Monday, 1 August 2016

Monthly Memories: July

If July hasn't been one of the most eventful months of this entire year, then I don't know what has been! It's been go, go, go since the start and boy, do I feel emotionally drained now that we have come to the end of it. As I'm now on my summer holidays, I feel like August is going to be equally as hectic, but hey, I'm not complaining, because it's all worth it in the end for the amount of fun and fulfilment that I receive!

So much has happened over the past 31 days. Whenever I do these Monthly Memories posts, I always add a selection of 3-6 pictures, but this month, I just don't have any at all, apart from this one, which is hardly worth sharing anyway. Most of the things that have happened can't be captured by a camera, but I'm still going to be sharing them with you none-the-less.

First and foremost, I received my signed edition of Tanya Bakes through the post right at the beginning of the month. When I pre-ordered it, I didn't feel as though it was necessary to pay extra, because as long as I got it, it didn't really matter to me whether it came on the release date, or a couple of days after! I've already baked a Victoria Sponge using Tanya's recipe and so there will be a blog post going up all about that very soon and I'm sure there will be many more in the upcoming months as well.

Another major moment within July was that the Teenage Team had our first Twitter chat - how exciting! There have been a couple of others since then, and honestly, they have gone so well. I'm really proud of all of my girls and I'm also really pleased that so many teenage bloggers want to get involved in both our project and our Twitter chats! We have also started taking it in turns to post on our blog, which is another very exciting thing and that's also been getting a great response, so that's something that I'm really happy about that, as it had been in the works for a while and now we are finally able to produce content for it, which is just another step in the project that we have wanted to do since the beginning.

This month was also a really successful one for my blog. I got talking to quite a few fellow bloggers, which is something that always makes me super happy and I've also collaborated with some girls that I've been talking to for a while, who I bloody love! Collaborations also get me so happy and excited and I'm never one to turn down an opportunity when it arises! I reached 400 followers on my Bloglovin' and the big 1,00 on my Twitter - eeek! Thank you all so much for your continuous support. I know I say it quite a lot, but those are incredibly big numbers to me, considering I haven't been blogging for as long as some people. It's purely a hobby for me, and to see that there are so many people, who are backing me and showing me such love is just overwhelming, but amazing at the same time.

As well as that, I've been working with some more brands this month, which just makes me want to burst with joy! Blogging has and will never be about the freebies for me. They are simply just a bonus that I'm incredibly grateful for and by no means do I expect to be receiving parcels through the door every second of every day, but when I do, it really does make me feel so happy and so honoured. I will, of course, be doing blog posts about the products over the next month, and probably the upcoming months too, but that's just another thing for all of you to keep your eyes peeled for!

Simply Jadey is rapidly growing and things just keep on getting more and more exciting as the days go on. I feel so lucky that I get to have all of these incredible experiences and I can't wait to see what August has to offer for me, both personally and professionally.
Thank you all so much for your support, as always. You make all these wonderful things possible <3

Lots of love always,

Jade xo


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