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Balancing School And Blogging | #TTATB

Myself, and Lauren are finally bringing you another instalment of our "The Truth About Teenage Bloggers" project. Today's topic is going to be all about balancing school, and blogging. If you're reading this, and you're thinking of stopping right here, because you don't go to school, then fear not. This post can also apply to you if you have your own job, or if you just generally feel as though you don't have enough time on your hands to focus on your blog as much as you'd like to.
However, this post is typically aimed towards you teenage bloggers out there, because it's something that both of us girls can relate to, meaning that we're able to help you out a little more.
Although blogging is most definitely one of the best things ever, you have to remember that your education comes right at the front on your list of priorities. You only get one shot, and if you screw it up, then you won't ever do as good as you could have done, no matter how many times you may try afterwards.
Anyway, without further ado, let's just get on with the tips that you're all desperately longing to hear!

Seek inspiration everywhere. When blogging, you don't have to stick to only one type of post. Here at Simply Jadey, I cover all sorts of topics, from self-confidence to Seventeen makeup to styling certain fashion pieces. I don't stick myself in a box, and force myself to conform to a certain niche. It's all about broadening your blogging horizon. No matter what it is that you feel like talking about, just go for it. There will always be someone who can relate, or take something from the post. You never know how many lives you're impacting.

Don't put blogging before school. School is your priority whilst you're there. I know it may seem pointless, and it may seem like you're going in just to complete your countdown to the day where you can finally leave for good, but you will miss it once you have left. I don't leave secondary school until next June, and I'm already thinking about it far more than I probably should be. Your grades will ultimately get you further at this moment in time, even if blogging did become your full time career in the future. You shouldn't neglect your studying, because you want to get up that blog post you feel so passionately about. That isn't the way it works, unfortunately. Spend a few hours completing your work, and then spend the rest of your evening blogging. I do this, and trust me, it will benefit you. Think of it as rewarding yourself after all the effort.

Sort out all of your other main priorities first. Leading on from my previous post, it's important that you put your daily life before blogging. It sucks, but it has to be done, and you'll be grateful for it in years to come. Maybe you should try setting yourself to-do lists. Eat your dinner, do all of your homework, or revision, pack your bag, get your uniform ready, have a shower, and then after all of that, you can blog. Of course, you don't have to listen to my advice, but the whole purpose of this post is for me to try, and help you based upon my own personal experiences. After your to-do list is completed, and you settle down in the evening to focus on your blog, you will feel as though you have been so productive!

Instead of sticking to a tight routine, schedule, schedule, schedule. Scheduling is honestly an absolute life-saver for me. I don't have the time to be posting every single day then promoting across social media, replying to comments, and all of that other jazz that goes alongside blogging. I do (believe it, or not) have a life outside of my blog, and I also have other things that I need to do, which don't involve the internet in any way. I always write my posts up a few weeks in advance, and then schedule them to go up at the same time every Wednesday, and Sunday. It reduces the pressure that I pile upon myself, and it means that my content is better as well, because I'll be writing the posts when I have the time, and the motivation. It's a win, win situation, right? Oh, and if you really wanna push yourself, then you can schedule tweets too! I'm not the gal to ask about that, but I'm sure plenty of other bloggers, or even Google would be able to help you on that one.

Introduce guest bloggers to your blog. One thing that I'm going to be doing throughout October is introducing guest bloggers to my blog. Even though I've done countless collabs, I've never actually had another blogger write for me before, which is crazy to think! It just means that I can take a break from writing for a month (well, for the most part), and you get to see different writing styles, and ideas too. It just gives me a chance to spice things up a bit, and it means I can feature some of my favourite girlies! I can still organise everything, and put the posts together, but it just means I can take a bit of a back seat, and let other people take the reins for a while. What's not to love?

Don't stop yourself from taking a break around exam season. I'm ending on one of the most important ones of the bunch. Well, they're all important (obviously), but still, you know what I mean! If you're like myself, and you're now in Year 11, you'll understand just how important this year is. Things are only going to get harder, for you, and I, so we have to make sure that we put all of our energy, and effort into whatever exams we have, even if they're just past papers. Every bit of practise counts towards preparing us for the real thing. I personally have my mock exams in December (fine timing, I know!), which I'm still going to put 100% effort into, because they really do count. The same goes for all of my coursework that I'm doing. I'm actually hoping to do some sort of blogmas type thing in December, which will be the time that I'm having my mocks, so I'll probably schedule in advance, and throw in some more guest bloggers then! Exciting times are coming. Well, they'll be stressful too, but it will all be worth it in the end.

These are a few of the ways that I find help me personally, and so fingers crossed that you will find them beneficial to you too. If there are any top tips you want to suggest to other people in the comments below, then please feel free to do so! We're all here for each other. Let me know what year you're now in as well, and if you have any big exams coming up in the next few months!

What do you think about scheduling your posts? Have you ever scheduled tweets?!
Lots of love always,

Jade xo
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