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My Anti-Bucket List | October Guest Post Month

Well hello there! It appears writing a second guest post is almost as difficult as writing a first guest post… So before I go any further, hi! My name’s Katie and I blog over at Life With Ktkinnes so, if you like what you see here, please come say hello. I’m a 21 year old student at the University of Glasgow, and I basically started blogging as a way to document my years attempting to enter the adult world.
Jade, and I started talking when we both joined a group chat on Twitter that quickly developed into #GRLPOWR – a community that all of you should follow, whatever your gender identity. Now, I know you all love Jade (why else would you be on her blog?) but I just wanted to take a second before starting my Anti-Bucket List to tell you a little about the Jade I’ve been talking to. No matter what’s going on in her life, Jade always takes the time to talk to anyone in trouble, or feeling low. She puts them before herself, and pretends that she’s okay when really she just wants someone to ask her how she really is feeling. She’s a strong, kind hearted, beautiful young woman, and I honestly can’t thank her enough for being my friend.

Now that the mushy stuff is out of the way, onto the goods! Today, I’m sharing my Anti-Bucket list with you – an idea I got from the girls over at, so check them out if you have a minute! Next week, I’ll post my bucket list on my blog so feel free to pop in, and give it a read. For anyone who’s wondering, an anti-bucket list is exactly what it sounds like – a list of things I never hope to do or see. Some things I won’t put on the list, as hopefully there are quite a few things that we all mutually don’t want to do – who would want to bite off their own finger, for example? – so these are the less obvious.

  1. Touch a big spider. I’m sure we’ve all had those baby spiders crawl over us and while we may shudder we tend to let them be. I never ever want to touch one any bigger than that. Have you noticed how many massive spiders have been in our houses recently? Thank goodness for cats that can chase and kill them!

  2. Go Skydiving. Yeah, not being one for heights, this certainly does not appeal to me. To be honest, anything involving heights doesn’t appeal to me so…

  3. Sing in front of people. I used to love the idea of being a famous singer – so much so that I actually auditioned for and attended a stage school for the guts of two years! However, I turned 15, and was all too suddenly aware of the fact that not many people liked me and singing in public was just another excuse for them to tease me.

  4. Inter-rail. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s a fantastic experience, but it just doesn’t sound like my idea of a holiday. When I go abroad, I love to be able to relax at a good hotel, explore the city/country in my own time, and know that my flight home is the most travelling I will do. I adore travelling and experiencing new countries, and cultures, but I would much rather do it over a prolonged period of time when I can enjoy it to the full.

  5. Attend a festival. Similar to above, the dirt, crowds and general camping part of festivals just does not appeal to me at all. But go, be free and enjoy them! I just know they aren’t my sort of thing.

  6. Stay in Ibiza Town or San Antonio when visiting Ibiza. Anyone who knows me is aware of how much I adore Ibiza. It’s my all-time favourite holiday destination, and not only because of its reputation. I go to Ibiza to see friends, and stay in the quiet parts of the island. If I wanted to go clubbing, I’d stay in Glasgow for free entry and cheap drinks!

  7. Drink instant coffee. Okay, yes, this one is me being a snob, but hear me out. When I was first introduced to coffee, my friend poured me a long espresso, forbid me from adding milk, and gave me some dark chocolate to have with it. Since then, I’ve been hooked. There’s nothing better than proper coffee, and now I won’t drink instant.

  8. Put on any more weight (unless pregnant). I’m not saying I’m a good weight, I know I could do with losing some weight, but I’m not unhappy. My confidence is slowly building, I finally am beginning to like myself, and my weight has played a major part in that.

  9. Smoke. Each to their own, but this is one thing I’m always tempted to do but manage to resist – long may that continue to be the case! My health isn’t the best anyway, so why aggravate it?

  10. Eat rabbit. I can eat most other meats but for some reason, rabbit crosses the line. They’re just too cute to eat!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my list of things I don’t ever want to do! Do you agree with them, or is there anything you would add? Let us know!

Thanks for reading,
Ktkinnes xxx
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