Sunday, 16 October 2016

Apps Every Blogger Needs | October Guest Post Month

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Hi! Firstly, I’m Laura. I have been blogging for over a year, and I thought that today I would share apps with you all that I use that I find very helpful. Blogging can be a very time worthy hobby. You're having to plan, write, take photos, edit said photos, and then promote your posts! I find that these apps save me a lot of time, and seeing as they are on my phone, I can use them anywhere and anytime. I just want to quickly say that not every blogger has to use them. These are just my suggestions!

In the blogging process, the first thing I do is plan and to do this, I use Google Calendar. At the start of every month, I sit down with my notebook, and make a list of all the posts I want to write in that month, and then put them on the calendar. I have them colour coded for each category, and this corresponds with the colours on my spread sheet (more on that later!). I can then see what blog posts are up when, and what else I have on at that time, so I can plan when to write the posts.

Secondly, I put all the posts into my spreadsheet on Google Sheets (this can be found in Google Drive), where I colour code them. On the first page, I have a list, and then 6 columns titled “Photos Needed”, “Photos Taken” “Photos Edited” “Written” “Proof Read”, and “Scheduled”. When each of these things are done, I colour in the box. This helps me keep track of all the posts for that month, as well as what they need.

The next app is for writing and drafting posts and that is your  host app. For me, it would be the Blogger App because my blog is with Blogger. I personally don’t like the blogger app, but I know that a lot of people do, so it really is up to personal opinion. On the apps, you can draft posts, and upload images, which is really handy if you can’t get to your computer,or for if you are blogging on the go.

This one is kind of cheating, because it is actually a website that is bringing out an app. I use to edit all my blog photos and I really couldn’t recommend it enough! They have 4 main features “Edit”, “Touch-Up”, “Design” and “Collage”. They have loads of tools within these sections such as overlays, brightness and contrast editing, filters and text. The best thing is that it is free to use (although some features you pay for)!

The last apps that I find good are Buffer, and Hootsuite. I always forget to be active on social media, especially Twitter, and these apps are really useful for that. You can go on the app, and schedule tweets to go up at certain times, which is perfect for if you are going away, or want to be off your phone for a bit. They are both really easy to use, but my favourite is Buffer. You can also set reminders for you to post on Instagram, which is also great!

I hope this post was helplful in someway. Maybe I told you about some apps that you didn’t know about before?



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