Friday, 30 September 2016

Autumnal Q&A

It seems to me that I haven't done a Q&A for absolutely ages, so that's exactly what I'm going to be doing today. I asked for some questions over on both my Twitter, and my Instagram for anything that you wanted to know in relation to Autumn. Even if you didn't get a chance to ask me something this time, I'm sure there will be plenty more opportunities in the future! Anyway, let's jump straight into it..

Do you have any autumnal/fall traditions? @olivia_alesha  - Hmm, I wouldn't say I do actually. When it gets to September/October time, I always have to wear cosy jumpers, and I also switch up my makeup to much it darker, and quite a bit heavier. A tradition used to be that my family would always have fireworks on Bonfire Night at my grandparents, and my granddad would set them all up in their back garden, and we'd all have sparklers, and be decked out in winter wear! I can't actually think of anything else.. Let me know your traditions in the comments though!

What's the first Halloween costume you remember having? What will you dress up as this year? @invocatiblog - This may sound surprising to you, and I'll probably be perceived as incredibly boring, but I've never been the type of person to dress up for Halloween! I used to have these fake witch claws, a black cloak, a witch's hat, and a witch's nose that I'd wear if people knocked at the door at my grandparents, and I also had a little witch's basket that I'd put the sweets in. I was devastated one year, because I was in the toilet (tmi, soz) when a load of older kids came knocking! It was heartbreaking at the time, believe me. I probably won't be dressing up this year either, because I'm not even a massive Halloween fan, truth be told! Don't judge me, eek..

Have you tried the Starbucks pumpkin spice latee yet? Favourite Autumn clothing trends? @oh.morgs - I'm much more of a Costa gal at heart, so I haven't tried the Starbucks pumpkin spice latee yet, but who knows, I may end up doing so! I can't imagine myself being a massive pumpkin fan though? It just doesn't sound, or seem very appealing to me! As for my favourite Autumn clothing trends - well, where do I begin?! I literally love them all! Chunky, over-sized jumpers, ankle boots, tartan scarves, cosy blanket wraps - the lot. If it's khaki, burgundy, deep berry, mustard, burnt orange or anything monochrome, then I'm interested. I can't wait to do some more Autumnal look books, and makeup looks. There's plenty coming your way, I promise!

Earliest Autumn memory? @emsirose (I've included my answer to @everythingxerin's question to, which was 'What's your favourite memory of Autumn?') - As I said earlier, I used to spend Bonfire Night at my grandparents, and it was honestly my favourite thing ever! I'd always write my name in the sky with sparklers, and I'd love how cosy, and festive it was. Seeing as I don't particularly love Halloween, and I certainly don't go overboard for it, I always enjoy fireworks, and sparklers. Having said that though, I did get too scared last year, so I kinda just hid, and screamed the whole time - oops!


Favourite Autumnal drink? Opinion on pumpkin spice latees? @ellsworldd - My favourite Autumnal drink is a classic. Either a typical English cuppa (it has to be fairly milky, and sweet though!), or a Belgian hot chocolate with marshmallows, and whipped cream. I know I probably sound soo cliché right now, but nothing can compare to the classics, I'm afraid! To answer your second question, my opinion (even though I haven't tried them yet) is that they don't seem to appeal to me all that much. I understand I may be offending a lot of people here, but this Q&A's all about honesty, right? Pumpkin spice latees must be the 'in drink', I'm assuming? I have no idea though!

What's your favourite Autumn candle scent? - Burning candles is my favourite thing to do ever every when it gets to September/October time. I absolutely bloody love it! Sitting in bed with my phone, and my iPad, a hot chocolate (as described in the prefer answer), and a snack, whilst my fairy lights are on, and a candle is burning, preferably watching The Great British Bake Off, or I'm A Celebrity, or The X Factor.. That's perfect to me!! Wait, that isn't even the question. I like anything in the Autumn that smells like gingerbread, bonfires, the crisp morning air, or something musky! I'm actually on the lookout for some more, so please let me know if you have any favourites that you think I'd like!

What's your favourite thing to do in Autumn? @hollyx_01 - Oooh, what a tricky question! As Autumn is my favourite season, there's quite a few things that are favourites of mine. I normally just stay in, and blog, because it's too cold outside, but I like going for a hot chocolate in Costa, and I also like going on walks to the woods, or for a meal at the carvery some evenings with my family. It's all a lot more chilled out, so I'm in my element to be honest!

What's your go to Autumn lip? @gracexkatex - This is another tricky one, agh! I love, love, love Autumnal makeup, and you'll probably be able to tell eventually, because I'll have so many blog posts about different trends, and my favourite looks to create that you'll be sick of Autumn by the time we reach Halloween! My go to lip would either be some sort of plum red, or berry shade. I even branched out last year to a purple - check me out!

Are you into the whole 'dark lips for Autumn' makeup trend? @olivia_alesha - Absolutely, 100%. Nothing completes a makeup look in Autumn like a dark lipstick. Trust me when I say it's a trend for a reason, and it actually has been for as long as I can remember. I always do my makeup, so that it matches the season that we're in, and the same can be said for my clothes as well. I become inspired by the burnt orange, and deep red leaves, the frosty, crisp mornings, the woodland walks, and the way the evenings draw in much earlier. I guess it just affects the way I do my makeup, because I want it to be reflective, and I always think you can be so much more creative during the cooler months than you can in the warmer ones.

What is the best thing about Autumn? @ellenschapters - The best thing about Autumn? Honestly, I could say that I (hand on heart) love absolutely everything. Well, except Halloween! It sounds really weird that I don't love a seasonal celebration, which is so significant for many people when they hear the word 'Autumn', but I just don't see the whole hype about it. Maybe it's just because I HATE anything to do with horror, and I literally would wet myself if someone even jumped behind me. It doesn't stop me wanting to go to Fright Night at Thorpe Park though. Sometimes, scary is good, and exciting! I'm sure a lot of people love the free sweets that come alongside trick, or treating too, so maybe that's why it's such a huge festivity. I just love the way Autumn makes me feel. All of the television programmes are AMAZING, it gets a lot more cosy, hot chocolates, and Lush baths come back full force, all of the Autumn stock of everything comes out (yes Lush, I'm looking at you), and things just get a whole lot better. Don't get me wrong, I love Summer, but I'm definitely ready for crisp weather, and cosiness now, that's for sure.

I've absolutely loved doing this little Autumnal themed Q&A for you today. It was actually so much fun to answer all of your questions! Let me know what all of your answers would be down below, and if you feel you missed out on this opportunity, then you can ask me whatever you want down below, and I shall answer it there for you!

Here's to cosy jumpers, hot chocolates, Lush baths, and Bonfire Night!
Lots of love always,
Jade xo
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