started!
Number One: Getting the idea.
For me, my ‘getting an idea’ is quite different from most. It is slightly based off The Breakfast Club, aka my most favourite film of all time. However, it mainly just started from me writing an article for the school newsletter about our school shoes. Random, I know! But, for me it developed to ‘what if the girl was walking to the principal’s office?’ and just developed from there. I must say though; it has developed considerably from its first incarnation.
Number Two: Write write write.
You might have noticed that I skipped over the plotting bit entirely. This is because I do not plot. At all. I’ll take my idea and I’ll immediately start writing because, well, why not? So for me, the writing is the first real incarnation of putting this novel on paper.
Number Three: Edit
I’ll put it out there; editing a novel sucks. You just want to be writing, letting all your ideas flow out, but no, let’s comb through this 100,000-word novel for weird sounding sentences and typos and any other jazz that comes to mind. I’m currently in the fourth round of editing WNTDWWPL, and even now I know that I’ll still want to edit it at least two more rounds before sending it off to beta readers.
Number Four: Send to beta readers.
This is possibly one of the scariest steps in this post. Sending it to beta readers – aka, people who tell you whether your novel is crap or not – is so terrifying as you never know whether they’ll love it or hate it. And I’ll tell you from personal experience; it’s hard to take criticism when you’ve been working on this little baby of yours for so long. It hurts when people take the decision to shred it to bits.
I would put in how to query an agent and/or a publisher, but I’m not even up to there myself! I have so much further to go in my writing journey, and I’m so excited for every step of it.
Well, I hope you enjoyed the post! Thanks to Jade for letting me blog on Simply Jadey, and I hope to return sometime!
Trisha xx


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