Saturday, 17 September 2016

20 Questions Tag

I was nominated by one of my gorgeous friend's Lexi to do the 20 Questions Tag, so that's exactly what I'm going to be doing today! Please go, and check out Lexi's blog, and also read her version of the tag, because she's one of my closest blogging friends, and she really does work so hard on all of her content. I'm sure she would appreciate the love, and support! Thank you for the nomination Lex. Now, let's get started..

The Questions & My Answers
1. Things you cannot leave the house without? - My phone, headphones, the lip product that I'm wearing, Vaseline, my purse, and my handbag.
2. Favourite brand of makeup? - This is a tough one! I'd probably have to say either Sleek, Rimmel, or Seventeen.
3. Favourite flowers? - Tulips!
4. Favourite clothing stores? - New Look, Topshop, H&M, and Primark. (I'm a self-confessed shopaholic, what can I say?)
5. Favourite perfume? - Vera Wang 'Princess'
6. Heels or flats? - Flats, all the way! I never get the chance to wear heels, and I'm quite tall anyway.
7. Do you make good grades? - I like to think so, but I'm not too sure really. It depends on the subject, I guess.
8. Favourite colours? - Purple, grey, and blue.
9. Do you drink energy drinks? - Yeah, but I have my favourites! I don't drink them all.
10. Do you drink juice? - I usually drink apple, orange, or blackcurrant.
11. Do you like swimming? - Yes, I do!
12. Do you eat chips with a fork? - No, not really. I usually eat them with my fingers.
13. What's your favourite moisturiser? - The Body Shop's Vitamin E Moisturiser.
14. Do you want to get married later on in life? - I think so, yeah!
15. Do you get mad easily? - I suppose it depends on the situation, but I can definitely snap quite quickly.
16. Are you into ghost hunting? - Not at all! I'm such a scaredy cat when it comes to things that relate to horror.
17. Any phobias? - I'd probably have to say insects, big spiders, heights, and anything else that may give me anxiety. It varies, but those are the main ones that stick out in my mind.
18. Do you bite your nails? - I only bite them occasionally, when I'm anxious, or bored.
19. Have you ever heard a near death experience? - I've nearly been run over many a time. I'm so ditsy when it comes to crossing roads, and that was a fear for the longest time. I'm getting much better at it now though.
20. Do you drink coffee? - No way, I absolutely hate the taste!

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