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An Insight Into: Love From...


Magazine journalism has always been something that's fascinated me for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I'd always go to the corner shop with my grandparents to pick up a bag of sweets, and a magazine of my choice. I'm a self-confessed bookworm, and always have been, so reading of any sort, whether it be books, magazines, or blog posts is just perfect for me!

Somebody who knows what she's talking about when it comes to this kind of thing is Florence Grace (or Flo, as everyone typically calls her!), the founder, and editor of Love From magazine. As I'm now fortunate enough to be able to write for the magazine myself, I thought that I'd put together a little interview to help all of you understand the whole 'behind the scenes' process of creating, and producing a magazine for all to read. This is my first time interviewing somebody for anything ever, and I really put my heart, and soul into the questions, so I hope you all think I did well! Anyway, I asked Flo a couple of different questions, so without further ado, let's find out her answers..

1. What was the inspiration behind creating Love From? Where did it all begin?

 I love being in charge and so being my own boss was something I wanted to do anyway. I've always loved writing and had just started my blog and doing work experience for other mags and online sites, and I just realised that there wasn't any magazine that wasn't totally obsessed with women's bodies and looks. So when I found this niche in the market and combined it with my love or writing and magazines and the desire to be my own boss, it all just fell into place; Flo, you should start your own magazine!

2. Tell us about the sort of topics that are covered in each issue. Why do you feel they are important to your readers?

Each issue covers a huge variety of topics from careers and photography tips to travel and mental health, from exercise to recipes and seasonal articles about Christmas or Halloween (whichever seasonal activity is relevant!). We do cover fashion and beauty in just one article, because we know that appeals to our audience but we do focus 99% on lifestyle and more important every day issues! I try to focus on things that really matter, not so much on women's bodies, weight and looks! I feel it's important as most of my readers are women (and we have lots of young readers too) that we really do discuss important things that will benefit them, rather than just telling them "you're too fat, do this to lose weight".

3. How do you go about picking writers for the blog, and columnists for the printed copy of the mag?

The process is very similar- if people want to write for me, all they have to do is pitch a column idea to me and then send a sample of that writing, preferably covering a similar topic. I then decide based on your skill and ability whether you are able to write for the blog or the actual printed magazine. If I set you off on the blog, this gives you the chance to develop your writing and pretty soon I'll have you writing for the magazine too!

4. What would you say has been your biggest achievement throughout this whole journalism journey?

Katie Hopkins congratulating me on my writing talent and praising me for starting my own magazine was amazing, and Jane Felstead (Binky from MIC's mum) has also praised me for starting my own magazine too. However, outside of the magazine, journalism has taken me to fashion shows, film premiers and everything in between, it's all been so amazing!

5. Do you have a long term dream/goal for the future of the magazine?

I'd love for the magazine to come with regular freebies and to be able to afford to produce it weekly- I'd also like to actually make a living from the magazine so it could become my full time job, as at the moment I actually make a loss on the magazine, which makes it difficult to maintain!

6. Are there any topics that you personally feel particularly passionate about?

Feminism, racism and mental health. All of them have gradually become more and more talked about over the last few years but now there seems to be a real divide between those who support different genders and cultures and those with MH problems and those who don't. Its on my timeline on Twitter and Facebook almost every day and it's great that so many people are talking about it and raising awareness- it's not so great that there are still so many trolls and idiots around who are totally misinformed about each topic! I'm passionate about speaking out about all of those, but particularly feminism as that's something I feel more educated in so feel more able to speak about accurately.

Thank you SO much to Flo for taking the time to answer these questions for this blog post. She really is an absolute gem to work with, and she puts all of her effort into both the blog, and the printed magazine, meaning that she does honestly deserve all of the love, and support that she can get. She also runs her own blog, and has other work commitments, as well as a social life, so there really is no rest for her. She's a super busy bee, in fact. Her story goes to show that if you really want something, then you can get it, and work your way up to become a huge success!
If you would like to check any of her links out, then you can do so here:

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Lots of love always,
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