Friday, 7 October 2016

Confidence | October Guest Post Month

Hey, Hello, Whaddup? Readers of Jade’s blog, I am Tanya, and I am here to share 5 brilliant ways on how to be more confident. Before I begin with the tips, let me tell you a few things about being confident. Confidence, my friend is the key to success. Let me explain how. If you walk into a room with the utmost confidence, and state that “In a different part of the world, bananas are pink”, there is a high chance that 1/4th of the room will believe you. What happens is that, people will wonder "how exactly are you this confident?", stating something this stupid which psychologically leads them into believing that you are probably right. Even though you are far from it.
So let me share with you 5 amazing ways on how to be more confident.
1. Have a positive outlook – This is extremely important. Having a positive outlook on real life situations makes it easier for you to deal with it, which in turn gives your confidence a much-needed boost. Keep those negative thoughts away! I know it’s easier said than done, but I suggest you talk yourself out of it - which leads me to the next point..
2. Love yourself – I can’t stress enough how important this tip is either. You have got to fall in love with yourself, with your weird habits, and your beautiful soul. Look at this way - the more at ease you are with yourself, the easier it becomes for you to be confident.
3. Make mistakes, and have bad days – This is also important too, my friend. You have got to make mistakes to know how it feels when you pull yourself back only, this time, stronger. In addition to this, have a bad day, but remember, even bad days only have 24 hours.
4. Create goals, and have ambitions – Have dreams that make you get out of bed in the morning. Seriously, the more focused you are, the more confident you become. Have short, long, and medium-sized goals. It has to be something you really want, whether a number of followers on your blog, or the A grade you have always wanted.  
5. And, lastly remember that kindness goes a long. So, sprinkle that thing everywhere. Honestly, always be kind. Especially to people who do you wrong. This gives you an air of confidence. And, as the famous Selena Gomez song goes “kill them with kindness”
So, that was 5 ways to help you! I am sure there are many more though. So, be a sweetheart and leave them in the comments to help each other! Before you go, don’t forget to check my blog out, and thank you Jade for letting me guest post in the first place!

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