Monday, 3 October 2016

Embarrasing Moments | October Guest Post Month

Last week I ran a #chattybees Twitter chat. It was my first Twitter chat that I'd been there for the whole way through, as well as the first one that I'd hosted. I wasn't really sure what to expect but I chose the topic 'Embarrassing Moments'. It went really well! Lots of people joined in and I gained more that 15 Twitter followers which basically doubled my following. Everyone else who took part was a lot older than me (I hope to host a chat that's aimed more towards people my age soon) but we bonded over being embarrassing. I decided this topic was a safe bet to talk about because even if they didn't have anything to chat about, I could talk for hours! I'm a very embarrassing person. 
I also remember my embarrassing moments just as I'm going to bed; my eyes will almost be closed and then my brain will say 'OK, no sleep for you. We're going to think about the time you...' And those moments haunt me forever! I suppose I'm a bit of a hypocrite in that sense. I love reminding/teasing my friends about their experiences, but I HATE it when they remind me of mine. When I asked the people in the Twitter chat if they ever reminded their friends, the majority of them said that's what friends are for! Although, a few said that they don't remind them in case their friends then bring up something they did. Another problem I have with being embarrassed is that I blush as red as a tomato at anything and then people say 'oh, look, you've gone red ' Like, well done genius! I can tell. I'm also a very emotional person. If I get through a film, no matter what it is, without crying, I consider it to be a success. I cried at Frozen the first time I saw it!!
When I get embarrassed, it generally leads to me crying, which leads to a whole load of questions on why I'm crying! Over the years I've come up with a list of things to do if you can feel tears about to fall and you don't want them to..
1. In your head, count to 20 and blink every 5 numbers. Generally, I tend to look upwards as this seems to help the most. I use this one quite often actually - in fact I used it today when I felt I was going to cry!
2. Don't speak, but try and laugh instead if you can. It can literally be at anything, but don't be mean! You have to be careful not to make it sound false and if you're worried about that, just smile. Smiling for 60 seconds improves how you're feeling even if the smile is fake.
 3. This is probably the one I use most. Pretend either you're having problems with your contact lenses or you have hay fever. You have to be quite committed to the case to pull this one off, but people tend to believe you if you give them enough detail!

Everyone has embarrassing moments. It just depends on how they react to them. The most embarrassing thing I've done that I can think of at the moment is when I slid down a very large, muddy hill, almost into the river at rowing camp, in the 'starfish' shape and in front of everyone - or, there was the time that I fell during a race, 3 strokes from the start! Actually, the whole of my Year 8 experience at school was an embarrassment. I don't think I got through a single day without crying, but now most people, especially those who were in my class know me as the 'crying girl'. Take my advice - if you really need to cry, wait until after school or do it somewhere private. I deeply regret that year of my life...

I want you to know that even if they don't show it, everyone gets embarrassed. THAT IS FINE!! In fact, share your most embarrassing moment down below and have a (kind) chuckle at everyone else's comments :)

P.S: I'm trying to get 1000 page views by October (200 needed) and 200 Bloglovin' followers by the time it's Christmas! (180 needed)

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