Monday, 29 August 2016

My Fauxchella Lineup*

The festival season has well and truly begun - woo! To celebrate this, I teamed up with TickPick to create my own Fauxchella line up and I genuinely can't tell you how excited I am about this. TickPick is a really cool website, which allows you to buy and sell tickets for any events, whether that be concerts, or an NFL game. Doesn't that sound awesome?!
As for my line up, I chose all of these bands, and singers, because they really are my favourites that I could have thought of. I listen to quite a wide variety of music, so it was actually pretty difficult for me to narrow it down, but I managed it, and I'm here to share my picks with you today!

Ed Sheeran
I've listened to Ed's music for as long as I can remember, and even the first time that I heard one of his songs, I had already fallen in love with him! Being able to sing is enough of a talent as it is, but being able to play the guitar, connect with your audience and perform time and time again - that's what you call a real artist worth listening to. I have wanted to see him live in concert for ages now, but unfortunately, the right opportunity hasn't come about just yet! If I'm being honest with you, I really do love most of his songs, bar one, or two (sorry Ed!), but if I had to pick my ultimate favourites, then I'd have to say Photograph, Give Me Love, and All Of The Stars. What I find so attractive is that some of his songs are really upbeat, and the sort that you would blast through your speakers, but others are really heartfelt, and you can connect to them on an emotional level, probably due to the fact that they are written with an acoustic guitar in them as well. If you want to know how to win my heart, then literally just play me something on an acoustic guitar.
Shawn Mendes
A young lad who really makes my heart melt is Shawn Mendes. He's quite literally my idea of perfect! Not only is he close in age to me, but he can play the guitar (can you spot the theme here?), he has an absolutely stunning voice, and he's bloody gorgeous himself. The only downside of the whole thing is that he lives about 8 hours away from me, and he's got like millions of supporters, so I probably wouldn't be right at the top of his potential girlfriend list, but hey, you never know. Dream big and all that. Considering he only turned 18 at the beginning of this month though, he's honestly come so far, and that makes me so happy! Going on a world tour when you have only just turned an adult is insane. My most favourites songs of his are probably Treat You Better and Imagination. If I ever got to listen to him live, I'd probably have a heart attack, but I honestly love him, and his music so, so much that it would be a dream come true!
The 1975
Ever since 2013, my favourite band has been The 1975. I can't quite remember how I came across them, but I know that I just instantly felt a connection to their music. I think listening to them for the first time made me realise just how diverse my taste was, because there was no longer one specific type of music that I'd listen to - I just loved so many different varieties. I'm actually hoping to go and see them in concert when they come to London in December, but whether, or not that happens, I don't know yet. Some of my favourite songs from them are The Sound, Girls and Settle Down. Even if you're not usually into boy bands, or rock music, I can guarantee that you'll probably like at least one of their songs, because they are the type that you would want to jump up and down to!
Who doesn't love a little bit of Drake? He's the ultimate rapper to have at a festival, in my opinion! So many of his songs are such classics, like One Dance, Trust Issues and Started From The Bottom. Everyone loves the man, and he certainly knows how to have a party, so we'd all be jumping up, and down in no time!
There's quite a contrast going from Drake to Adele, but honestly, what music event would be complete without Adele performing? She's literally like my Queen. All of the lyrics in all of her songs mean something, and even though she's typically known to sing about romance, and love, I think that she does so in such a relatable way to many people, and that's why she's not like a lot of other singers. When she released her hit single Hello after that break she took, I'm pretty sure the whole world was blown away! She's so classy, and elegant, and I think she's the definition of what a successful, inspirational woman is. My favourite songs are actually Hello and Send My Love (To Your New Lover), which are her most recent releases as well. I like the fact that when she performs, she just stands there and sings into the microphone, swaying side to side occasionally, and using hand gestures. I prefer that to people jumping about, using flashing lights, because the focus is kept on her, and she really captures the audience.
Nicki Minaj
Despite the fact Nicki hasn't actually released much music over the past 2 years, I still think she's so sassy, and unique. The fact that she's a female rapper just makes me love her even more, because you don't get many of them, as far as I know, and she always comes across to be such a powerful, independent woman with hella sass, and I don't know, I just think she'd be so fun to have at a festival. She's always got crazy outfits, and I'm not gonna lie, I'd just want to see what her bum looks like in real life to be honest! I loved the song Pills N Potions when it came out, because even though there was still rapping in it, the words meant something, and she sung in bits as well, which I thought was really cool.
Demi Lovato
For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you might have heard me confess my love for Demi Lovato in previous posts. She's absolutely beautiful, and she's the sort of singer, who has lyrics that mean a lot to me. I've struggled with similar things to what she has, and I find that I can really relate to her through her music, and it helps bring me comfort, and courage. So many young people look up to her, and rightly so. If she were to perform at a festival, I'd want to hear Skyscraper, Really Don't Care and Give Your Heart A Break.
Troye Sivan
I discovered Troye on YouTube one day when I was watching Zoe's videos. This must have been quite a few years back, but I just thought he was so cute! When his song Happy Little Pill came out, I felt so proud of the fact that a YouTuber could put together such an incredible song, and since I've rediscovered him again recently, thanks to his song Youth, I've become an even bigger supporter than I was before! I think he's the cutest thing ever, and I'm so proud of his video for Youth, because it shows him happy with guys, and I just love the fact that he's so content with his sexuality, because that's how it should be! I've had Youth on constant repeat over the past few weeks and to have him at my dream festival. Well, that would be insaaane! It's such an upbeat song too, so I think the whole crowd would be in a really good mood afterwards.
James Bay
You're all going to think I'm obsessed, but I'm afraid I've got another acoustic artist - eek, sorry! I can't help it. I'm a sucker when it comes to an acoustic guitar. Fun fact - he was actually born about 30 minutes away from where I live now. Wahey, get in there Jade. No, I'm totally joking. This is one male singer I don't fancy, (surprisingly). If you couldn't already tell from my speech about The 1975, I quite like me some indie rock music. People probably wouldn't think so, because I'm forever singing along to pop, but there we go. I've let you in on one of my secrets now! I think that at a festival, when the suns starting to go down, you should always have an acoustic singer that you can wave your arms in the air to, and just chill whilst appreciating good company. For me, James Bay would do just that!
And finally, I'd have to make sure that Rihanna made an appearance, wouldn't I?! Seriously though, the chemistry between her and drake would be Too Good (see what I did there?), and I'm sure all of the crowd would be loving it! I'd want her to play some older songs, and then also some of her newer ones. Older ones would include Disturbia and Take A Bow, and then also some of the newer ones with Drake, and the firm favourite Work, of course!
That's it for my top picks! I really hope you enjoyed reading this post, because it was super fun to write. Music is one of my favourite things, and whenever I get an opportunity to feature it on my blog, I jump at the chance.
Remember to go and check out TickPick, and see if there is anything you're interested in.
Who would you want to have at your dream festival? Let me know in the comments below!
Lots of love always,
Jade xo


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