Monday, 17 October 2016

Behind The Brand: Aloha Lola Cards | October Guest Post Month

Aloha! My name is Claire, and I am the owner of Aloha Lola Cards, a design business which creates blog banners, logos, business cards, caricatures, and more!
In my lifespan, I have had an abundance of jobs - the good, the bad and, well,  the ugly - but I am as pleased as punch to say this job has, by far, been my favourite. I have always been an imaginative individual, and combining this with my love of animating... well, it's like the magic combination!
So, enough harping on. Here's a behind the scenes peek of what I do for you lovely lot...
Let's Get Inspired
The first stage is just a friendly, informal chat to ask what you want from your design. We will go through vibes, colour themes, illustrations, font choices, layout... Chucking around ideas, and inspiration ,and seeing what we both come up with! I have a variety of requests, including logos featuring pastel unicorns, banners starring the blogger as a caricature surrounded by her passions, and loves, business branding featuring Disney castles, and characters - and lots more besides! 
Putting Your Design Together
I always create the design in stages - ensuring I get a nod of approval before continuing on to the next. Everything you see featured on my banners is hand drawn by me, which I think is incredibly important for various reasons. Firstly, it is always very obvious - at least to me -  if artwork has been copied or lifted, the banner will look odd, or mismatched, because it samples different types of illustration styles. In addition, it's important for copyright reasons that the designer creates their own artwork, and that is also proof you're getting your money's worth. 
Finishing Touches 
I will always present the final copy of the banner to you with the option for any final touches. It's so important that you're pleased with it. Honestly. It really is. I am a bit of a perfectionist (I realise that's a cliché for an artist!) so making sure it's spot on is just as significant for me as it is for you!
Need a new banner or logo? Visit me on Etsy:
I'm on Twitter and Instagram! - @alohalolacards 

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