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Makeup Talk | October Guest Post Month

Hi everyone! Today, I'm going to be talking about makeup, and why I wear it. Hopefully, it will open your eyes a little bit more about the subject, and maybe it will encourage you to think about the words you say, before you actually say them. I hope you enjoy..

As we all know, in today’s society most girls wear makeup, but some (or, maybe all?!) hate when we get questions like "Why are you wearing it?", "Why do you waste your money on that?", and so on. I personally also don’t really like when people ask these kinds of questions, because it’s none of their business what I decide to do. It’s my choice, and no one else’s, so I do not have to explain myself to you in any way - but, now I am going to give all of you the answer to these questions from my point of view.
Here’s a little backstory to when, and why I even started using makeup. So, I think that it was Christmas of 2011 when I got my own makeup products for the first time. It wasn’t anything too fancy, just a mascara, and a lip gloss, but it was such a huge deal for me. I always liked playing with makeup, and clothes even when I was really young. Me, my big sister, and my niece (who babysat us most of the time) used to dress up, and play with makeup - pretending that we were supermodels. I think that because of these little silly dress up games I started loving makeup, and pretty much anything girly. This was the first time I got my own makeup, and I was so incredibly proud, because that meant that I was a big girl, and old enough to start wearing makeup. Now, let’s move on 5 years later to this moment right now. I am 16 years old, and my love for makeup is bigger than ever. Even my mom can prove it, because I have twice as much makeup than her, and my sister's combined. I know it’s crazy that I have that much makeup, but it has never bothered me and why should it?? As I said earlier, I am going to do whatever I want in life and it’s no one’s place to say what I should, or should not do. Especially if it concerns how much makeup I wear. I am that kind of girl who loves to glam up all the time - it makes me feel so fantastic, and I feel like I can do anything - and glamming up means to me that I wear a full face of makeup even during school. Since any of the schools I have been to haven't had any rules about it, I have never worried about how much makeup I wear.
To clear this up - just because I like to wear a lot of makeup, it does not mean that I am pretending to be someone else, or that I am insecure about how I look. That’s not the case here. If you are not the type to wear makeup, then I am just trying to explain to you a little bit how makeup makes me feel, and how this can make me feel more confident.

You know, those days when you are just feeling really down and then you get to do the one thing that makes you feel so incredible, and like you can do anything in the world? Putting on and wearing makeup feels exactly like that to me. Putting on makeup in the morning is the thing that sometimes helps me to get out of bed, and helps me feel really confident on the days my acne gets really bad, and my face looks all red. It’s my little routine that keeps me exited, and happy even on the days I feel like crap.
So yes, my main reason as to why I started using makeup is that I have had acne since I was 10, or 11. It has torn down my confidence a lot over the years, but I have learned to build it up again. For me, it was difficult dealing with acne as I got it way before my friends did, and I still have it; it’s like my own little demon who never goes away, but using makeup has helped me to get over this feeling, and it gives me the confidence boost I need every day. Makeup is like magic to me; I don’t use it to hide myself, but to cover up the things that make me feel bad about myself, and emphasize the features I love. It’s as simple as that.
For the sake of other girls, please don’t ask them why they wear makeup. You may never know what someone is going through, or all of the reasons as to why they are wearing makeup. Maybe they just love it so much, and they enjoy switching it up from time to time. Maybe they have medical reasons. Maybe they have acne they have been battling with for years, and the only thing that helps them is wearing makeup. You never know someone else’s story, so never just jump into your own conclusions, and absolutely never tell a girl that she should wear less makeup, as that can be taken in the wrong way. She may assume that you think she is not beautiful, or that she is not accepted by others if she does what feels good for her. So, please always think before you speak. It may hurt someone a lot if asked in the wrong way.

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