Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Halloween Jelly Treats | October Gust Post Month

For this post, I have a spooky treat for you monsters today, and it comes in the form of this disgustingly great jellies!

Originally, I saw a video on
Tastemade's website for these, but they were fish bowls instead, and looked amazing. So, me being me I was like I neeeed to try these out, but I will add a twist to them, and make them for my favourite day of the year - the 31st of October.
Now, these are so simple and so easy to do, perfect for if you have little monsters or if you are hosting a Halloween themed party! One thing I will mention before we get started is that if these are for an event then do them the night before. Believe me, the more time these creepy jellies have enough time to set, the better!!!
This recipe idea was originally from Tastemade. I have put my own twist on it, but no copyright is intended.
In the Tastemade recipe, they used gelatine. Now, you can obviously use this, but I had left over red strawberry jelly, which I used as a substitute, so I didn't have to go, and buy any gelatine.
What you will need:
Wine glasses (or plastic ones if you are doing it with children)
Jelly (I used one pack of red so it looks like blood, you can use whatever colour you want) or gelatine (you'll need food colouring for this)
A selection of Halloween sweets (I used glow stick pumpkin -lolli-pops, chocolate eyeballs, Haribo trick or treat mix and strawberry laces, all from a pound shop)
A wooden spoon
Two jugs
A fridge
How to make these blood inspired treats:
1. Start off with the jelly or gelatine. Your instructions may differ from mine, depending on what brand you use. However, mine are:
Separate the jelly into cubes for best results, and pop them into one of your jugs. With your other jug, pour in 1/2 pint (285ml) of boiling water, and add to the jelly.
Stir with your wooden spoon until the cubes have dissolved completely.
With the jug, fill it up to 285ml again with cold water, and stir into the jelly mixture.
Leave to cool down.
I obviously have no idea what your gelatine says to do since I am using that
 but do what it says, and then at the end at some food colouring, if you want to do what I did, use red colouring.
2. Whilst your jelly/gelatine is cooling, take your wine glasses, (or plastic ones depending on what you are using) and place the Haribo trick, or treat mixture at the bottom or any other gummy sweets that you have.
3. Add a little bit of the jelly, just enough to cover the sweets at the bottom of the glass, and put in the freezer for about 10 minutes, just so it has set a bit. Check it every 5 minutes!
4. Take them out of the freezer, and add more jelly to the container, and place your strawberry lace worms in there, twist them around a bit, and be sure to let them hang off the rim of the glass. Then pop your creepy eyeball in there, and place in the fridge to set completely.
Now, this is where you would leave them for a few hours or overnight so they can set.
5. Once they have set into chilling, wibbly wobbly blood then take them out, place one of them cool pumpkin glow in the dark lollipops in it, and enjoy!
The creepy sweet treat in all of its gruesome glory...
Not going to lie, them eyes are following me everywhere - they are creepy as!
Anyway, this is so easy and so simple to do. Where have they been all my life?!
You can switch the sweets around though. You can do it for all sorts of occasions (not just Halloween) and they are really fun to do so great if you have little monsters at home.
If you don't want to drink blood, then why not try doing it with slime (green jelly) instead!
The list of what you can do with this is endless.
I hope you have loved this ghoulish treat for the big day. Thank you for having me Jade!
Well, I am off on my broomstick now!

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