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Makeup Of The Month: July

Hi everyone! I've got another beauty post today. How many of you can remember back to when I did my Makeup Of The Month Collab with Eleanor Claudie? Well, that's essentially what I'm going to be doing now! I've got a few new products this time round, and as we're well into Summer, what with the heat wave that we had at the end of last month, I thought that it would be the perfect time to show you the look that I've been absolutely loving lately! What better time to treat yourself to some beauty bits than during the Summer holidays? After all the hard work you have done over the previous academic year, you deserve it! Anyway, let's get on with the makeup look, shall we?

Now, I don't know whether I've mentioned it before, or not, but I'm really not the type of girl to wear foundation. In fact, I never wear it. You may be thinking, 'but Jade, you're meant to be a beauty blogger. I don't get how you can't wear foundation?'. Well, there's no set criteria to be able to blog about beauty and I don't want to talk about things and wear them if I don't feel 100% myself and 100% confident - I'm just not about that life! Don't get me wrong, I did used to try out many different foundations and CC creams and BB creams and all of that jazz, but I just don't anymore. If I do want to wear a base product, I'll wear a tinted moisturiser, but when it's warmer, I don't feel the need to anyway, as I'd probably end up melting anyway!

So instead, I just always opt for my trusty Seventeen Stay Time Concealer, as it covers up my dark circles and it manages to detract attention from any pesky blemishes that I may have! I don't really know where I'd put it on the coverage scale, because I'm not too good at telling the difference between light, medium and full, but what I can say is that it's really useful as far as concealers go and it's super affordable too!

Next up is blush. Blush, blush, blush. Well, funny story yet again that isn't even funny, but I never actually used to wear blush all that much. I'm naturally quite pale and I just didn't get the point of making my cheeks look pinker. Maybe I was being somewhat na├»ve, but now I feel as though I can fully appreciate the beauty that blushers, particularly these trio, have to offer. The Sleek Blush Palette in 'Pink Lemonade' was a product that I actually used to shy away from when I initially bought it. It may sound silly to some of you, because the colours don't really show up that bright on Google Images, but trust me when I say that they are b.r.i.g.h.t! I've already done a separate post on it, so you can check that out if you want to know a bit more about the colours and what not. I really have changed my mind about this trio though! I'll admit that I do still only gravitate towards one of the shades, but I'm working on it, okay? Don't be too hard on me! In terms of this particular palette, there's 1 cream shade and then 2 powder shades, but I do love all of them, even if I'm not brave enough to rock them all just yet. The fact that you get 3 high-quality, incredibly pigmented shades in a really sleek looking palette (see what I did there..?) for £10 is crazy amazing! There are other shades available if these bright pinks aren't quite your thing, but I think it's perfect for Summer!

Onto my favourite part of my makeup routine - highlight!! And, boy do I go overboard with my highlight. It's literally the thing that I look forward to the most when I'm doing my makeup. Who in this world doesn't want to look like a glowing glitter ball anyway? I know I do! That's why I always apply the Seventeen Shimmer Brick in 'Gold Bronze' to the tops of my cheekbones. I usually just get a small brush from Real Techniques, run it through all of the shades and then just pop it along the tops of my cheekbones. It's that simple! It's not even like you're investing loads of money into it, because it's literally just a couple of pounds from the high street, so how could you possibly go wrong?

For the eyes, I decided to step away from my trusty Seventeen Easy On The Eye Palette in the shade 'Birthday Suit' and instead, I'm now leaning towards the Sleek 'Storm Palette'. I usually stick to the first 2 or 4 shades at the moment, because that's the kind of look that I want to go for, but all of the shades are equally as gorgeous. Sleek has really been upping their game lately, what with their eye shadow palettes, their illuminating base products, their matte lip colours - I'm super impressed! I really like the variety of matte and shimmer shades and the fact that there's a mixture of both light and dark, so it's perfect for any look, whatever the season! They are really pigmented and blendable and I think that all of the colours compliment each other really nicely as well. They can be used just simply as a wash of colour or as a super dark, grungy kind of look! I'll be doing a separate post very soon, I'm sure.
As far as mascara goes, I've remained loyal to my holy grail, which is, of course, the Maybelline Lash Sensational. I mean, seriously, how many times have I gone on about my love for this mascara? It's probably just annoying all of you now, but I can't help it! I'm lucky in the fact that my eyelashes are naturally quite long and dark, but this beauty just makes them 10 times better still. It's lengthening, it's volumising, it's thickening - it's bloody perfect! I don't think I could ever use another mascara again now - oh, and it's super affordable, even though it's got ahmazing rose gold packaging. I know right? Perfection.

Normally, I use my Soap & Glory Brow Archery Pencil on my eyebrows, but this particular month, I had actually completely run out of it. Yes, it absolutely sucked, but I managed to find myself a temporary alternative! I actually used to use the Maybelline Brow Drama Gel Mascara on my eyebrows once I'd used the pencil first, but as it's quite a funny, gel texture (obviously), I found it pretty thick and stiff, so I just stopped and stuck to the pencil. However, since I ever so sadly ran out of the pencil, I started to use the brow gel just lightly with brush-stroke motions and it's worked a treat! It can still feel funny and apply quite heavily, but now I use it much more sparingly and it actually looks quite nice (so long as I don't touch it!). It probably won't ever replace my beloved brow pencil, but I'll hopefully be buying a new one soon anyway, so you can stop with the waterworks!

And finally, we have reached the part where I talk about how I achieve this pretty pout. Well, my friends, it's courtesy of 2 little beauties. First up is the Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie. I only bought this a while ago, but I fell in love with it at first sight! If that's even possible when it comes to a lip product? Wait, what am I talking about? Of course it is! It's a really pretty deep pink shade that literally applies like a creamy lip butter in terms of the consistency. It's really light on the lips and it's moisturising at the same time. It took me a while to get me to like the lip butters when they were all the rave a couple of years ago, but once that had died down, I picked up this shade and it's like I found my true love right away! If you're going to try out any shade from the range, I'd definitely suggest giving this one a whirl, as it's versatile and just bloody bootiful.
Over the top of that, just to add a little bit more of a finish, I pop on the Tanya Burr 'Picnic In The Park' Lipgloss. This is actually the only gloss I've tried from her range (I'll smack myself on the hand for that one, as she's meant to be like my ultimate favourite YouTuber!), but I'll definitely be trying out more now! It's such a pretty, deep pink shade, perfect for this time of year. It isn't sticky or drying at all, but it literally does just add a super natural gloss to your lips. It looks really healthy and helps them to look super soft, supple and of course, kissable!! I also think it looks absolutely stunning when combined with the lip butter.

So, that's all for today's post folks! I hope you enjoyed it and found it somewhat interesting. I certainly enjoyed writing it anyway! If you do recreate a similar kinda look, then let me know and feel free to send me some pictures! I'll retweet all of them! <3
Anyway, I'll be back with another post on Wednesday, so get excited! It'll be a good'un!

Lots of love always,

Jade xo

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