Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Behind The Brand: Abstruse London | October Guest Post Month

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a brand on Instagram that I hadn't heard of before. I noticed that they only had around 300 followers, and through the images that I saw, I was immediately intrigued as to what they were all about. The designs are unlike anything on the high-street. They are 100% original, and no two pieces are completely the same, which is something that I really like, and appreciate about brands, particularly ones that 
are within the fashion genre. You can see a snippet of their style in the image above, but you can also check out their Instagram (@abstruse.ldn), or their website
if you want to find out more. On the 'About Us' section, they have said that "Abstruse is the new London based brand on the scene. We are all about simplicity, in order to create colourful and unique looks. Abstruse is inspired immensely by a broad range of creative outlets and therefore believes strongly in the freedom of expression ".

I decided to get in contact with owner, and illustrator Rachel Thompson herself to get more of an insight into the background of the brand. This is what she had to say..

I had been sketching for some time in sketchbooks. A particular linear style became apparent. It wasn't until my first year of college that I got the idea to turn my illustrations into something physical, for other people to enjoy also. I was and currently am, a student of Art&Design and the course has helped me to explore a variety of visual effects. There was a unit in the first year of college about 'creating your own brand', of which was a concept based project for everyone that lasted 3 weeks.
The more I worked on the project, the more I could see my brand becoming a success. I wanted to take it further and I just couldn't deny myself that opportunity.
I started up an instagram account first @abstruse.ldn, and started uploading my initial sketches to the account. Gradually, more people found the work and began seeing the aims I had, which were clothing based. After that, I got in contact with a printing company called Zen Essex and I worked alongside them in the Summer holidays of 2016. They taught me all the behind the scenes processes, costing's and opportunities that are out there. 
Using all my own money that I had put aside, I began investing. The first prototypes that were made were on low budget Primark T-Shirts that I bought. This was just to visualise the product properly. With these being a success, I ordered massive boxes of stock from an online garment supplier. I bought storage boxes, shipping bags, an online website subscription, flyers - the lot!
This doesn't feel like a job. For me, it is a hobby and therefore I enjoy every moment of it! My illustrations are always hand-drawn, as I don't believe in perfection. My designs/clothing ideas encourage expression.
My friends and family were the first people to invest in my products and I am forever grateful for their support. 
The printing/production studios continue to strongly believe in me and my designs. We are arranging photo shoots and video adverts.
I aim to reach out far and wide. My biggest aim is to one day see someone, whom I do not know, wander about the streets wearing something from my brand. I couldn't imagine anything giving me more joy.

Written by: Rachel Thompson

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